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Latest MTN Corporate Stories

MTN Congo : Connectivity for Congo

We discuss the future of the telecoms industry and bridging the digital divide with Ayham Moussa, CEO of MTN Congo.

MTN Cameroon : New Technology New Thinking

The face of African digital connectivity and Fintech is evolving. At the centre of the sector, we take a look at MTN Cameroon.

MTN Benin : Realising a Modern, Connected World

Uche Ofodile, CEO at MTN Benin, discusses the exponential rise of data and how digital disruption is transforming Benin’s telecoms industry.

MTN Congo 2019 : Congo’s Connectivity Champion

MTN Congo continues to promote digital inclusion across the country through numerous investments in the likes of mobile money, content streaming and affordable smartphones

MTN Benin : Driving Innovation

The pace of expansion at MTN Benin has accelerated in the country over the past three years thanks to the Company’s alignment with the wider Group vision to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world.

MTN Congo : Reflecting Hope for a Brighter Future

For 16 years MTN Congo, one of Africa’s leading telecoms operators, has been revolutionising advanced technologies and infrastructure development in The Republic of Congo.

MTN South Sudan : Setting the Tone for Long-Term Success

MTN South Sudan has spent the past five years working tirelessly to address the existing economic and infrastructural development gaps in the country.

MTN Rwanda : All Smiles at MTN

MTN Rwanda has overcome strong market competition in recent years to once again solidify its positioning at the top of telecoms market.

MTN South Sudan : Initialising Telecoms in an Emerging Market

The presence of MTN in South Sudan has proven that with the right attitude and product offering, tough market conditions can be overcome and negative perceptions about the investment environment can be changed.

MTN Rwanda : Digital Drives Dominance in Rwanda

MTN Rwanda has led the way in the country for more than 15 years and has no intention of resting on its laurels as it introduces its latest innovations.