Issue 54

DSA Architects : Creative Concepts

DSA Architects has a wealth of experience to its name across Africa , Europe and the Middle East and, and is converting this knowledge into a portfolio with uniqueness and creativity in abundance.

Schneider Electric : Energy Access for Everyone

The influence of Schneider Electric across the SADC region has successfully infiltrated numerous industrial and energy domains over the years, but its more recent data centre efforts emphasise a more innovative facet of its operations.

Mombasa Cement Limited : Bound by Excellence

The core foundations of Mombasa Cement Limited, operational excellence, product quality and CSR, continue to result in large-scale industry success.

DB Schenker Kenya : Delivering Solutions

The 2020 sustainability strategy of DB Schenker Kenya is set to bring economic, social and environmental improvements to Kenya’s industrial fabric.

Africa Improved Foods : Healthy Children, Healthy Nation

The inclusive business model and ongoing dedication of Africa Improved Foods to regional enrichment has contributed to the Company’s reputation as East Africa’s “social enterprise.”

Aqua Services & Engineering : Experienced, Expert Engineering

Aqua Services & Engineering is utilising its many years of experience in Namibia to create customised water treatment technologies, excelling in its field and expanding within its local market.

Blue Nile Rolling Mills : Meeting Kenya’s Steel Demands

Having established a reputation for itself as innovative and forward thinking, the Blue Nile Group is expanding its product offering this year with the building of a new galvanised steel plant.

PZ Cussons : Enhancing Lives with Extraordinary Products

PZ Cussons has a long and illustrious history of delivering products to the world that will better the lives of its customers, after more than 100 years the Company remains as innovative as ever at the top of its game.

AAR Healthcare : As Human As You

AAR Healthcare continues to serve as a one-stop shop that is open to all across East Africa, via a private outpatient service offering that continues to evolve.

Boston Scientific : Advancing Science for Life

Boston Scientific continues to prove that it takes imagination to make  science more transformative, with Africa one of the core benefiting  markets of such an ethos.

Procter & Gamble : Igniting African Potential

Procter & Gamble is celebrating quarter-century milestones in both Kenya and Nigeria with an enhanced focus on localisation and continental enrichment.

Twiga Chemicals : Surpassing Expectations

Twiga Chemicals is planning to change the face of Kenyan agriculture by bringing global trends to the country’s farmers.

Sacos Insurance Group : Here For You

Sacos Insurance Group has established itself as the leading insurance provider in the Seychelles over the past 37 years, offering an expansive range of services to rival competitors all over the world.

Afro-Asian Insurance Services Limited : Simpler, Faster, Better

The new motto and structure of Afro-Asian Insurance Services is driving even more concerted reinsurance saturation across Africa and Asia on the eve of its 30th anniversary.

Waica Reinsurance Corporation : Surely Reinsured

WAICA Reinsurance Corporation PLC was described as a “dream come true” upon its inception in 2011, and has strived to live up to its billing via a concerted dedication to strong market growth and significant regional socio-economic upliftment.

African Underground Mining Services : Onwards and Upwards

African Underground Mining Services has bucked the African mining trend over the past 12 months, achieving substantial organic growth in a sector on the cusp of a revival.

Afarak South Africa : Delivering on a Promise

The international expertise of Afarak South Africa is being balanced with local trend adherence and corporate social responsibility commitments in order to create ultimate value in Africa.

Mutiso Menezes International : The Master of Development

Mutiso Menezes International is at the top of its game in Nairobi’s construction industry, achieving excellence in a wide range of developments and expanding on its design philosophy.