Issue 12

Chandaria Industries

Wiping away the competition Chandaria Industries celebrate 50 years of manufacturing products for Kenya, East and Central Africa Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager Tom Cullum Established in 1964, Chandaria industries Ltd are the largest manufacturer and distributor of tissue, paper and hygiene products in Kenya, East and Central Africa. Their sister company, Tanpack Tissues Ltd, is also the largest manufacturer and distributor of tissue, paper and hygiene products in Tanzania. The group also has an extensive interest in property and other investments. Darshan Chandaria, Director of Chandaria Industries Ltd, offers a bird's eye view of his family-owned company, as the company celebrates its 50 Years anniversary. As the only manufacturer of tissue materials in Kenya, Chandaria Industries pride themselves on delivering excellent products, many of them from recycled raw materials. "By being the only company in Kenya that does this, we have control on the quality of our products right from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process. From receiving the raw materials, to getting our products on the supermarket shelves, this end-to-end process has secured our leading position in the market," Darshan explains. MacCoffee Over the years, Chandaria Industries have diversified the range of products they offer, in addition to their existing tissue and hygiene line. Since Darshan joined the company, he expressed a fascination in exploring the food and beverage sector. In the year 2010/11, the coffee brand MacCoffee was born. "I had always wanted to enter the food and beverage sector. I wanted to explore what I felt was a niche

Shaw River Manganese

Managing Manganese Mining Shaw River Ltd. have recently pushed forward with their flagship Otjozondu project in Namibia, where excellent logistics means a competitive investment environment Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager James Mitchell Shaw River Manganese Limited is an Australian based mineral exploration and development company focussing on manganese project opportunities internationally. Its flagship project is located in Namibia, in the south west of Africa. With a current focus on exploration, defining and increasing their mineral resource base and project studies, the company have recently developed an open-cut mining operation at its Otjozondu (Otjo) Project in Namibia. From its appearance on the stock exchange in late 2006, initially with all assets held in Western Australia, Shaw River now have a shareholder relationship with Atlas Iron, who have a 53.45 per cent interest share in Shaw River Manganese Limited. Peter Benjamin, Managing Director of Shaw River, talked to Africa Outlook about their flagship "Otjozondu Project" and his understanding of the mining and manganese industry. Why Africa? With a complex Government approvals process in Australia, projects can be expensive and take years to complete. Benjamin says that investment is only coming into the industry for very large projects: "Those with an excellent return on investment and a good margin, often in excess of 100 per cent, are the projects that attract attention and investment in the current investment environment." There are sometimes very good resource investment opportunities in Africa because of a combination of Greenfields (new), better availability of capital, lower labour and operating costs and relatively quick timetables


Wall to wall innovation Ergosystem bring their brand of passion and bespoke services to Southern Africa Writer Matt Bone Project manager Arron Rampling Ergosystem and its subsidiary companies, translucent and acoustic, are creative and innovative solutions-driven companies based in South Africa operating in the commercial, hospitality, retail and domestic interiors markets. Together or in isolation, they are able to transform ordinary or proposed walls, dividers, screens into practical solutions that are clad decoratively, walls that are demountable, single-sided, double sided, illuminated or non-illuminated. Many of these applications have also transgressed their boundaries and become floor and ceiling treatments. Dean Armstrong, Managing Director of Ergosystem is quick to point out what makes them so unique: "We don't believe that we are a small company operating in a third world country. We know we are a competitive, structured company with integrity and values, differentiating ourselves by adopting a first world mindset where quality and service are an essential part of our core business." Ergosystem offer a truly unique and bespoke service that is always tailored to the client's specifications. No two projects Armstrong has overseen have been the same and it will continue to be so: "I do not like doing the same style again and again, I want each one to be fresh and commissioned exactly as the client envisaged." "Passion for what we do" Having overseen impressive and constant growth over the last 9 years, Armstrong is convinced that there is one main reason why they have seen such a period of growth in a recession:

