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Honoris United Universities

Implementing the latest digital and technological means of learning to create a greater impact on African higher education

If you could offer one piece of advice for a young entrepreneur entering your industry, what would it be?  

We ask contributing business leaders for their views on the question: "If you could offer one piece of advice for a young entrepreneur entering your industry, what would it be?"

Opening Up the World of Banking

Africa’s major potential as a hub for the open banking African market is evident. Paris Valakelis, co-founder at TruID, discusses the unique challenges ahead for the continent

Base Titanium: Empowering Women Across Africa

Empowering Women Across AfricaDr. Melba K. Wasunna, External Affairs Manager at Base Titanium, discusses the role of women in mining and her belief that while significant strides have been made, it’s only the beginning   Writer: Sean Galea-Pace  Dr. Melba Wasunna certainly has her hands full.  Despite her day job as External Affairs Manager at Base Titanium, she serves as the Chairperson for the Association of Women in Energy and Extractives in Kenya (AWEIK), while also working as the Vice Chairperson of the Energy and Extractives Sector Board at the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). Base Titanium is Kenya’s largest mining organisation, representing 65 percent of the total value of the company’s minerals production. Located in Kwale County, Base Titanium operates Kenya’s biggest mine, which was officially awarded flagship project status under Kenya’s Vision 2030 national development blueprint.  “Base Titanium has been instrumental in opening up Kenya’s mining sector,” explains Wasunna. “Before this, we had really small mines and not much of an industry to speak of. However, since the introduction of Base Titanium, we’ve managed to have a largely successful operation with fantastic community engagement. We’ve had no contentious mining issues or protests against us, which has been satisfying.  “Base Titanium is an industry-leader in Kenya. At the very beginning, a large percentage of our workers were expatriates, however, since that time that figure has changed dramatically and today our workforce is 99 percent Kenyan. We are leading the way not only in terms of the minerals that we mine, but also in setting the standard in the country.”  AWEIK is an

Business in Namibia

Business in NamibiaWe explore Namibia and take a look at the most prominent sectors contributing to the country’s economic growth  Writer: Marcus Kääpä  Neighbouring Angola to the north, Botswana to the east, South Africa to the south and with the Atlantic Ocean to its west, Namibia is a unique country.  Sometimes known to locals as the ‘Land of Many Faces’ due to its iconic and varied terrain, Namibia is notable for being both arid, and yet strangely beautiful as a result of its diverse geography, and is widely regarded as a gem in the African tourism space.  With a population of approximately 2.4 million, Namibia does not share the same size or scale of industries in larger countries, such as its neighbours, however, has in recent years completed the expansion of its port at Walvis Bay. This $300 million project is a key development in the country’s aim to move forward and grow, with the intention of turning the port into a logistical hub for southern Africa that aims to answer the increasing demand for freight and maritime access for landlocked countries in the region; the port represents a gateway for more than 240 million people in the region’s market. On top of enjoying one of the most stable political environments on the continent, Namibian infrastructure is relatively modern and developed, while its economy is largely driven by various exports as well as its tourism industry. Of its trading partners, the US exists as one of the top 10. Despite this however, Namibian trade is led by internal African activity, such

Building Africa’s Mobile Economy

In recent years, the advent of mobile money services across the continent has enjoyed explosive growth. We explore the trends and major players behind Africa’s booming digital infrastructure.

How Upskilling Will Help African Businesses Thrive Post-COVID

With businesses seeking to recover from COVID-19’s disruptive impact, Dan Tesnjak, Vice President EMEA & APAC, Degreed, believes upskilling is vital for Africa’s digital industry.

Winch Energy: Serving the Developing World

With an estimated 770 million people worldwide without electricity, internet or water, Winch Energy seeks to overcome this challenge through designing and producing robust, cost-effective engineering solutions for the off-grid electricity market.

GLOBHE: Drone Data Detection

With technology in the healthcare sector constantly evolving, we speak to Helena Samsioe, CEO and founder of GLOBHE, about the company’s use of drones in the detection and prevention of disasters across the continent.

The Future of African Mining

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