Latest Healthcare sector features from across Africa.

Latest Healthcare Corporate Stories

United Pharmaceutical Distributors : Delivering Large-Scale Healthcare

As a thriving member of the Clicks Group in South Africa, United Pharmaceutical Distributors has upgraded and diversified its offering in the SADC region since 1989 to hold significant market shares across a range of domains.

GE Announces US$14.7 million Commitment to Build Healthcare Skills and Capacity in East Africa

In the wake of American President Barack Obama's recent visit to East Africa, GE Healthcare has announced its plans to enhance its workforce to meet future industry growth levels

Is a Solution to East Africa’s Healthcare ‘Brain Drain’ in Sight?

September's Medic East Africa will provide the opportunity for experts to deliberate solutions to the brain drain in East Africa's healthcare industry.

Varichem Pharmaceuticals : Cost-Effective Healthcare

Established in 1985 as a wholly Zimbabwean, privately-owned company, Varichem Pharmaceuticals manufactures and markets a wide range of quality general pharma and pharma-related products sold both locally and to Zimbabwe’s neighbouring countries.

World Bank: Improving Nigeria’s Healthcare Services with $500 Million Injection

Chinedu Moghalu, Head of Corporate Communication at NEXIM explains what the $500 injection means for the future of Nigeria's healthcare services

Ministry of Health Swaziland : Nationwide Healthcare Progress

The Ministry of Health in Swaziland has been rewarded with some key healthcare milestones which address some of the continent’s most pressing illnesses.

UK University Enters International Health Partnership to Improve Rural Ugandan District

Crucial health services in a rural Ugandan district are set to be improved as part of a major project getting underway at Nottingham Trent University

Marc Koska Helps Africa Step Towards a Sustainable Future

The introduction of the LifeSaver auto-disable syringe by Marc Koska is set to have significant ramifications on the global healthcare industry, and no more so than in Africa where both costs and loss of life are set to be dramatically reduced.

Hillcrest Private & Gateway Private Hospital

Ross Healthcare has added Gateway Private Hospital to its existing Hillcrest Private Hospital facility to provide much needed surgical support to the KwaZulu-Natal region.

Edendale Hospital : Celebrating 60 Years in Healthcare

Edendale Hospital has made a name for itself as a regionally significant hospital by treating some of the country’s most serious diseases.