Hyspec Mining Services

High expectations below ground Hyspec Mining Services have been rolling out an intensive training programme, to further improve their team of dedicated professionals Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager James Mitchell Hyspec Mining Services have been serving the mining community for over eighteen years from seven African countries. The business was founded in 1996 as a hydraulic services provider in Ghana, where they were pioneers in the mining industry, being the first company to offer fully managed on-site workshops at individual mine locations. The Hyspec Mining Services are now head quartered in Australia, and have a focus on providing hydraulic, fuelling and lubrication equipment and services to the mining and exploration industry across Africa. Hyspec has a large purchasing and logistics centre in Perth, Western Australia, with operational central warehouses in Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Zambia. All regional offices are registered under the Hyspec name and are fully registered local companies each with its own Operations Manager. The company further operates a "Managed Workshop" model in four other countries. Hyspec provides services from over fifty wholly owned mine-site based workshops across their countries of operation, and gives around the clock services to mining contractors, drilling companies and mine support businesses operating at the mine sites. Hyspec are the market leader in its field and is an integral partner to the mining companies and their contractors, assisting in their constant struggle to reduce the downtime of mining production equipment. The company provides replacement hydraulic hose assemblies and associated parts 24/7 from over 50

Saint Gobain Pipelines

New technology in the pipeline Saint-Gobain Pipelines SA has done the groundwork to secure future business by upgrading their industrial technologies Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager Tom Cullum Saint-Gobain Pipelines SA, previously known as Besaans-du Plessis, manufactures grey and ductile iron castings for use in various sectors. These include industrial and general engineering applications, cast iron cookware (Potjie Pots), access covers, and soil and drain systems. They are a second tier supplier to the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the industrial and engineering sector who, in turn, supplies mainly into the railway, mining and construction markets. The cookware products have various routes to market, while all access covers and soil and drain products are manufactured for their sister company, Saint-Gobain PAM. Manufacturing is done in Pretoria West, Gauteng province. "Saint- Gobain purchased the company in 1998 as it provided a platform for entering the Southern African market. Besaans-du Plessis was an established manufacturing company with commercial presence in all the major cities and was well-known in the market," explains Stefan Du Toit, General Manager of Saint-Gobain Pipelines. "This investment fitted well with our global strategy of being present in all of the markets we serve in over 60 countries." Supply chain and supplier partnerships are extremely important for Saint-Gobain. With long-standing partnerships with suppliers that understand their business, very few of their materials and components are imported. "We do import some components through our international Saint-Gobain sourcing teams and offices. By using these structures, we know that we are getting the best prices and service. It

African Energy Resources : Calculated Coal Mining

African Energy Resources (AFR) Director Dave Edwards believes that this year will be a positive one for the company

Rank Zimbabwe

Top of the rank in Zimbabwe Rank Zimbabwe are the number one stationery and paper distributors in Zimbabwe, who aspire to be the trusted one-stop shop for local schools, offices and print companies Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager Tom Cullum Lotus Stationery manufacturers, trading as Rank Zimbabwe, were initially started in 1981 as a manufacturer and general wholesale company focussed on the grocery market in Zimbabwe. In 1995, Rank decided to increase capacity and focus on the stationery and plastic markets in line with its key competitive advantages: Being a local company, trusted brand name and having quality products. In the last five years, the company has expanded further, increasing their workforce and implementing a paper trading arm. Rank is proud to be a 100 per cent indigenous with 134 members of staff. We were fortunate to speak to Ketan Naik, Finance Director of Rank Zimbabwe. The decision to focus on stationery was based on a drive to develop the education sector in Zimbabwe, and Rank have long-standing relationships with nearly all primary and secondary educational institutions in Zimbabwe, as well as the ministry of Education. They produce scholastic products including stationery and books and some plastics for home use. Trading Rank is now the leading stationery supplier in Zimbabwe, distributing directly to businesses as well as the leading chain stores such as OK Zimbabwe and FoodWorld. Rank also distributes a wide range of paper and board products to the printing industry. Rank shares a logistics partnership with Vision Freight Services, who offer a complete solution

