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Minova Africa

Minova is the trusted partner of choice in sub-Saharan Africa and is continuing to create, develop and deliver exceptional mining services to its customers Writer: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Donovan SmithMinova Africa’s long-standing roots go back to 1975, when Fosroc - a UK based company - established Fosroc Mining International Group in South Africa and began to manufacture grouts for both mining and construction industries in the country.Since that point in time the business has experienced exceptional growth organically, as well as through strategic acquisitions. However, the main focus of the Company has never deterred from serving the mining industry, predominantly through the use of rock support systems.“We changed the Group name to Minova Africa in 2003,” begins Nathan Williams, General Manager at Minova Africa. “Since 2007 we have also been a part of Orica, a company that is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is the world’s largest supplier of mining explosives; ensuring throughout that we have retained our own branding and predominantly independent operations.”Although Minova Africa has retained its focus on serving the mining industry, it has made moves during the past two years to extend its presence within geotechnical and construction through the utilisation of applications and product expertise.“Our product portfolio has experienced a steady growth since the launch of our flagship product named Lokset Resin Capsules, made specifically for rock-bolting,” explains Williams. “We have expanded to manufacture a range of encapsulated and bulk cement grouts for rock bolting, rock surface protection and underground cavity filling.“Our associated sub-contractors also manufacture mining backfill binders,

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