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MonuRent Holdings

Africa’s Seasoned Equipment ProviderWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Arron RamplingSince its founding six years ago, MonuRent has evolved beyond its base in Nigeria to become a seasoned player in the delivery of heavy equipment rental and sales solutions and services across the African continent; with a recent concerted focus on the pivotal development opportunity at Liberty Gold Mine in Liberia.    Initially recognising a distinct gap in the market for the delivery of world-class equipment and value-added services for the continent’s developing markets, increased competition in plant rental has seen MonuRent look for ways to stand out via a solid continuous improvement strategy; which involves working closely with internationally-renowned brands such as Caterpillar and Komatsu, providing valuable and worthwhile training to its staff, and drawing on senior management experience of working in volatile markets.“…MonuRent has quickly grown to become a sector leader in the rental of large mining equipment, delivering equipment and services in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Botswana and Nigeria with further expansion plans unfolding year-on-year as the MonuRent story gathers momentum,” said MonuRent’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dan Hoppe, in 2015.Led by the Company’s strong value proposition - which comprises more than just a tailored equipment rental solution - MonuRent is able to deliver value and certainty through guaranteed uptime of equipment via a strict maintenance procedure; assistance for clients in the development of feasibility studies and project plans; and an equipment optimisation schedule that enables clients to select and change designated fleets to deliver the most effective option for any given project, without the duplication of

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Airtel Zambia : Committed to Cultural Preservation 

Airtel Zambia has maintained the momentum gained in recent years in 2015 into 2016 via a series of capital investments and significant business partnerships that will see the Company tighten its stronghold at the top of the national market.

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Airtel Malawi

Telecoms Right on Your DoorstepWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Donovan SmithThe appointment of Charles Kamoto as Airtel Malawi’s new Managing Director at the beginning of March, 2016 marked the start of a new chapter for a Company that is part of the largest mobile network in the world. Having previously established a presence as an internet provider under the guidance of Heiko Schlittke, as part of a strategy involving the continuous expansion of Airtel Malawi’s distribution network to increase market reach across rural areas, Kamoto is now tasked with driving the Company’s strategic leadership in the country; further integrating the Airtel brand within the local community via a targeted focus on the Airtel philosophies of accessibility, affordability and unmatched quality.The second Malawian to hold the position of Managing Director, Kamoto promises to fulfil the above strategy by leveraging his extensive background in telecoms, having previously worked for TNM, where he held the position of Chief Commercial Officer prior to joining Airtel.The legacy left by Heiko has already seen Airtel Malawi begin to expand its 3G footprint to such an extent that the network increased its data penetration rate by almost 100 percent during his leadership. Moreover, other key drivers for growth - including Airtel Money, new customer service shops, an ongoing partnership with Freebasics by Facebook and the launch of Premier Plus - have combined to form the framework for Airtel Malawi’s investments in 2016.Reliable connectivityIn a bid to ensure speedy and stable access to its data services, Airtel Malawi has intensified its 3G site upgrades with the strategic

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Kargo National

Continually Investing in the CustomerWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Sammy WilkinsonProminently distinguished by its customer-centric and professional approach to business, Kargo National - one of South Africa’s few privately-owned road transport Companies - aims to reduce its internal costs and increase efficiencies while securing a reliable supply and delivery to customers across the country.“The goal is to pass these savings onto the customer,” says Greg Blackwell, Founder and Managing Director of the Kargo Group of Companies; which was initially established in 1982. “Our customer is of the utmost importance and we are confident that making the right investments, combined with our aptitude for continuous improvement, will add value in the form of reduced distribution costs, higher levels of service, better market penetration and allow us to concentrate more closely on enhancing our core business proposition.”Specialising in express road freight distribution across its three subsidiaries - namely Kargo National, Kargo Long Distance and Kargo International Logistics - throughout southern Africa, as well as a footprint in neighbouring countries’ Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia, the Company believes its service offering will become the vital link at the end of the road transport value chain.“This is one aspect of the business which we strive to make the strongest,” Blackwell notes. “Given the versatility of our Group offering across break bulk, long distance and retail delivery services - bolstered by a value-add full maintenance leasing and warehousing solutions – we need to make sure that we monitor the latest industry trends to reach our main goal: to provide our customers with

