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Barclays Bank of Kenya

Kenya’s ‘Go-To’ BankBarclays Bank of Kenya is on the verge of celebrating its 100th birthday, commemorating  the occasion with a host of

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Botswana Railways

Seamless Logistics SolutionsWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Tom Cullum Created in 1987 as the result of the Botswana Railways Act instated by parliament in

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Tigo Chad

At the Centre of Chad’s Digital TransformationTigo Chad is to capitalise on the growing stability of Chadian infrastructure to bring the latest

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United Pharmaceutical Distributors

Delivering Healthcare on a Broadening ScaleWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Eddie Clinton As a thriving member of the Clicks Group in South Africa, United

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Lesedi Nuclear Services : Powering & Empowering South Africa

Restructuring and diversification at Lesedi Nuclear Services over 14-years culminates in the globally-significant market position.

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Solewant Nigeria Limited

Commitment to QualityWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Eddie Clinton Solewant Nigeria Limited has excelled in the provision of pipe, metal and field joints coating

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Kenya Pipeline Company

International Expansion in the PipelineWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Eddie Clinton Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) has set lofty ambitions for its future prominence in both the

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GPM Services

Building Relationships with Honesty and IntegrityWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Stuart Parker GPM Services’ refined balance of operating as a large Company with SME

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CMM Property Group

Total Service Solution in Property ConsultancyWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Stuart ParkerCMM Property Group (CMM) has remained a core part of Zambia’s real

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Bentel Associates International (BAI)

Landmark Architecture in Africa and BeyondWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Stuart Parker Responsible for some of Africa’s landmark developments, leading architectural firm, Bentel Associates

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