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Conlog is celebrating its 50 year anniversary in style as the South African pre-payment electricity meter Company looks to build upon an already worldwide influence that sees more than 70 utilities reaping the financial benefits of its revenue management solutions.


Each day, as many as 3,000 households thrive as a result of the implementation of Conlog’s numerous devices, giving the Company the world’s largest installed base of more than eight million STS prepaid meters; as well as claiming the accolade of the broadest product offering comprising meters, vending, revenue management, maintenance, consulting, training and support.

Building such a presence might be expected of a business that’s been in operation for more than five decades, but as any Company would testify, to maintain such sustainable success over such a long period of time is no mean feat, and the now Schneider Electric-owned entity has celebrated the achievement accordingly.

“Since the inception of the South African prepayment industry in the late 1980s, Conlog has been at the forefront of innovative solutions that meet the needs of utilities across the world. In fact, the majority of our revenue comes from outside South Africa’s borders,” Dudley Miller, Conlog General Manager, told BizNis Africa in April. “This comprehensive and holistic approach enables customers to reap the full benefit of their investment and ensures sustained success into the future.”

Established in 1965 initially as an electronics design Company, the evolution that has taken place since epitomises how successful Conlog has been, not only in adapting its range of products and services, but purely by virtue of the volume and geography that the business now caters for.

“With systems that are available in English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese, our products have been able to reach millions,” Miller added during the interview. “Conlog engineers are well equipped with the knowledge and experience required to develop products that constantly outperform the rest.”


Since day one, Conlog has built a name for itself in continuously providing innovative solutions to everyday challenges, the electric utilities market becoming a natural focus in trying to positively influence as many households as possible with such an ethos.

“Our pioneering spirit has enabled us to retain our position of leadership in the industry and has helped us stay relevant to the market,” Conlog’s website affirms to that end. “We are passionate about solving challenges with innovative technological solutions and… now have the world’s largest base of prepaid solutions.

“We have been specialising in prepaid solutions for more than 20 years. Our footprint spans across four continents and 20 countries. Over 70 utilities use Conlog metering solutions, and we have thousands of vending units installed around the world, with over 400 revenue management systems internationally and locally.”

Essentially, by partnering with Conlog, clients are partnering with the world’s best, with a support team and staff base trained to meet such a title.

At present, these skills are being applied internally via a focus on supply chain investments, software developments and revenue management, but the importance of all internal refinements are seen in the end range of products and services unleashed around the world.

Spanning meters, solutions and services, and software; the former ranges from single phase meters to three-phase meters and even wireless solutions.

“Our meters are particularly favourable for those who seek to manage their energy consumption and create new strategies to use energy more efficiently,” the Company explains.

Regarding solutions and services, the Company adds: “We at Conlog believe in going over and above our typical call of duty, providing you with expert advice and recommendations on which metering solutions to go for.

“We are passionate about delivering innovative technology solutions to our clientele in order to promote smart and efficient energy consumption and conservation.”


The third facet, software, comprises revenue management software, vending middleware, meter management, and head end systems, and perhaps best demonstrates the Company’s premier differentiator in the form of its technological innovation.

“These [systems] enable you to manage your vending architecture effectively and efficiently,” Conlog notes. “Our technical team is always at hand to help with any post-installation queries that you may have.”

 As a metering solutions provider not only to utilities, but also to municipalities and property management companies across Africa, South America and the Middle East, the business also has a strong focus on big data analytics and smart city solutions to broaden its potential reach even further, and it is this scope that backs up the claim of being a worldwide leader.

Winning awards on an almost yearly basis further supports the title, often recognised as a trailblazer for a series of industry firsts including the development of the standard for the secure transfer of credit, the design of the industry’s standard wall-base for electricity meters, and the development of the common vending system, among many others.

All of which fits into Conlog’s vision of enabling its customers to manage their energy to be more effective and efficient, to ultimately improve the quality of life for all.

The Company adds: “We are a metering Company offering holistic solutions to utilities to improve efficiencies in energy management, through quality products and services, by conducting ourselves in an open, transparent and ethical manner.”

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