Issue 37

MonuRent Holdings : Africa’s Seasoned Equipment Provider

Since its founding six years ago, MonuRent has evolved beyond its base in Nigeria to become a seasoned player in the delivery of heavy equipment rental and sales solutions and services across Africa.

Airtel Zambia : Committed to Cultural Preservation 

Airtel Zambia has maintained the momentum gained in recent years in 2015 into 2016 via a series of capital investments and significant business partnerships that will see the Company tighten its stronghold at the top of the national market.

Airtel Malawi : Telecoms Right on Your Doorstep

The appointment of Charles Kamoto as the new Managing Director of Airtel Malawi marked the start of a new chapter for the company.

Kargo National : Investing in the Customer

Kargo National – one of South Africa’s few privately-owned road transport Companies – aims to reduce its internal costs and increase efficiencies while securing reliable supply and delivery.

Progroup Holdings Pvt Ltd : Zimbabwe’s Premier Agribusiness

Leading Zimbabwean agribusiness, Progroup Holdings has demonstrated a multifaceted approach to operating in the nation’s fluctuating economic climate since establishment two decades ago.

Tantalizers PLC : Tantalising Innovation

Tantalizers has evolved over the best part of two decades, and continues to leverage its concerted commitment to innovation in order to keep ahead of the industry curve.

Nigerdock : Local Content, Local Growth

West Africa’s leading oil & gas services Company, Nigerdock, has now firmly established its position as the number one EPC, fabrication and marine services Company in the country.

Efficient Engineering (Pty) Ltd : Challenging Traditional Thinking

Efficient Engineering (Pty) Ltd has become a Company synonymous with thinking outside the box in the past few years, resulting in the rapid expansion and diversification of its business offering in response to recent industry trends.

MOZRE (Mocambique Resseguros) : Making the Most of Mozambique 

The role and responsibility of MOZRE as the first reinsurance player in the Mozambican market is never one that has been taken lightly, and the Company is now set to reap the rewards of its own sustainable efforts as industry demand hits new heights in East Africa.

Alexander Forbes Kenya : Proudly Serving Kenya

Alexander Forbes Group has long been renowned for providing an impactful range of financial services with client enrichment in mind, and its role in Kenya continues to epitomise such an ethos.

Dar es Salaam Glass Works Ltd : Changing the Skyline

Dar es Salaam Glass Works (DGW) has brought peace of mind and the highest quality operations to its ever-growing range of customers across Tanzania.

AMS Properties Ltd : All-Inclusive Living

AMS Properties has shown keen interest in further diversifying its revenue streams in the past two years, with a strategic move into Kenya’s hospitality industry at the epicentre of the Company’s medium-term growth plan.