Diesel Electric Services

Generation leaders in critical power solutions DES specialises in the design and manufacture of diesel and gas fuelled generating sets that are helping power South Africa Writer Matt Bone Project manager Nick Norris Diesel Electric Services (DES) have gone from strength to strength since its humble beginnings in 1993 and the company has built on a legacy of excellence, experience and commitment. This wealth of expertise has enabled DES to become the market leader in the critical power industry in South Africa. DES offers customers a complete solutions package. DES specialises in the design and manufacture of diesel and gas fuelled generating sets, LV distribution boards, static and rotary UPS's, Data centre racks and cooling, MV switchgear, solar and hybrid technologies, and associated products and services to suit the needs of practically any organisation. Richard Baxter, Sales Manager of DES is quick to point out that it is the solutions they offer to customers that have really propelled DES to the forefront of the industry: "By offering a customer a solution to their critical power requirement and not just a piece of kit or a product, we are able to establish a long term, mutually beneficial partnership with them. Our customer relationships are so important to us and that's why we've invested so heavily in establishing undoubtedly one of the best service organisations around." The company relies on a strong set of values at the centre of all its operating procedures. "The ingredients contributing to the making of the finest products include affordable business solutions, industry

PCM Nigeria : Painting a Brighter Picture

PCM Nigeria are well placed to not only consolidate their position as market leaders, but continue to grow into a truly international company.


Nestoil deliver results not reasons Nestoil has demonstrated project excellence in all of its ventures, employing a team of highly skilled and goal-driven professionals to deliver first class solutions to industry problems Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager Sheridan Halls Nestoil Plc was incorporated in Nigeria in 1991 for the provision of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to the energy and oil and gas industry. Since then, Nestoil has grown to become the leading indigenous EPC provider for major IOCs (International Oil Companies) in Sub-Saharan Africa for National Petroleum Company (NNPC), Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Total. Employing highly dedicated, skilled and goal-driven professionals and using unique and innovative technology, Nestoil Plc delivers excellent, first class and cost effective solutions to industry problems. Nestoil's policy is to use the best resources, with stringent supervision that assures safe working conditions and excellent quality. The company are also committed to the optimisation of local content in all aspects of their business and the growth of their workforce and host communities. Nestoil offer onshore and offshore services including Civil Works, Dredging, Manifold and Flowstation, River Crossing, Pipeline Construction. Indeed, Nestoil has earned its reputation as a company with world class project execution capacity during the past 23 years of operation in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. Nestoil has invested heavily in the development of its human and material capacity. In terms of equipment and facilities, Nestoil is second to none. Sitting on several hectares of land, their fabrication yard in the Industrial Area at Abuloma Port Harcourt is

Art Corp

Powering Zimbabwe one battery at a time Art Corp are charging forward in Zimbabwe. Marketing Director Mr Mukarakate tells Africa Outlook more about their manufacturing specialties Writer Matt Bone Project manager Ben Wigger Amalgamated Regional Trading Corporation, (ART Corp), is the holding company of a manufacturing group of businesses in Zimbabwe with distribution operations in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Art Corporation was incorporated in 1912 and is one of the largest industrial companies in Zimbabwe involved in paper manufacturing, paper converting and distribution, pen manufacturing and lead-acid battery manufacturing and distribution, employing over 1,800 people. Marketing Director, Franklin Mukarakate, says that investment is the single biggest priority for the company right now: "We need to ensure that we maintain our machinery to a high standard, and this requires investment which in turn, will bring our costs down and keep our production line running at the best possible quality." Products to Suit Customers Art Corp has several subsidiary companies that are providing consumers with high quality products that have seen the company gain a substantial market share in recent years. Battery Express is one of these subsidiary companies. The company has been in the business of supplying and servicing batteries for more than twenty years, commanding a market share of 59 per cent. Battery Express is the largest distributor of automotive batteries nationwide and it has six branches in the country. Mukarakate is very pleased that despite continued competition, the batteries continue to sell well: "We have seen repeat business and key clients come back

