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Latest Tigo Corporate Stories

Tigo Chad : At the Centre of Chad’s Digital Transformation

Tigo Chad is to capitalise on the growing stability of Chadian infrastructure to bring the latest data, voice, SMS, financial services and fibre optic cable to a country with big digital aspirations.

Tigo Tanzania : Connecting Tanzania to the World

Tigo is looking to build upon a significantly successful 2014 in Tanzania as the African telecoms giant continues to close the gap on the market-leading position across the full range of parameters.

Tigo Ghana : A Brand New Experience

Launching a brand new music service and encouraging more young girls to take an interest in ICT are just two of the ways that Tigo Ghana stands out in a crowded telecoms market.

Tigo Chad : Building a Digital Life for Chadians

The last two years marked several milestones for Tigo Chad; with the launch of Tigo Cash, 4G LT E services and the renewal of their license in the country for a further ten years, all of which promises to increase their customer reach in the future.

Tigo Tanzania : Talking Tanzania

Over the last 18 months, Tigo Tanzania has expanded their network coverage to bring a full range of digital services to a wider audience.