Latest 43 Corporate Stories

Bentel Associates International : A Holistic Approach to African Architecture

Leveraging its extensive experience of emerging markets, Bentel Associates International (BAI) is aligning internal processes across its offices in India and South Africa with international trends and technologies to ultimately support the development of sustainable real estate in a local context.

Caperay Medical Pty Ltd : Revolutionising Breast Imaging

Medical engineering innovator, CapeRay is currently seeking new investment to fund the manufacture and further clinical trials of its innovative breast screening and diagnosis machine

Equate : Property Pioneers

Combined services, measurable differences and client satisfaction are the three pillars on which EQUATE has built its hugely successful brand over the years.

Microensure : Fearless Finance

The momentum of MicroEnsure has picked up rapid pace over the past year via a series of groundbreaking products and initiatives in Africa and Asia.

Edendale Hospital : Comprehensive Community Care

A history of overcoming challenges and riding the waves of healthcare evolution has been rewarded by years of consistent progression for Edendale Hospital.

JLT South Africa : Placing Clients First

Guided by its mission to place clients first and focus on results-based services in industry and specialist risk sectors, the aptitude of Jardine Lloyd Thompson South Africa (JLT South Africa) for continuous improvement has driven the Company to new levels of growth.

Tazara : Rehabilitating a Transport Lifeline

The new Managing Director at TAZARA will be the driver behind a restructure that will reposition the organisation as a market-driven commercial business known for excelling in the execution of the movement of traffic.

Cash Connect : Facilitating Trade Efficiency and Security

The role of Cash Connect as the pre-eminent South African manufacturer and service provider of automated cash management solutions for businesses and retailers continues to have a positive impact far beyond its own internal confines.

The X Group : Soil to Soul

The four complementing divisions at X Group are combining to capitalise on a host of opportunities in Africa and beyond, via a family-driven philosophy to maintain top quality and strong relationships

MIM Cashew and Agricultural Products Ltd : A Force for Good

Mim Cashew is making waves far beyond the confines of its cashew processing domain as it looks to evolve upon foundations of sustainability and integrity