Kyle Livingstone

Kyle Livingstone is Project Manager (Technology) specialising in showcasing innovation and corporate success across Africa. Kyle works with c-suite executives, industry titans and sector disruptors to bring you exclusive features. Kyle also works on our APAC Outlook Magazine.
Project Manager
69 Business Articles

Nile Breweries : Brewing for the Community

David Valencia, Country Director at Nile Breweries Limited, discusses the company’s efforts to provide opportunities throughout Uganda.

Medine Group : Developing a Smart Future for Mauritius

Dhiren Ponnusamy, CEO of Mauritian enterprise Medine Group, discusses delivering the island’s smart city future as a haven for investment.

PEP Clothing : Clothing with Culture

Pep Clothing has been producing carefully crafted garments for more than 50 years, its longevity a product of a company culture that puts people at its heart.

Société Africaine de Plantations d’Hévéas (SAPH)

Through its network of farmers, plantations and processing factories, SAPH is putting Côte d’Ivoire on the global rubber producing map, activity which is providing crucial incomes for communities across the country.

Supreme Spring 2019 : Gearing Up for Growth

Automotive OEM supplier Supreme Spring is readying itself for an increase in activity, investing in equipment and people at its manufacturing plants in Nigel, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Conver-Tek : SA’s Entrepreneurial Trifecta

Pursuing a diversified range of ventures with Conver-Tek, Davis & Deale and Sure Sight, Bevan Davis is helping to uphold South Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Universal Paper & Plastics : Hygiene with High Purpose

Universal Paper & Plastics is on a mission to uplift hygiene standards across South Africa, its profits enabling it to invest in its surrounding communities.

Lesedi Nuclear Services 2019 : Bringing Excellence to EPC

Lesedi is now firmly established as a leading provider of engineering, project management and maintenance solutions for a various sectors.

Atlantis Foundries : Shaping the Automotive Mould

One of the world’s largest foundry networks, Atlantis Foundries helping to form an innovative future for the auto manufacturing market.