Issue 76

Tayanna Mozambique : Building a Brighter Future 

Tayanna Mozambique, one of the country’s leading civil contracting and mining companies, is championing industry collaboration, upholding community development and capitalising on opportunity. Matt Davis, Operations Director, explains how.

Simbisa Brands Kenya : Quintessential QSR

Simbisa Brands’ Kenyan operation is an embodiment of the entire group, providing quality food retail for the benefit of customers, employees and shareholders alike.

SAP Africa : Ensuring Profit Benefits People and Purpose 

In the eyes of SAP Africa and its Managing Director Cathy Smith, the sky is the limit when it comes to social upliftment, technological innovation and enterprise transformation on the continent.

Pride Milling : Counting on Consistency 

Pride Milling has emerged as a go-to, reliable supplier of milled maize products thanks to its bold investment in technology and continuous improvement.

Inchcape Shipping Services : Global, Local, Transparent

By adding a global, technology-enabled layer of transparency to shipping agency operations, Inchcape Shipping Services continues to gain the trust of clients to manage their vessels and cargo the world over.

FPT Group : South Africa’s Port of Call 

FPT Group continues to provide efficient landside and port logistical services at its hubs in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, recent investments allowing it to handle more goods for more customers.

Elmacast Engineering : Casting Light on South Africa

Owed to quality-driven values and an innovative ethos, Elmacast Engineering is helping to forge a bright future for South Africa’s casting industry.

Devmark Property Group : Property with Purpose 

Devmark Property Group continues to enjoy an upward trajectory of work thanks to its track record of project delivery and ability to read the market.

DAR Automotive : The Parts Purveyor

By offering a full suite of products and services which is underpinned by a commitment to quality, DAR Automotive has made a name for itself as a reliable partner for OEMs and service and repair companies in South Africa.

Crown Paints PLC : Kenya’s Prince of Paints

Crown Paints PLC has been producing quality paint products for more than 60 years, establishing itself as the go-to supplier for the full spectrum of consumer and commercial customers.

Berman Brothers Group : Cape Town’s Dutiful Developer

Brothers Paul and Saul Berman have been revitalising the city where they grew up via a string of landmark building developments since going into business together in 1994.

Barclays Bank Tanzania : Typifying Tanzania’s Trajectory 

A company that incites financial innovation and socioeconomic development, Barclays Bank Tanzania is gearing up for a new, exciting chapter in its already illustrious history.

Atterbury Property : 25 Years and Counting 

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Atterbury Property, the South African developer having established a reputation built on partnerships across the entire lifespans of projects.

AMA Architects : The Urban Rejuvinator

By adopting a human-centric design ethos, AMA Architects continues to be front and centre of landmark developments across city districts in South Africa.