Mutiso Menezes International : The Master of Development

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Mutiso Menezes International is at the top of its game in Nairobi’s construction industry, achieving excellence in a wide range of developments and expanding on its design philosophy.


Mutiso Menezes International (MMI) has been firmly established and operating in the Westlands area of Nairobi since 1974, specialising in architectural work, project management and interior design consulting.

Over the years MMI has gained vast amounts of invaluable experience in the ‘built environment’ as well as being involved in all aspects of architectural design, tender documentation, site planning and interior design creation.

“In both our overseas work and local associations, we have built incredibly strong working relationships with the other independent professional consultants operating in our industry,” explains the Company. “We have honed our ability to provide – at short notice – any of the requisite additional capacity and expertise to offer an extensive range of multi-disciplinary services.”

Mutiso Menezes International specialises in a wide range of services and provides extensive expertise to go with each of the aforementioned disciplines.

The Company’s current range of services includes:

  • National and regional planning
  • Rural and urban planning and development
  • Land use planning
  • Sectoral planning
  • Environmental Impact assessment studies
  • Tourism and Wildlife
  • Site selection
  • Feasibility and pre-investment studies
  • Preparation for master development plans
  • Project definition and appraisal and evaluation


When it comes to architectural design, the Company’s reputation is second-to-none within the industry and over the years the firm has built a widely recognised reputation. MMI is known for its professional integrity, particularly when it comes to production planning and creating design solutions of high quality.

The Company adds: “We have worked tirelessly to build this reputation and it is something that we all cherish within the Company, and subsequently we aim to maintain this in the interest of our clients as well as our current and future projects.”

The predominant bulk of architectural work for MMI is centrally around project implementation and commissioning, including site investigation, building surveys, environmental protection, landscaping, energy conservation, acoustic design, interior and furniture design, renovation and restoration works.


Planning and development is a huge part of the everyday goings on at MMI and since its inception, the Company has been engaged in both urban and rural planning projects. Through carrying out work on these projects, it has established a worldwide reputation for innovative and imaginative work in the industry and particularly in the field of low income shelter provision and squatter upgrading.

“This work is a huge point of pride for our company and within the greater Nairobi area alone, we have been able to identify affordable shelter solutions for numerous income groups,” affirms the Company. “This has included the preparation of structure plans, undertaking detailed planning and the sub-division layouts for more than 20,000 housing plots.”

As well as its work in planning and development, MMI has carried out a large number of industrial and commercial projects in its time.

“We have undertaken a considerable number of industrial projects within various commercial administrative buildings, some of which include high-rise office developments for the United Nations complex in Nairobi,” adds the Company. “We respond positively to the particular requirements and operational needs of each of our clients, providing them with a service that is both cost efficient and designed with true quality.”


Mutiso Menezes International covers a wide scope of projects, one of the many aspects that sets it apart from its competitors within the industry. Some examples of this range of activities include plans for schools in nomadic and semi-arid areas, to the development plans for entire college campuses.

The Company explains: “We have found that we need to be flexible for future expansion, particularly in response to the changing demands we are faced with which are an integral part of MMI and our design philosophy for buildings of this kind.”

Alongside the larger educational complexes, MMI’s experience has also stretched into the health sector. Its speciality in possessing an inherent sensitivity to its customer and user needs has enabled its popularity in the health sector to soar.

“This appeared to be a hugely important factor and has been especially noticeable in the projects we have been selected for recently,” the Company describes. “Some of these projects have included a maximum security mental hospital in Nairobi, type-designs for outpatient departments and lastly nurse training schools for some of the provincial hospitals in Kenya.”

Through the Company’s extensive work in this array of sectors over the years, it has developed experience that places it ahead of its competition in the industry. MMI shows no signs of stopping when it comes to finding new markets and new developments to branch into.

The Company concludes: “We are proud of the developments we have made in planning and designing developments of all kinds, ranging from low income sites to large international developments. Moving forward we hope to continue on in this manner, paying close attention in all our projects to environmental challenges and customer needs.”

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