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MTN Congo : Connectivity for Congo

We discuss the future of the telecoms industry and bridging the digital divide with Ayham Moussa, CEO of MTN Congo.

MTN Cameroon : New Technology New Thinking

The face of African digital connectivity and Fintech is evolving. At the centre of the sector, we take a look at MTN Cameroon.

MTN Benin : Realising a Modern, Connected World

Uche Ofodile, CEO at MTN Benin, discusses the exponential rise of data and how digital disruption is transforming Benin’s telecoms industry.

MTN Congo 2019 : Congo’s Connectivity Champion

MTN Congo continues to promote digital inclusion across the country through numerous investments in the likes of mobile money, content streaming and affordable smartphones

MTN Benin : Driving Innovation

Driving Innovation Innovation as a Cultural ChangeWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Donovan Smith MTN Benin’s pace of expansion has accelerated in the country over the past three years thanks to the Company’s alignment with the wider Group vision to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world for customers, intertwined with Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Stephen Blewett’s endeavour to bring the latest telecom innovations to the people of Benin.Since acquiring the Africa and Middle East operator, Investcom for US$5.5 billion 10 years ago, MTN Benin’s operations have benefitted from significant backbone infrastructure investments and upgrades that have served to strengthen the Company’s local coverage, resulting in a subscriber base of more than four million. Blewett has witnessed the Company more than double its business and evolve in line with the latest technology trends on the continent. He says: “MTN Benin is pushing innovation as a cultural change in recognition of the vital role that the new digital world will play in the continent’s development. Given the influx of smart devices and continued demand for data services, the Company has been responsible for many industry firsts in the country in this regard; becoming the first to have a licence for 3G, 4G, and LTE.“The thing we are most proud of is our unique positioning as one of the most innovative telcos in the MTN Group. Benin is often the first market where new products are tested and developed due to its favourable economic environment and other influential factors,” the CEO adds.Continuous innovation Since taking the reins in 2015, Blewett has been

MTN Congo : Reflecting Hope for a Brighter Future

Reflecting Hope for a Brighter FutureWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Donovan Smith For 16 years, one of Africa’s leading telecoms operators has been revolutionising advanced technologies and infrastructure development in The Republic of Congo, with social enrichment and evolution underpinning all continuous improvements.MTN has long been renowned - continent-wide - for its ability to evolve a nation into a technically functioning telecoms hub, and while this has certainly been one of the Company’s key missions in Congo-Brazzaville, all decisions have been made with the population’s wider wellbeing in mind.“Our policy is to offer through our values: ‘can do, leadership, innovation, integrity and relationships’,” the Company’s Head of Corporate Services, Cyriaque Okoumou Ombolla says. “Day after day, the quality guides the Company’s commitments and the technical services are supervising the facilities 24-seven in order to promptly respond to any inconvenience; ensuring a network responding to qualitative requirements in terms of services.“The achievements of MTN Congo through its social arm - the Foundation - also respond to normative values through the Company’s social programmes conducted for the good of Congolese communities in various fields such as health, social and community development, strengthening school infrastructures, eradicating poverty, child welfare, sport as well as fighting against AIDS in an innovative and sustainable way.”A consequential, all-encompassing slogan of ‘everywhere you go, wherever you go’ reflects the ultimate progressive will that derives from such a commitment to nationwide development  and is further entrenched in its business colours of yellow, blue and red, the colours of Congo and of Africa; “reflecting hope for a brighter future”.Ombolla recalls

MTN South Sudan : Setting the Tone for Long-Term Success

Setting the Tone for Long-Term SuccessWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Donovan Smith MTN South Sudan has spent the past five years working tirelessly to address the existing economic and infrastructural development gaps in the country, with the ultimate aim to formalise and bolster its operations by firming up the challenging building blocks required to do so.“MTN now has an impressive 38 percent market share in South Sudan and in order to maintain this leading position, 2016 will be all about the value-add behind the scenes; such as stabilising the grid by installing adequate infrastructure, improving our services, creating additional products and continuing local training regimes,” says Philip Besiimire, MTN South Sudan’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).As part of the South African-based multinational mobile telecoms Company, MTN Group, the South Sudan operations are a relatively new addition to the organisation’s increasingly growing African footprint; incepted in 2011 at the beginning of the country’s independence. Despite the current challenges arising from the Government’s decision to devalue the local currency at the end of 2015, MTN South Sudan is one of few international companies to persevere and see a light at the end of the tunnel, whenever this may be.He notes: “South Sudan has very specific needs which need to be answered in tandem with stepping into the fray and matching the technologies offered in other parts of the world. When you mix all the social and economic challenges together, it makes this an even tougher task.“We have barely realised the market potential here, but for this to be fulfilled, we need to help

MTN Rwanda : All Smiles at MTN

All Smiles at MTN RwandaWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Donovan Smith MTN Rwanda has overcome strong market competition in recent years to once again solidify its positioning at the top of the country’s telecom market, with a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) keen to maintain the strong momentum achieved over the past 12 months especially.Having been a part of the wider MTN Group on the continent since 2002, the new incumbent, Gunter Engling is all too familiar with the facets that have made the brand name so successful in Africa and the Middle East. With an infrastructure - both internal and external - full of potential, he is honing in on the few remaining areas in need of improvement.“When I joined in July, 2015, I found an operation that was well run and well on its way to revenue diversification,” Engling says. “When Airtel and Tigo arrived in the market a few years ago, we had to get used to having competition, but my predecessor did a wonderful job in making MTN Rwanda a lot more agile and a lot more efficient.“However, one thing that I did notice, especially among our younger staff, was that people weren’t coming to work with smiles on their faces, so we have worked hard on creating an engaged and smiling workforce.”Engraining a more positive and productive culture doesn’t require a lot of investment, rather a change of philosophy, and this has been achieved subtly and methodically since the new CEO’s arrival; subsequently having a positive knock-on effect on employee efficiency and overall productivity which

MTN South Sudan : Initialising Telecoms in an Emerging Market

Initialising Telecoms in an Emerging Market MTN’s presence in South Sudan has proven that with the right attitude and product offering, tough market conditions can be overcome and negative perceptions about the investment environment can be changed Writer: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Donovan Smith When South Sudan became independent on the 9 July 2011, MTN formalised its operations as a separate operating company, expanding its previously limited space in the young nation. As a company in the early stages of its life, MTN South Sudan is now working to address the existing economic development gaps and also improve its infrastructures in a sustainable manner. Top on the agenda as well is MTN’s social responsibility as a corporate citizen.“Our strategy for deployment in South Sudan is to focus on the basics; namely working on deploying adequate infrastructure such as new telecoms towers and identifying partners to help us increase our capacities,” says MTN South Sudan CEO, Philip Besiimire.“Unlike traditional markets, South Sudan is one with defining needs. By this I mean that even though telecommunications is in the early stages here, we still have to provide the best and the latest services that match availability elsewhere in the world,” he adds. Platform for growthBeing part of the South African-based multinational mobile telecoms company, MTN Group allows the South Sudan operation access to tried and tested methodologies and pre-defined technology strategies that help achieve a vision of affordability and access on the continent.“Those who have encountered our name before will recognise our strong branding and reputation that we have among African audiences as

MTN Rwanda : Digital Drives Dominance in Rwanda

MTN Rwanda has led the way in the country for more than 15 years and has no intention of resting on its laurels as it introduces its latest innovations.