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Tigo Chad : At the Centre of Chad’s Digital Transformation

Tigo Chad is to capitalise on the growing stability of Chadian infrastructure to bring the latest data, voice, SMS, financial services and fibre optic cable to a country with big digital aspirations.

Tigo Tanzania : Connecting Tanzania to the World

Tigo is looking to build upon a significantly successful 2014 in Tanzania as the African telecoms giant continues to close the gap on the market-leading position across the full range of parameters.

Tigo Ghana

A brand new Experience with Tigo Ghana   Launching a brand new music service and encouraging more young girls to take an interest in ICT are just two of the ways that Tigo Ghana stands out in a crowded telecoms market  Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Donovan Smith   Tigo Ghana is a subsidiary of Millicom International Cellular SA and it was the first telecom operator in Ghana back in 1991. As of September this year, Tigo Ghana’s subscriber numbers stood strong at just over 4 million, and with CEO Roshi Motman leading the Ghana team this number promises to continue to grow steadily. “I have been in Ghana for six months now and I enjoy living here. I love Ghana. I love the people, the warmth and the rich and diverse culture,” she says. With five players in Ghana’s telecom industry, Tigo Ghana have made a name for themselves via the launch of Tigo Music, the first music streaming service in the country.  Q: Congratulations on the successful launch of Tigo Music, tell us about this new innovation. Thank you very much, you should have joined us at the Accra Sports Stadium for the launch. It was wonderful as we celebrated with over 30,000 people and top notch Ghanaian artistes. We have done extensive work to really understand the needs and desires of Ghanaians. Based on this we made the strategic choice of meeting the demand for music. Music streaming is the fastest growing area in the global music industry and music content is already the second

Tigo Chad

Building a Digital Life for ChadiansThe last two years marked several milestones for Tigo Chad; with the launch of Tigo Cash, 4G LT E services and the renewal of their license in the country for a further ten years, all of which promises to increase their customer reach in the futureWriter Emily JarvisProject Manager Donovan Smith Since their launch in Chad in 2005, Tigo Chad has gone on to become the largest mobile network in the country that offers mobile voice communications, 2G, 3G and 4G (LT E) technology; and Mobile Financial Services (Tigo Cash) that already reach close to a quarter of their customer base. 2014 was a milestone year as they became the first company to bring 4G LTE internet connectivity to the region, boasting 75 percent of the market share for broadband services, and over 2.6 million customers overall (as of September 2014). Furthermore, Tigo Chad is part of the Millicom Group, with operations across 15 countries in Africa and Latin America and over 53 million customers. It is the first operation within the Millicom Group in Africa to launch 4G LTE technologies – a first for Chad and also for the entire CEMA C zone (Central Africa). “Tigo has the largest network coverage with over 540 sites covering over 87 percent of the population,” cites Benoit Janin, CEO of Tigo Chad.As a leading MFS provider with over 500,000 clients using their financial services, Tigo Cash has been a key part of company success since its launch in November 2012. The application achieved one of

Tigo Tanzania

Talking Tanzania Over the last 18 months, Tigo Tanzania has expanded their network coverage to bring a full range of digital services to a wider audience Writers Matt Bone Project Manager Donovan Smith Since 1994, Tigo Tanzania has been bringing a digital lifestyle that is second to none in the region. With highly competitive and affordable services including voice, data services and mobile financial services, Tigo has registered over 7 million subscribers to their network. Tigo is one of the largest companies in the country, employing around 650 people directly and indirectly employing approximately 15,000 people, through distribution networks offering products and airtime and direct sales centres. Diego Gutierrez, General Manager of Tigo Tanzania, has set his sights on helping make Tigo the number one provider of new and traditional mobile services to the region, through a combination of innovative new technologies in all handsets and a constantly expanding data network: "Every one of our subscribers has opted to use our products, whether it be for calls and texts, data services, financial services or for social interaction because we offer a stable and wide reaching network that is the most affordable on the market." Expanding Horizons Over the last 18 months, Tigo Tanzania has further expanded their already national network into further towns in the Lake, Northern and Southern regions of the country to bring their range of services to a wider audience. With a third of Tanzania's population living in isolated and rural areas, having a telecommunications provider in that area can really make a