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Progroup Holdings Pvt Ltd

Zimbabwe’s Premier Integrated Agribusiness Writer: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Sammy WilkinsonLeading Zimbabwean agribusiness, Progroup Holdings has demonstrated a multifaceted approach to operating in the nation’s fluctuating economic climate since establishment two decades ago; adapting and diversifying its operations to cater for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, manufacturing and retail industries.Comprised of three divisions that focus on adding value to local industry - namely Profeeds, Probrands and Probottlers – Progroup has leveraged the trading background of its longstanding executive staff to enter the aforementioned sectors with a high level of confidence; selling quality products at a competitive price that are backed by an innovative and creative brand strategy.Driven by a young and dynamic team forged from an initial foray into trade through Produtrade, Progroup’s CEO and Founder, Nigel Philp has long placed emphasis on the importance of having a local workforce and building strong international business partnerships; attributing the Group’s empowered executive team and unparalleled loyalty to one-another as two key factors that have seen it through Zimbabwe’s challenging business environment: “Our customer-facing business is built on the relationships we have with our suppliers, customers and partners. This is an area I place a personal focus on nurturing, which has allowed Progroup to stand the test of time,” he says.“We have had the advantage of being a small, private Company with the ability to make quick, informed decisions and enforce short lead times, all of which makes us stand out from the competition in a fast-changing environment.”Given the Group’s extensive expertise in the agricultural commodity market, this year, Progroup is

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Tantalizers PLC

Tantalizing InnovationWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Sammy WilkinsonTantalizers has evolved over the best part of two decades within its role as the only listed player in a strongly competitive quick-service restaurant and fast food market, but continues to leverage its concerted commitment to innovation in order to keep ahead of the industry curve.Established in 1997 with 28 staff members in Lagos and a promise of delivering full value for money to a discerning target audience, humble beginnings quickly turned into widespread acclaim; the Company soon building a reputed name for itself in the provision of rice, burgers, pastries and ice creams.“Over the years, Tantalizers has expanded via a planned growth arrangement starting from Lagos, through the southwest and now to other parts of the country,” explains Tantalizers’ Chief Executive Officer and founder, Abosede Ayeni. “At present, the Company has 55 outlets in 12 cities in Nigeria with plans to extend to other cities.  The product offerings have also grown over the years to include African and Chinese meals.”All-told, the business now caters for preferences across pastries, fast food meals, indigenous delicacies, desserts, sides, drinks, snacks, Chinese meals and breads; as well as offering specialised services for the convenience of its customers including Tantalizers Meal Express and Tantalizers Outdoor Services.Bridging all four corners of Nigeria through its product and service portfolio, the market monopoly attained in the process stands the business in great stead for even more growth in the future, but arguably Tantalizers’ most significant attribute has been its more recent ability to overcome industry and regional trends and

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Promoting Local Content for Local GrowthWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Eddie ClintonWith an unparalleled record of delivering oil & gas projects to the highest international standards, West Africa’s leading oil & gas services Company, Nigerdock, has now firmly established its position as the number one EPC, fabrication and marine services Company in the country.From its strategic location on Snake Island Integrated Free Zone in Lagos, Nigerdock operates safe and secure projects for its customers, including world-class engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects, fabrication, marine and ship repair services, industrial training, logistics and support services.As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jagal, a diverse Nigerian conglomerate, the Company has achieved substantial growth while developing into the largest fabrication facility and ship repair yard in West Africa.“Jagal’s significant investment of more than US$250 million since the introduction of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act in 2010 has helped us to enhance our capabilities in engineering to meet all international codes of construction. Today, we have the best training facility in the country, where we continuously train offshore welders, grinders, fitters, blasters, painters, scaffolders and riggers to the highest levels obtainable. This strategically helps us retain the best talent and expertise to deliver in accordance with international quality and safety standards,” says Acting Managing Director, David Murray.Leadership in project executionAs a consequence of its growth and to ensure the quality delivery of its oil & gas and marine services, Nigerdock is organised into four main standalone divisions; namely offshore fabrication, marine services, support base and training. Demonstrating full commitment to