Eaton Towers

Towering ahead Africa Outlook talks to Alan Harper, the Co-founder and CEO of African telecoms infrastructure firm Eaton Towers, which owns and manages telecom infrastructure across the continent and has plans to build 250 transmitter towers this year. Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager Ben Weaver African telecoms infrastructure firm Eaton Towers is continuing to expand its mobile operations and is one of a number of specialist players to launch services in Africa in recent years. It plans to build another 250 transmitter towers in 2013, increasing its African portfolio by a sixth. What's that down to? Growing internet use. "We will build about 100 towers in Uganda, 100 in South Africa and 50 in Ghana," says Alan Harper, Eaton Towers' Co-founder and CEO. Customers include Airtel, Vodafone, South Africa's MTN and Orange. "The internet boom is one of the key drivers - more people are getting online as smartphone prices fall and telecom operators improve their networks. Mobile operators are building new base stations for two reasons – one is obviously coverage, and there is still some coverage expansion going on, but increasingly it is for adding capacity to the networks." A lack of extensive fixed-line infrastructure in most African countries means mobile networks provide the main means for people to access the internet, he adds. "That's right. With fixed-line penetration being so low in so many countries most of the data usage is on the mobile networks and therefore whether it is 3G, or now we are seeing some LT E development in some markets,

Paramount Trailers

Keep on trucking Paramount Trailers have become market leaders by offering quality and customer service based on personal relationships with their clients Writer Matt Bone Project manager Ben Weaver Established in 1997 and based South of Johannesburg, Paramount trailers is one of South Africa's leading manufacturers and refurbishers of commercial trailers. Their products range from Flat Deck to Bulk Feed trailers and they even offer specialised bespoke trailers for their clients. The business is family owned and operated, with founder and current CEO Fernando Marques and his son Warren, Managing Director since 2008, at the helm. Paramount have recently moved into a new 72,000 m² manufacturing facility. The company has over 200 employees and an on-site design department with engineers and designers, who are able to meet unique preferences, provide leading innovation and cost effective solutions to customers. Paulo Ribeiro, Financial Director of Paramount Trailers since 2010, has played an integral part in the success the company has seen in recent years. "I joined Paramount about 4 years ago and I have seen paramount grow from a SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) to a MLE (Medium to Large Enterprise) business over the last few years. During this same period our staff quantity has more than doubled." A New Home In 2011, Paramount purchased a plot of land 13km from their previous base of operations and began to lay the foundations on a R150 million manufacturing facility. Construction began in 2012, and was completed by the following August. The new custom built facility was four times as

Techno Brain : The Brains to Succeed

Techno Brain seek to establish a prominent global position and strong brand credibility as an IT solution provider.

Kapa Oil

Slick operator With over 50 years experience, Kapa Oil delivers quality and cost effective products in the oil, detergent and soap manufacturing sectors Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager Nick Norris Started by Shah's grandfather and his two brothers, Kapa Oil prides itself on being a sustainable family-owned business, which has grown to a size of around 2500 employees. Ani Shah, Head of New Projects and the third generation in the family to enter the company, spoke to Africa Outlook about the company origins and retaining their position in the market. Karina Packers The name 'Kapa' is an acronym derived from the title 'Karania Packers' which was established in the late 1960's as a salt packaging and baking powder manufacturing company. Karania Packers grew steadily and within a short time, they ventured into producing cooking fats and edible oils. As a result, it became known as Kapa Oil Refineries Ltd. While treading in new territories, Kapa showed its commitment to innovation by being the first manufacturing company to introduce the packing of cooking fats in reusable plastic containers, a norm that all cooking fat manufacturers now follow. As the industry quickly expanded, Kapa steadily acquired more market share. In succession to the cooking fat and edible oils, Kapa started manufacturing a premium detergent powder called Toss, which took the detergent powder market by storm. Toss has been and still is the market leader in the detergent powder category, with advertisements regularly featured on TV. With continual research and development, Kapa saw prospective opportunities in the FMCG industry


