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Eddie Clinton - Senior Head of Projects Editorial Team

Solewant Nigeria Limited has excelled in the provision of pipe, metal and field joints coating services for 15 years and is now entering the next phase of its extensive development through a series of investments and expansions.


Supporting the oil & gas, water, chemical processing, mining, refining, electricity, transportation and marine industries, the US-based Solewant Group subsidiary has refined its business model in the economically strong West African country over this time, in protecting all metal and concrete services through its range of services.

By blocking environmental attacks where aggressive chemical solutions and gases are present, or where mechanical forces and high temperatures are a danger, Solewant has become a significant component of the country’s wider sector, and is subsequently laying out clear plans for even more comprehensive support in the future.

“Our vision is to be the first rate world-class coating service provider for the oil & gas industry in Nigeria and the sub-Saharan African region,” the Company emphasises. “Our mission is to provide excellent industrial coating services, manpower training and research; using well-trained coating experts and best modern technology to satisfy our clients.”

Through this all-encompassing philosophy, Solewant is able to stay true – even more fruitfully after 15 years – to its overriding aims to enhance employment opportunities in coating application services; to encourage local knowledge transfer and technological skills; to increase participation in servicing oil & gas industries; to save time of project delivery as well as the cost of its projects; and to provide efficient service to project owners.


Renowned for its diverse portfolio comprising pipe and metal coating services and custom coating services, Solewant separates its business arms to cater for each, and also integrates Fieldjoint Coating Limited (FJC), its own mobile field joint coating equipment division, and a cathodic protection division.

Additionally, Solewant Nigeria is also the exclusive representative of KEMA Coatings Limited of Canada across its operating region in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

“KEMA Coatings Limited develops and manufactures high performance, multi-functional, organic barrier coatings and linings which are suitable for medium to extreme service conditions that include; epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas, pipeline tapes and sealants,” the Company notes.

A series of industrial protective paints and sealants complete the offering as part of the lucrative partnership, and goes a long way to explaining the Company’s recent necessity to expand its production capacities.

This initiative has been kick-started by the introduction of a 200,000 square metre industrial area currently being built to cater for all of its business arms and supplementary administrative requirements.

Also compounding this is the potential to build its own manufacturing plant in the months to come as it looks to cement its position as an industry mainstay, while also enhancing a health and safety adherence that formulates one of the Company’s biggest focuses.

“Solewant practices internationally recognised health, safety and environmental (HSE) standards at each of our operations around the world and are fully committed to the pursuit of high product and service quality while ensuring no harm to people and no damage to the environment,” the business emphasises. “HSE is deeply embedded in our business culture as the Company continues to drive improvements in this important area.”


As a matter of course, the competitive advantages and differentiators that are achieved through such commitments to customer satisfaction and safety include visibility and transparency throughout operations, continuous improvements being driven throughout the organisation, enhanced risk management, heightened employee satisfaction, and a stronger monitoring of processes in line with industry demands; all of which have combined to attract some of the region and industry’s biggest names over the years.

Shell Nigeria, ExxonMobil Nigeria, Total, NAOC, EHGC, Ascot, Oil Serv Limited, Seplat Petroleum and Subsea 7 are just a few of the major clients loyal to Solewant in the country, highlighting just how prominent the Company’s offering has become to one of the country’s most profitable and vital industries.

“The management of Solewant Nigeria Limited is committed to quality management systems (QMS) that ensures all products and services are in accordance to international standards and certifications requirements,” the Company notes. “Our activities in the oil & gas industry are being implemented and maintained by providing quality coating products and services to meet clients’ requirements, and we continually evaluate the quality systems’ suitability and monitor our coating operations to improve organisational effectiveness.”

Maintaining high levels of quality is made possible through the continuous internal hiring and promotion of key skills off the back of extensive training initiatives, alongside a concerted approach towards capital expenditures to ensure that the Company is operating as efficiently as possible to remain ahead of the industry curve.

Ultimately, this transcends into the Company’s projects – on which it is primarily judged – where Solewant now plans to set itself apart from the market competition even further over the next 15 years.

“We assist project owners and clients to save time of project execution and within budget,” the Company concludes. “There is no project too large or small and no place too remote for Solewant in Nigeria to handle, when it comes to project delivery.”

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By Eddie Clinton Senior Head of Projects