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Bentel Associates International

A Holistic Approach to African ArchitectureWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Stuart Parker Leveraging its extensive experience of emerging markets, Bentel Associates International (BAI) is aligning internal processes across its offices in India and South Africa with international trends and technologies to ultimately support the development of sustainable real estate in a local context.Having influenced a significant number of award-winning building designs across Africa in recent decades, BAI’s involvement in landmark developments has been well documented in our magazine, with the Company’s Business Development Director, Tim Harlech-Jones keen to share his review of the past year and the trends driving the business to new heights. “South Africa is currently playing catch-up with the practices upheld internationally in places such as the UK and US; and we strive to be at the forefront of this transition as it happens here,” he says. “Our team is leading the charge in sustainable design, and we are utilising the latest technology to drive our own long-term continuous improvement by investing in a piece of state-of-the-art building information modelling (BIM) software.”With each project – spanning the areas of retail, commercial, hospitality, residential and mixed-use – benefitting from BAI’s internal workflow and efficiency improvements, as well as its strengthened base of external consultants, the Company has seen a proliferation of new capital combined with a strong project pipeline.“Alongside streamlining our processes, we have been able to increase the number of projects we can undertake at any given time by steadily growing the office to handle projects wherever they may be across the continent. You never know where

Caperay Medical Pty Ltd

Medical engineering innovator, CapeRay is currently seeking new investment to fund the manufacture and further clinical trials of its innovative breast screening and diagnosis machine


Property PioneersWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Tom Cullum Combined services, measurable differences and client satisfaction are the three pillars on which EQUATE has built its hugely successful brand over the years and the independent African property and construction consultancy Company is hoping to leverage these core foundations to achieve even more concerted success in the future.Renowned for saving clients both time and money via its managed solutions across infrastructure, property and construction domains, the business’s dedicated teams and various offices take responsibility for the successful delivery of their projects, from start to finish.“We have a full understanding of various types of infrastructure, buildings and associated facilities; an appreciation of value drivers specific to each sector including stakeholder needs; experience of collaborative working with innovative designers and challenging projects; a comprehensive database of relevant cost information for cost planning and cost management; and a cost benefit analysis service designed to drive optimum sustainability issues and their contribution to long-term strategies,” details Company Director, Neels van Niekerk. “A key part of our philosophy is to ensure that we, and other team members, are fully aware of our clients’ project and business objectives, and how these combine to define value for money for them.  We are value driven, rather than simply cost driven.”Providing independent, trusted and impartial advice, EQUATE proactively manages costs from inception to completion to ensure best value at all times, subsequently developing an in-depth understanding of each client’s requirements and business goals to “become their champion” and “empower their business decisions with our depth of construction knowledge”, van Niekerk adds.Covering


MicroEnsure’s momentum has picked up rapid pace over the past year via a series of groundbreaking products and initiatives in Africa and Asia

Edendale Hospital

Comprehensive Community CareWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Eddie Clinton A history of overcoming challenges and riding the waves of healthcare evolution has been rewarded by a sustained few years of consistent progression for Edendale Hospital, with the transition from 2015 to 2016 every bit as successful as the 60th anniversary year that preceded it.Back then, three years ago, the Hospital was laying out extensive plans for expansion, not only of its facilities and staff, but of the variety of care it could offer within the confines of its ever-improving grounds. The reality has possibly even exceeded those expectations though, and the past 12 months in particular have affirmed the institution’s position as one of KwaZulu-Natal’s leading medical pioneers. 2015 was arguably one of the most fruitful years in Edendale’s recent memory, seeing marked developments across pinpointed areas of significance over the past decade.Vast improvements across maternal, infant and child health formed a large portion of this concerted effort, having established a fully functional human milk bank as well as retaining its Mother Baby Friendly Initiative (MBFI) status.Meanwhile, the Hospital’s ongoing dedication to communicable diseases has been upheld via improved detection and improved management of the various conditions under this banner.“We have increased ARV (antiretroviral therapy) treatment uptake and are currently having 8,458 on ARVs. We have also decanted more than 1,000 to other sites and have about 6,000 on our Central Chronic Medicine Dispensing and Distribution (CCMDD) programme,” affirms the Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zanele Ndwandwe.“We have also improved clinical governance in a  number of areas including: ensuring morbidity and

JLT South Africa

JLT South Africa continues to strengthen its local market performance by leveraging the wider Group’s world-leading status as providers of insurance, reinsurance and employee benefits-related advice, brokerage and associated services


TAZARA’s new Managing Director will be the driver behind a restructure that will reposition the organisation as a market-driven commercial business known for excelling in the execution of the movement of traffic

Cash Connect

Cash Connect’s role as the pre-eminent South African manufacturer and service provider of automated cash management solutions for businesses and retailers continues to have a positive impact far beyond its own internal confines

The X Group

The X Group’s four complementing divisions are combining to capitalise on a host of opportunities in Africa and beyond, via a family-driven philosophy to maintain top quality and strong relationships

MIM Cashew and Agricultural Products Ltd

Mim Cashew is making waves far beyond the confines of its cashew processing domain as it looks to evolve upon foundations of sustainability and integrity