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PZ Cussons has a long and illustrious history of delivering products to the world that will better the lives of its customers, after more than 100 years the Company remains as innovative as ever at the top of its game.


Calling on more than 130 years of expertise within the industry, PZ Cussons is one of the most dynamic consumer product groups and proudly sells some of the world’s most well-known and loved brands.

Operating across a wide range of markets internationally, each is carefully selected ensuring that the Company is branching into the right emerging markets for future development and growth.

“Our world-class supply chain and distribution networks have enabled us to continuously meet our global consumer needs through the delivery of quality brands, adding value and enhancing everyday lives,” explains the Company on its website. “The brands we work with range from Imperial Leather to Cussons Baby, Original Source and St. Tropez.”

Currently the Company operates in four main categories which include, personal care & beauty, home care, food & nutrition and electrical. In order to operate over all these markets, the Company currently employs 5,000 people across Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.

PZ Cussons’ history began in the 1800’s through the partnership of George Paterson and George Zochonis. The pair met in Sierra Leone and embarked on a journey of product exploration and opportunity.

The Company continues: “We are incredibly proud of our long and illustrious history in the industry as well as being a strong business supporting some of the world’s most loved brands.

“We strongly believe in being good for businesses and leading by example in order to compete on a global scale, all of this has been achieved by thinking differently to your average multinational corporation.


With thanks predominantly to its unique and focused strategy, PZ Cussons has achieved many great things in its time. However, the Company doesn’t ever stop and is renowned for always striving towards the next success, working with individuality and flexibility at all times.

“Our Personal Care & Beauty selection is our largest and most successful category and we have developed a solid portfolio of international family brands,” adds the Company. “These brands work seamlessly across all of our markets, but of course we will also tailor local brands in specific geographies in order to cater for the more unique customer demands in certain markets.”

Specifically, the Personal Care range is dominated by homegrown brands and the Company has been striving to remain innovative in this category since its fruition. Enhancing its customers’ lives through great products is one of the main driving forces for PZ Cussons, consistently bringing first-to-market innovations to consumers.

“We are very proud of our bold inventions, such as the Foamburst shower range, as well as our antibacterial hand hygiene range, Carex and our bump to baby range called Mum & Me as a few examples,” states the Company. “Another particular point of pride is the fact we have our very own Fragrance House named Seven, who bring our products to life through imaginative and inspiring scents.”


Branching into offering beauty products was a natural expansion of the Company’s personal care range, this was successfully achieved through acquiring brands that are already respected in their field.

The Company describes: “We were able to harness our strengths and expand into new territories with these brands and endorsed by leading beauty experts and prestigious brand ambassadors, our beauty brands are making quite the mark in the industry and of course a difference to our customers.”

At present the Company’s Beauty selection comprises four prestigious beauty brands, these include St. Tropez, Fudge Professional, Charles Worthington and Sanctury Spa. All of the aforementioned brands are both innovative and expanding at a rapid rate.

Alongside the Company’s expansion into beauty products, it is also working to build on its already highly successful Home Care range. The range currently includes Zip, Radiant and Morning Fresh, all of which are big favourites in Asia, Africa and Europe currently.

“We deliver innovative and accessible solutions when it comes to home detergents in a wide variety of formats that will suit the needs of our local market,” explains the Company. “At the Company we have ensured that we have taken on board the extremely diverse range of circumstances and challenges that home cleaning can present to us when used in developed and emerging markets, ensuring that we are able to deliver innovative products that have become a household must-have.”


The ability to offer a Food & Nutrition range of products has been particularly exciting for the Company and a great area of growth of the business.

“Not only do we already pride ourselves on the ability to develop both great tasting and nutritious foods, but also aim to make a difference to the communities that will choose to use our food products,” adds the Company. “We are lucky to be working with a great selection of well-known brands and hope to continue to increase our offering in this area.”

The food & drink market is a big business to tap into for the Company and it is already working with some large names in the industry. Minerva is one of Greece’s largest companies operating in their food market and with an extensive range, it has been the perfect option for PZ Cussons. With its range of quality olive oils, olive based spread and Mediterranean cheeses, the Company hopes to work with Minerva to introduce new and innovative food ranges such as organic or cholesterol lowering products. 

“We are also working closely with Nutricima, a joint venture with Glanbia Plc, developing, manufacturing and distributing unique beverages in a range that will suit our consumers’ diverse range of tastes and needs,” the Company affirms. “Similarly we have been working closely on our PZ Wilmar range, together with Wilmar International Ltd, we have been able to develop a new range of edible cooking oils.”

PZ Cussons is a Company with a drive to constantly innovate and add new products to its selection that will truly benefit its customers and moving forward it is keen to branch into new markets to make even more of an impact.

The Company concludes: “Now we are focussing our energy on branching into the baby food market, with our entrance being led by the acquisition of Australian baby food brand, Rafferty’s Garden. It is a real opportunity for us to grow in Asia and we are excited to see where else it can lead us in the future.”

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By Callam Waller Senior Head of Projects