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With a journey that begins in South African soil and ends with all-natural cider, Larry Whitfield, Founder of Loxtonia Cider, shares how the family-owned business produces delicious and sustainable cider while still remaining true to the farm’s roots.


Cider is an ancient beverage with a global and intrepid history. 

The first recorded reference to the drink stems from Julius Caesar’s initial attempt to invade Britain in 55 BCE, where he stumbled across the Celtic people fermenting crabapples. 

From that initial taste, which was perhaps quite bitter by today’s standards, the drink was adopted around the world and slowly interpreted through different cultural lenses until it became the beloved beverage served in pubs and grocery stores. 

The different tastes and flavours that are celebrated today are the result of over 5,000 years of cider production. 

One such example of perfecting the cider-making experience is Loxtonia Cider (Loxtonia). Situated in the heart of the Western Cape farmlands in a lush valley known for producing the finest deciduous fruit in South Africa, Loxtonia is a premium cider brand made from only the highest-quality apples grown and juiced in the world-renowned Ceres Valley. 

Owned by the Whitfield family since 1990, it has been a sustainable leader in the agricultural industry for over three decades, with cider as the farm’s latest venture, which it launched into the South African market in October 2018. 

“Our cider journey began in 2013 at Loxtonia Farm, our family-run farmstead, when we identified a market need for a premium ‘orchard to bottle’ cider,” introduces Founder, Larry Whitfield. 

“After extensive research on apple cultivar blending and learning from various cider-making regions, we named our product after our home and farm – Loxtonia!” 

With a range that includes 13 different cider products with a variety of flavour profiles, the farm is adamant in its belief that the perfect cider can be found in the natural nutrients delivered by its soil, water, and the Ceres Valley sunshine.  

“Our ciders reflect our family’s dedication to quality and environmental sustainability. We take pride in Loxtonia’s heritage and recognise our responsibility to produce a delicious product that is also kind to the planet,” prides Whitfield. 


The farm’s ‘orchard to bottle’ philosophy is at the core of everything it does, meaning the apples are handpicked from its very own orchards, pressed, fermented, and thereafter bottled with no artificial interference, resulting in a premium apple cider. 

Loxtonia believes in bringing to life the true essence of  apple cider while capturing the goodness of the magnificent fruit in a bottle. 

The utmost care is taken in the orchards to grow and nurture each and every one of the farm’s apple varieties. 

All of the ciders are made in the most simple, natural, and carefully thought out way possible. Not only does the farm champion natural ingredients, but its whole production process is run off solar energy and sustainable practices are used throughout. 

“We wanted to create a cider that was different to the current offering in the South African market and one which has sustainability at the forefront,” details Whitfield. 

“We use sustainable farming practices, a water-efficient apple press, and leftover apple pulp as fertiliser for the following year’s harvest. We have also used the wood from the box that our apple press was transported in to build the interior of our tasting room.” 

Loxtonia’s ‘orchard to bottle’ process reduces the farm’s carbon footprint and produces one of the most sustainable products on the market. 

Loxtonia’s products are proudly preservative-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. Additionally, the cider is made with zero artificial flavouring, and the farm does not compromise the value of the apple at all by changing the extracted juice in any mechanical or chemical way. 

“We are profoundly committed to environmental stewardship and take our responsibility to protect our planet very seriously. Every step of our production process is designed with sustainability in mind, from using the highest quality apples to implementing eco-friendly practices,” expands Whitfield. 


Loxtonia is proud to be a family-run enterprise with the values of honesty, commitment, and sustainability embedded into its DNA since the farm’s inception. 

“A key aspect of family-owned business culture is the importance of family values and traditions. These shape the way the business is run and how we interact with each other and with employees,” explains Whitfield. 

“It is a great privilege to work alongside my daughter, Alexandra. We’ve had the joy of watching our brand come to life and have experienced significant success over the past few years.” 

Not only has the Loxtonia brand taken off, but the cidery has received numerous accolades over the years, including the Supreme Champion award at the International Cider Challenge (ICC) for its Blush MTC and winning gold at The Global Cider Masters 2023 for its African Sundowner Apple Cider. 

“Our Blush MTC was originally created for Alexandra’s wedding, but we thought we might as well enter it into the ICC, and we ended up being recognised as the best in the world!” excited Whitfield. 

Loxtonia truly exemplifies how making what one loves, naturally and sustainably, can result in a passionate success that brings families and communities together for a better, more delicious future. 

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