Issue 12

Chandaria Industries : Wiping Away the Competition

Chandaria Industries celebrate 50 years of manufacturing products for Kenya, East and Central Africa.

Shaw River Manganese : Managing Manganese Mining

Shaw River Ltd. have recently pushed forward with their flagship Otjozondu project in Namibia, where excellent logistics means a competitive investment environment.

Ergosystem : Wall to Wall Innovation

Ergosystem and its subsidiary companies, translucent and acoustic, are creative and innovative solutions-driven companies based in South Africa operating in the commercial, hospitality, retail and domestic interiors markets.

Hyspec Mining Services : High Expectations Below Ground

Hyspec Mining Services have been rolling out an intensive training programme, to further improve their team of dedicated professionals.

Saint Gobain Pipelines : New Technology in the Pipeline

Saint-Gobain Pipelines SA has done the groundwork to secure future business by upgrading their industrial technologies.

African Energy Resources : Calculated Coal Mining

African Energy Resources (AFR) Director Dave Edwards believes that this year will be a positive one for the company

Rank Zimbabwe : Top of the Rank in Zimbabwe

Rank Zimbabwe are the number one stationery and paper distributors in Zimbabwe, who aspire to be the trusted one-stop shop for local schools, offices and print companies.

Diesel Electric Services : Critical Power Solutions

Diesel Electric Services specialises in the design and manufacture of diesel and gas fuelled generating sets that are helping power South Africa.

PCM Nigeria : Painting a Brighter Picture

PCM Nigeria are well placed to not only consolidate their position as market leaders, but continue to grow into a truly international company.

Nestoil : Delivering Results

Nestoil has demonstrated project excellence in all of its ventures, employing a team of highly skilled and goal-driven professionals to deliver first class solutions to industry problems.

Art Corp : One Battery at a Time

Art Corp are charging forward in Zimbabwe. Marketing Director Mr Mukarakate tells Africa Outlook more about their manufacturing specialties.

Eaton Towers : Towering Ahead

Africa Outlook talks to Alan Harper, the Co-founder and CEO of African telecoms infrastructure firm Eaton Towers, which owns and manages telecom infrastructure across the continent and has plans to build 250 transmitter towers this year.

Paramount Trailers : Keep on Trucking

Paramount Trailers have become market leaders by offering quality and customer service based on personal relationships with their clients.

Techno Brain : The Brains to Succeed

Techno Brain seek to establish a prominent global position and strong brand credibility as an IT solution provider.

Kapa Oil : Slick Operator

With over 50 years experience, Kapa Oil delivers quality and cost effective products in the oil, detergent and soap manufacturing sectors.

Eltek : Striking the Perfect Balance

For over 40 years, Eltek have constantly led the way in high efficiency power electronics across the African continent.

Pakco : Some Like it Hot

Pakco are renowned for their delivery of flavour through their food-enhancing product lines.

Freightworx : Delivering Your Tomorrow, Today

Freightworx have risen from one man with a vision, to a multi-national logistics powerhouse.

Gokals Laborex : Medicine Men of Accra

Gokals-Laborex have seen their pharmaceutical stock rise thanks to a keen understanding of their markets.

ADB Airfield Solutions : Ensuring a Smooth Flight

ADB Airfield Solutions ensure that airports around the world maintain a high standard in both construction and technology products.

Hillcrest Private Hospital : The New Face of Healing

With a new hospital on the horizon, Hillcrest Private Hospital and their team are driven by a strong, customer centric focus.

Bigen Africa : Leading Infrastructure Development Solutions

The vision of Bigen Africa is to improve the quality of life for all through the development of sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Lewcor : One Hundred Percent Namibian

As uranium and gold prices saw a decrease in 2013, Lewcor explain how they are overcoming the challenges of Namibian mining.

The Sarit Centre : Bringing retail to East Africa first

We chat to Peter Moll about The Sarit Centre, the first ever shopping mall in East Africa which opened its doors in 1983.

Belo & Kies : A Hands-On Construction Company

With a focus on a continued reputation for quality and efficiency, Belo & Kies adopt a hands-on approach to construction.

Lithon : Namibia’s One Stop Shop For Project Consultancy

In an industry that demands perfection, Lithon Project Consultants is striving to become the preferred company of choice in this ever-competitive field.

Stefanutti Stocks Botswana : Building Southern Africa

Stefanutti Stocks Botswana are always looking for new and exciting construction projects to work on across Southern Africa.