Striking the perfect balance between power and the people Eltek have constantly led the way in high efficiency power electronics in Africa Writer Matt Bone Project manager Donovan Smith For over 40 years, Eltek have led the way in high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion. Their headquarters are based in Norway and they have over 2400 employees in their company across 40 countries. As a global corporation and market leader, Eltek has customers in more than 100 countries across a variety of industries including telecom, rail and infrastructure, power generation, power distribution and solar energy. Helping customers save energy and money while reducing their environmental impact, Eltek are always looking for new and innovative ways to further this foundation. Bob Hurley, regional President of Eltek in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), spoke about what makes them a market leader. "For me it is our technology that makes us a market leader, especially in the telecommunications power industry. We were the first power manufacturer to come up with a High Efficiency (HE) rectifier, and we changed the market standard by at least 4-5 per cent, in moving from non-HE to HE technology. Also i think our product density from a technology viewpoint is a market leader. We currently have the most dense power supply on the market, which is very important to us and the operators who use it." Regional and local Eltek are very keen to press upon the fact they are not just a European company who has opened offices in Africa. Although their


Some like it hot Pakco are renowned for their delivery of flavour through their food-enhancing product lines Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager James Mitchell As a world class food manufacturer with proudly South African roots, Pakco has been adding flavour and quality to consumers' lives since 1948 and is a market leader in the manufacture of spices, condiments, instant meals and complementary products. The company manufactures 9 brands with over 200 SKU's, represented in more than 10 categories in-store. Pakco's family of brands is renowned for reliability, ease of use, and a well-loved, home cooked taste. Through ongoing research and product development, Pakco ensures that the latest international technology and trends are combined with local insights to keep products relevant and in high demand. Pakco (Pty) Ltd. is wholly owned by Renaissance Brands (Pty) Ltd. Recently, after extensive negotiations, the Land Bank has joined as a 50% shareholder of Renaissance Brands (Pty) Ltd. The value in such a powerful banking partner is self-evident as Mr King cites: "There are benefits in having a big financial partner; this will facilitate rapid expansion, both organically and by acquisition." Pakco is located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, which is home to one of Africa's busiest ports and where founder, Pakkiri Pillay, bottled his first batch of spiced pickle over 60 years ago. The group manufactures packs and distributes staple, dry-packed, and tinned foods, both branded and private label. BBBEE Standards Pakco is committed to sustainable growth and development and the business meets South African Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) standards. As


Delivering your tomorrow, today Freightworx have risen from one man with a vision, to a multi-national logistics powerhouse Writer Matt Bone Project manager Stuart Shirra Freightworx was established in 1999 in South Africa, when a demand arose for airfreight cargo to the north of Tanzania. Having serviced the majority of other freight markets as well as numerous mines in the area, the company decided to increase its options and began to incorporate alternative means of transporting freight. Since then Freightworx has grown considerably to a stage where they now employ in excess of 100 people. Throughout the organisation, revenue has grown from US$1million to US$12 million. Freightworx specialises in the field of international freight, project freight and logistics on a global scale. Freightworx offers a door to door service into Africa and 450 cities in 130 countries worldwide. Raj Maharaj, the CEO of Freightworx, has seen his company grow from just one man with a vision, into one of the largest logistics companies in Sub Saharan Africa. "We are a leading logistics company that has set the standard as a supply chain and logistical solutions provider to various industries. From our humble beginnings as a one man operation, I have seen the company evolve into a one stop solution by providing export and import services, air, sea and road freight as well as offering handling, storage and packaging services as well." Global Logistics Global Trade is a complex and challenging business where success depends on specialised knowledge and personal contact. Freightworx have implemented key strategies and

Gokals Laborex

Medicine men of Accra Gokals-Laborex have seen their pharmaceutical stock rise thanks to a keen understanding of their markets Writer Matt Bone Project manager Eddie Clinton Since they began operating in 2008, Gokals-Laborex have seen their joint venture blossom. By ensuring a strong combination of a global presence with local industry knowledge and expertise, they have become the premier pharmaceutical distributor in Ghana. Mahesh Gokaldas, Managing Director of Gokals-Laborex, explains just what the company can offer the Ghanaian public: "We distribute and promote pharmaceuticals to the mainstream market and medical facilities ranging from everyday medicines to high end branded products. We specialise in these to- end branded goods and do not distribute generic products, so you know when you buy from us it is always the best quality pharmaceuticals available." Gokaldas' vision for the company when it began was to grow a global company, and through the partnership with French company Laborex, he has begun to realise that potential. "Laborex had been looking for a company to join forces with in Ghana for two years and approached me to work alongside them. I felt it was a wise and beneficial choice to join hands with someone who was already in the global markets. Once that happened we began to gain more contracts. We quickly grew from having about 10 different suppliers to now having over 15 suppliers who give us such a vast portfolio of pharmaceuticals, which we can in turn offer to our clients." A Brand Name in Pharmaceuticals Gokals-Laborex currently have 145 staff on

