Issue 108

Maatla Resources : Developing Stability

Bolstering Botswana’s economy while powering the future of energy security, Maatla Resources is changing the narrative around mining with high-quality coal and sustainable operations.

Thomas ArnoldRachel Carr By Thomas Arnold Rachel Carr

Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO)

Mlandzeni Boyce, CEO of the Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO), tells us about the organisation’s tenacious efforts towards expansion and the successes of its public-private partnership.

Syrah Resources : Granting Global Access to Graphite

We revisit Syrah Resources with Agnaldo Laice, General Manager of Institutional Relations and Corporate Services, who recaps the company’s impressive status as one of the world’s largest natural graphite producers outside of China.

Joshua MannLily Sawyer By Joshua Mann Lily Sawyer

B&E International : Dedicated to Integrated Solutions

Offering integrated crushing, mining, and mineral processing solutions, B&E International is the partner of choice for the mining and construction industries in South Africa. Chris Weideman, Managing Director, discusses the company’s premium services.

Joshua MannJack Salter By Joshua Mann Jack Salter

Vulcan Mozambique : Perfecting the Process

Vulcan Mozambique stands stoically as its nation’s largest and most successful mining company, having established itself amongst the most well-renowned and prominent employers in the country.

Joshua MannEd Budds By Joshua Mann Ed Budds

Sovereign Foods : Full of Goodness

Dedicated to delivering quality poultry products to South African businesses and consumers since 1948, Sovereign Foods is today the third largest poultry producer in the region.

Josh RayfieldLily Sawyer By Josh Rayfield Lily Sawyer

Loxtonia Cider : More than Just Cider

With a journey that begins in the South African soil and ends with all-natural cider, Larry Whitfield, Founder of Loxtonia Cider, shares how the family-owned business produces delicious and sustainable cider while still remaining true to the farm’s roots.

Lauren Kania By Lauren Kania

Aquaponics : Farms of the Future

Aquaponics, an advanced aquaculture system, is expected to improve food security and revolutionise farming across Africa. We dig into this exciting new process and evaluate the enormous potential for transforming an entire continent’s agricultural prospects.

Ed Budds By Ed Budds

Centbee : A Buzz Around Accessibility

Accessible digital currency wallet, Centbee, securely facilitates instant transactions between users. Lorien Gamaroff, CEO, explains how the company is able to offer hassle-free, low-cost, and global payments by leveraging the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision blockchain.

Lily Sawyer By Lily Sawyer

Who do you look up to for inspiration?

To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question: "Who do you look up to for inspiration?"

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