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Efficient Engineering (Pty) Ltd

Challenging Traditional Thinking with Expert EngineeringWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Arron RamplingEfficient Engineering has become a Company synonymous with thinking outside the box in the past few years, resulting in the rapid expansion and diversification of its business offering in response to recent industry trends.Driven by an aptitude for continuous improvement and commitment to building strong relationships with local industry players, the South African-based manufacturer has focused on quality and safety to add value to the business; resulting in a unique and innovative approach to steel fabrication, machining, manufacturing and heavy engineering across mining, power, rail and oil & gas industries in Africa via its three divisions: Efficient Engineering, Efficient Power and the newly-acquired, Efficient Trotech.Adapting to the drop in commodity prices, the Company has focused on identifying ways to complement its initial equipment manufacturing, repair and refurbishment offering from five decades ago, in order to remain agile in a market that is constantly changing.“Diversification has protected and strengthened the organisation. Exploring new markets has been a vital component that has allowed us to weather the effects of the commodity storm and emerge even stronger and with new confidence; and with a business that creates tailor-made, high quality and cost-effective solutions,” says Vees Moodley, Group Business Development Director.In the past four years, Efficient Engineering has grown three-fold in both head count and revenue, seeing a six-fold increase in its customer base, courtesy of organic and acquisitional growth through the Efficient Trotech acquisition.Backed by five decades of experience in the African market, the Company is now eyeing opportunities outside South

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MOZRE (Mocambique Resseguros)

Making the most of Mozambique Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Callum PhilpMOZRE’s role and responsibility as the first reinsurance player in the Mozambican market is never one that has been taken lightly, and the Company is now set to reap the rewards of its own sustainable efforts as industry demand hits new heights in East Africa.Becoming the first resident reinsurance Company to be established in the country in 2007, the subsequent decade has seen a mix of fortunes for a business that thrived as the sole option in a lucrative market, but was challenged at every turn to construct its own industry infrastructure and talent pool during the process.With support from neighbouring countries and regions on the continent though, rapid progress has been made and via its involvement across sectors including fire, engineering, marine, cargo, aviation, automotive and many more insurance offerings, Mocambique Resseguros SA - to give it its full name - has successfully built an entire sector around itself on an indigenous level.“The main thing we have provided is skills development in terms of training,” says the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mufaro Chauruka. “There was inevitably a huge gap in terms of skills so we have spent a lot of time and formed a lot partnerships in order for clients and the younger generation to take examinations and receive their certifications of proficiency in the industry.”Based on international standards on the continent, the diplomas, work experience and training that has been provided since 2010 in particular has already resulted in more than 100 newly skilled professionals within the

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Alexander Forbes Kenya

Proudly Serving KenyaWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Callum PhilpWorking in response to a higher purpose on an international scale, Alexander Forbes Group has long been renowned for providing an impactful range of financial services with client enrichment in mind, and its role in Kenya continues to epitomise such an ethos.With the Group headquartered in South Africa, Alexander Forbes’ Kenyan operations may seem like a replication of the established global model when analysing its concerted range of consultancy and administration services and solutions, but has made a name for itself on a local level as a result of its pioneering market-driven solutions and commitment to corporate social responsibility.Working in the financial services, investment and risk sectors and serving individual, corporate, state, parastatal and SME clients; the Company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sundeep Raichura believes that the Company is “at the forefront in the products and services we offer in East and Central Africa and have earned a reputation in providing cutting-edge services in this region and creating benchmark standards aspired to by an entire industry”.He continues: “We have a proven track record and a capable leadership team that encompasses diverse talent, skills and vast experience packaged together to provide a service offering that is without peer in the Kenyan market.”Consequently making huge gains in market share across its entire customer demographic over its tenure in Kenya, Alexander Forbes’ success is attributed largely to its core motto - SERVE - which ensures a consistent and impactful service driven from leadership and emanating across all areas of the business.Raichura explains: “The ‘SERVE’

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