What legacy does your company hope to leave?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

We like to round up each issue by giving featured business leaders the final word. In issue 100 we asked “What legacy does your company hope to leave?”

Pieter Terblanche, Co-CEO, HCI Coal

“We would want to leave a legacy of a company who has contributed significantly in terms of value not only to our shareholders but also to the local economy where we operate.”

Gray Cullen, Group Operations Director, Fargo Group

“Fargo has always strived to do things in the correct, proper and precise way. There are a lot of shortcuts taken in Africa, and Fargo does not believe in that. We want to provide better services than you would get anywhere else in the world. We want to be the backbone of the supply chain throughout East and Central Africa and the go-to partner for anything related to the supply chain. Whether it’s your clearing and forwarding, warehousing, assembly lines, manufacturing or end distribution, we would want to be that partner.”

Rika Swart, General Manager, M24 Logistics

“Finding the right balance between building a sustainable e-commerce enabling solution that is passionate about our customers’ success, with a culture where our teams are engaged, energised and feel respected and safe is the ultimate goal. Like our beloved Nelson Mandela once said – It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Chris Kulei, Executive Director, Sian Flowers

“A legacy that we want to keep is sustainable production. As long as there is a market we need to grow, but not to the detriment of the environment. Kenya has high rainfall, great sunlight, and great natural resources, but those resources have to be protected. Sustainable development is a legacy that we want to promote. Our teams are doing indigenous tree planting programmes across the regions where we are based, so that we can increase tree cover.”

Sandro Assis. Country Director, Cervejas De Mozambique

“As Country Director, my main legacy objective is to lead a company that produces the best beers in the world with the best quality and is recognised with international awards. We strive to be seen as the 3best company to work for in Mozambique, a company that really helps our communities, supports our customers and suppliers, and one that drives responsible drinking on every occasion. We believe that by doing so we will have a future with more cheers!”

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