Issue 31

Barclays Bank of Kenya : Kenya’s Go-To Bank

Barclays Bank of Kenya is on the verge of celebrating its 100th birthday, commemorating  the occasion with a host of new services and digital upgrades to bring prosperity to an ever-growing customer base.

Botswana Railways : Seamless Logistics Solutions

Created in 1987 as the result of the Botswana Railways Act instated by parliament in the previous year, Botswana Railways became the first state-owned railway to transport bulk freight, parcels and passengers via its growing network of track.

Tigo Chad : At the Centre of Chad’s Digital Transformation

Tigo Chad is to capitalise on the growing stability of Chadian infrastructure to bring the latest data, voice, SMS, financial services and fibre optic cable to a country with big digital aspirations.

United Pharmaceutical Distributors : Delivering Large-Scale Healthcare

As a thriving member of the Clicks Group in South Africa, United Pharmaceutical Distributors has upgraded and diversified its offering in the SADC region since 1989 to hold significant market shares across a range of domains.

Lesedi Nuclear Services : Powering & Empowering South Africa

Restructuring and diversification at Lesedi Nuclear Services over 14-years culminates in the globally-significant market position.

Solewant Nigeria Limited : Commitment to Quality

Solewant Nigeria Limited has excelled in the provision of pipe, metal and field joints coating services for 15 years and is now entering the next phase of its extensive development through a series of investments and expansions.

Kenya Pipeline Company : Expansion in the Pipeline

Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) has set lofty ambitions for its future prominence in both the country and wider region, as it aims to be one of the first state-owned Kenyan organisations to operate on an international scale.

GPM Services : Building Relationships with Honesty and Integrity

The refined balance of operating as a large Company with SME values has helped the construction and engineering specialists at GPM Services to form unrivalled sector relationships over the past 17 years.

CMM Property Group : Total Service Solutions

CMM Property Group (CMM) has remained a core part of Zambia’s real estate sector since 1985, proudly existing through the market liberalisation of 1991 and reshaping itself alongside changing industry trends and cultural changes.

Bentel Associates International (BAI) : Landmark Architecture in Africa

Responsible for some of Africa’s landmark developments, leading architectural firm, Bentel Associates International (BAI) is now looking to showcase its portfolio of construction excellence beyond the continent

MRE South Africa : Tip of the Iceberg

MRE South Africa has remained loyal to a continuous improvement strategy that has proven successful for two decades, set up perfectly for the next phase of its growth.

Aliboats : Enjoying Life on the Water

Aliboats has expanded exponentially over the past two decades, from a domestic manufacturer of aluminium boats in the late 1980s, to become one of the leading market players in the region now exporting to countries on an intercontinental scale.

Fuchs Southern Africa : Lubricants. Technology. People.

As the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer, the influence and positioning within the global market has never been a problem for a company like Fuchs Southern Africa.

Pienaar Bros : Hands-on Approach to Safety

Established in 1987, Pienaar Bros has grown a significant presence in Africa beyond its initial South African venture; extending into neighbouring Southern countries.

Habot Oil (Pty) Ltd : Keeping the Cogs Turning

With a staff complement of 22 and counting, the aim of Habot Oil is to make nationals and multinationals aware of its facility as a specialised blender of synthetic and biodegradable oils that they can utilise to gain a local presence.

Aon Kenya : Knowledge without Borders

As the world’s leading provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, the presence of Aon in Kenya and beyond in Africa has been inevitably successful.