ADB Airfield Solutions

Ensuring a smooth flight ADB Airfield Solutions ensure that airports around the world maintain a high standard in both construction and technology products Writer Matt Bone & Emily Jarvis Project manager Nick Norris ADB Airfield Solutions (Pty) Ltd is the South African registered entity of the multinational ADB Airfield Solutions, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The parent company manufactures airfield lighting equipment in Belgium, China, and USA. The South African based part of the company is responsible for projects and sales in sub-Saharan Africa, headquartering in Rivonia, Johannesburg. With a team of 50 direct and contract workers and revenue of R180 million, ADB have been providing vital solutions for airports for over 65 years. Nel Kotze, the Chief Operating Officer for ADB Southern Africa, explains what sets them apart from other airfield construction companies: "ADB serve a niche and specialized market with full turnkey solutions that revolve around all the electrical and electronic aspects for a modern runway. Our strength lies in not only providing high quality equipment but also in offering the full project to the client providing end to end, integrated and sustainable solutions for visual guidance; this includes design and advice, project management, installation, commissioning and maintenance." ADB have formed a strong focus on technology, quality, processes and people, powering a series of innovations ranging from individual light control and monitoring systems to advanced surface movement ground control systems; and from the first LED airfield lights to runway incursion systems. "Every aspect of our business is attuned toward innovation from ideation and execution to

Hillcrest Private Hospital

The new face of healing With a new hospital on the horizon, Hillcrest Private Hospital and their team are driven by a strong, customer centric focus Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager Eddie Clinton Hillcrest Private Hospital is committed to nurturing an environment of health and healing through engaging relationships with patients, staff, doctors, the community, and beyond. Nestled in the leafy suburb of Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal, Hillcrest Private Hospital provides quality health care driven by a strong, customer-centric focus. The hospital opened on the 1st July 2011 and is a new, fresh, inviting environment equipped with the latest medical instruments and facilities. The establishment boasts an extensive range of top medical facilities and offerings designed to meet the growing needs of the community and with another facility currently being built, the hospital continues to provide quality health care solutions with a dedicated team of doctors and nurses. From a day clinic to eight operating theatres, Hillcrest Private Hospital provides patients with a wide array of medical facilities staffed by professional, friendly, and approachable personnel who share the vision of moving beyond health care in both service delivery and customer relations. The staff at Hillcrest Private Hospital aim to deliver a fresh and comfortable hospital experience while adhering to international standards of quality care. Integral to their philosophy of providing quality health care solutions is their 3Cs motto: Customer, Care and Comfort. Hillcrest Private Hospital's unique geographical positioning allows patients and visitors the convenience of a world-class medical facility set in peaceful, tranquil natural surroundings. They are the

Bigen Africa

Leading infrastructure development solutions for Africa Bigen Africa's vision is to improve the quality of life for all through the development of sustainable infrastructure solutions Writer Annette Van Zyl & Emily Jarvis Project manager Stuart Shirra Bigen Africa, established in 1971, has evolved into a leading infrastructure development company operating in the health, education, agriculture, water and sanitation, property, energy, road, rail and mining sectors. The company has successfully expanded the delivery of infrastructure projects from its original South African base into other African countries – first expanding into neighbouring countries and, during the past few years, in line with its Africa expansion strategy, into West Africa, which will be followed by ventures in East Africa. The company now operates from sixteen offices across Africa, including South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Ghana, with formal representation in Kenya, Nigeria, Congo Brazzaville, DRC, Madagascar and Mauritius. The company's in-house capabilities and strategic partnerships enable it to integrate the entire value chain in the infrastructure process – from feasibility studies through project preparation, management and implementation to development finance and ongoing asset management. this approach creates cost effective, sustainable projects and sets it apart from other engineering companies. Sustainability is further entrenched through its principle of "doing good while doing business", which aims to improve the quality of life of all stakeholders in its infrastructure solutions. Optimum impact on community stakeholders is ensured through the Intuthuko Foundation, a non-profit organisation Bigen Africa established in cooperation with other project stakeholders. Intuthuko addresses socio-economic development imperatives by acting as a


