Gulfstream Energy Awarded Fuel Products and Services Contract in SA

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Gulfstream Energy has extended its reach within South Africa’s public sector with the signing of a contract for the delivery of millions of litres of fuel per annum across more than 100 sites.

Gulfstream Energy is one of a select number of independent wholesalers to be awarded a contract for the supply of fuel products and services across a number of South African government departments. Valid for a period of five years, the contract will see Gulfstream Energy, recipient of a significant portion of this tender and one of South Africa’s larger independent fuel wholesalers, responsible for the delivery of millions of litres of fuel per annum across more than 100 different sites nationwide.

Awarded at the end of 2014, earlier this year saw Gulfstream Energy commence delivery. “What this in effect means, is that we have been mandated to meet all fuel requirements for all entities within various departments including our country’s hospitals, prisons, police stations, military bases and naval facilities, amongst others,” said Shane Jegels, CEO of Gulfstream Energy.

“It is encouraging that government is entrusting key business delivery to independent wholesalers,” continued Jegels. Another such example of this is Transnet, the largest state tender ever, valued at R15.5 billion and awarded at the end of 2013 to a total of nine 100 percent black and female owned businesses, including Gulfstream Energy.

“We have a wealth of experience in the public sector, not only with regards to the supply of fuel products and services but as importantly when it comes to working with government processes and operations,” added Jegels. “We believe that the value we bring to this contract is as much about smooth processes and seamless operations as the supply of fuel products and services.”

Jegels stresses that the first consideration in the awarding of any contract, should always be based on capability, experience and efficiency.  Having recently celebrated its fifth birthday, and with more than 100 years combined experience across the entire supply chain of South Africa’s fuel industry, Gulfstream is currently responsible for delivering more than one percent of the country’s fuel requirements.

With a reputation firmly entrenched in its security of supply, capability, flexibility and innovative culture, coupled with its 100 percent black women owned, Level 2 B-BBEE and empowering supplier status, Gulfstream is able to guarantee its customers are able to claim 125 percent of spend in support of their own preferential procurement and B-BBEE rating, whilst delivering on time, in full and at best price possible.

“Gulfstream is very honoured to have been awarded a contract of this size and nature,” concluded Jegels. 

“As a business, and as individuals, we are committed to making a positive contribution to the South African economy at large.”

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