Latest Healthcare sector features from across Africa.

Latest Healthcare Corporate Stories

Universal Corporation Ltd : Improving the Quality of Human Life

Universal Corporation Ltd (UCL) is playing a vital role in Africa in reducing the continent’s reliance on imports in the healthcare sector; subsequently helping to create an environment of self-sufficiency across central and eastern regions in particular.

Medtech Angola : Evolving with the Pace of Change

Medtech Angola has adopted a continuous improvement strategy that combines international best practices with the national resources required to prosper in an ever-changing market.

Local Pharma Production Presents Strategic Opportunity for Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Government is offering tax incentives to increase in-country production of medicines in order to improve the quality of its healthcare, finds Frost & Sullivan

Access through Affordability

Novartis' latest international initiative is bridging its two overriding aims of developing innovative medicines and helping to tackle the most pressing needs in global healthcare

Ministry of Health Swaziland : Striving for Universal Health Coverage

For nearly 50 years, the Ministry of Health (MOH) Swaziland has been striving to improve the health status of the country’s population by providing preventative, curative and rehabilitative services.

Hillcrest Private Hospital : Quality and Care

A four-pronged approach has reaped dividends for Hillcrest Private Hospital over the past 12 months as the ongoing development, diversification and expansion of the building’s facilities maintained, and even gathered further momentum.

Edendale Hospital : Making Significant Strides in 2015

Edendale Hospital has made great strides over the course of 2015 as it continues to affirm itself as one of the leading medical pioneers in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital : Devoted to East-African Healthcare

As the largest private hospital in East and Central Africa dedicated exclusively to the care of children, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital is continuing on its quest to provide award-winning, world-class healthcare.

Africa: A Hub for Innovation in Medical Diagnostic Solutions

Healthcare systems across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) face a number of formidable challenges. Limited energy resources, ‘brain drain', inaccessibility to medical facilities, limited government funding, and high costs are placing tremendous strain on the healthcare system.

Kenya Becomes the First Country to Launch Novartis Access

Novartis has announced the launch of Novartis Access in Kenya, the first country to benefit from a portfolio of 15 affordable medicines to treat cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, and breast cancer.