One hundred percent Namibian As uranium and gold prices saw a decrease in 2013, Lewcor explain how they are overcoming the challenges of Namibian mining Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager James Mitchell Lewcor are a mining and civil services company, founded in the 1980s by mr C.J Lewis. As a family owned and run business, Africa outlook spoke to eldest son Helmuth Lewis, one of the Directors at Lewcor along with his younger brother. The company started as a building contractor, evolving into a fully-fledged civil services company supplying products such as pipelines, building roads and other such services. The change to establishing themselves in the mining service came as a result of the amount of work they were able to successfully secure through civil services contracts, as Helmuth Lewis explains: "There were a significant number of construction contractors, whereas the civil services sector was more of a niche back then. moving into this sector was the ideal move for us." Lewcor also laid almost 2000 km of fibre optic cable for the local telecom, and was a fore runner in the design and specs written with telecom to get Namibia up to standard in the optic technology. Additionally they built several large earth dams in rural areas where water was not easy to come by and when it comes to mining, they have their own fleet of mobile crushers and screening plants. All of this combined with its own fleet of small to large transport, means that Lewcor are able to offer a wide variety

The Sarit Centre : Bringing retail to East Africa first

Bringing retail to East Africa first We chat to Peter Moll about The Sarit Centre, the first ever shopping mall in East Africa which opened its doors in 1983 Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager Sheridan Halls The Sarit Centre was the first-ever shopping mall in East Africa, which was opened in 1983. The concept for the design was based on the Brent Cross Mall in London, which the developers visited shortly after it opened its doors in the late 1970s. They shared the vision that this new retail concept could be successfully implemented in Nairobi. Construction commenced in 1981 but was halted by political instability. As a result, around 200 applications for retail units were stunted and many business families left Kenya, meaning only two units were in place on the opening day in April, 1983. These were the Uchumi Supermarket, which is still there today, and Text Book Centre. The objective of the centre has remained the same over the years; to provide a comprehensive one-stop shopping experience with a diverse range of retail and service tenants, providing everything under one roof," Peter Moll, Public Affairs Coordinator added "city within a city is the centre's slogan, and a concept that complements our plan for the future of the Sarit Centre and all developments, which we aim to fulfil." Family Histories The idea for the shopping centre was developed by two Indian families from Murng'a and Karatine, two small towns in Central Kenya. At Independence in 1963, unlike thousands of Indians and Europeans who left the

Belo & Kies

South Africa's hands on construction company With a focus on a continued reputation for quality and efficiency, Belo and Kies adopt a hands-on approach to construction Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager Arron Rampling Belo and Kies is a privately owned construction company that was formed in 2000 by the two directors: Wimpie Kies and Victor Belo. As the company structure firmed up, other members of the Kies and Belo families joined the management team of the company and its current structure positions it well for further growth. Up until the company's inception, Wimpie and Victor were employed by one of the major construction companies in South Africa. Boasting a wealth of experience in both academic and practical settings, the directors are highly experienced and competent team leaders, who like to adopt a hands-on approach with all their construction projects. This mix of qualifications is what has stood Belo and Kies in good stead and allowed it to progress to become the award winning company it is today. "The key to good quality is a hands on approach by myself and Victor. We set the correct standard and then ensure that the standard is achieved by managing it carefully, we never leave a team on their own. That is one of the contributions that has helped the company become a success; we like to be as involved as possible," explains Mr Kies, one of the company directors. Management consciously cultivate adherence to a daily activity cycle, paying close attention to the planning, organising, action and control stages

Lithon : Namibia’s One Stop Shop For Project Consultancy

In an industry that demands perfection, Lithon Project Consultants is striving to become the preferred company of choice in this ever-competitive field.

Stefanutti Stocks Botswana : Building Southern Africa

Stefanutti Stocks Botswana are always looking for new and exciting construction projects to work on across Southern Africa.