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Continually positioning itself to capitalise on technology-driven opportunities, IPX EG has emerged as a pioneer of progression within Equatorial Guinea.


Equatorial Guinea is a nation filled with opportunity.

According to the African Development Bank, the country has become the benefactor of substantially modernised infrastructure in recent years, largely facilitated by the expectations outlined in its National Economic and Social Development Plan.

From health to education to human development, Equatorial Guinea has continued to make strides across the board, with economic diversification having been pursued on a number of different fronts.

Such is evident in the fact that Equatorial Guinea currently has the highest GDP per capita across Africa with $34,865. And while improvement has been witnessed across a number of traditional trades, equally the fast-growing technology market has been a major facilitator of national progress.

Ken Research reveals that the country witnessed $84 million in telecommunications service revenue in 2016, a record at the time. 

Further, in the same report, the firm predicts that this market is expected to grow at around 9.5 percent each year until 2021, attributable to the growth in mobile data and fibre broadband, technologies that in turn are enabling the possibility of domestic and external investment.

Operating as one of the nation’s leading communication and technology solutions providers, IPX EG is readily positioned to capitalise on this transformational period.

Enabling Advancement

Founded in 2011, IPX EG has been crucial in furthering Equatorial Guinea’s digital journey, providing critical telecommunication solutions to a variety of vendors throughout the country.

Based in Malabo, the national capital situated along the northern coast of the Bioko Island, the Company stands as the primary communications backbone for large enterprises across a diverse range of industries.

“IPX Communications EG is a customer-centric IT services, communications and security company,” the Company states.

As suggested by its name, the firm largely caters to the internet package exchange segment, helping to provide voice, messaging and data interoperability solutions.

In achieving this, it offers a number of products and services, namely its MPLS Layer 2 and Layer 3 services, dedicated internet services, residential/home internet solutions, network management services, VoIP and call management systems, IT support/onsite managed services, facility security solutions, firewall services, structured cabling and many more solutions.

Priding itself on excellence in these areas, IPX EG recognises its role in not only catering to the expectations of its customers, but also in raising the bar, helping to pioneer technological innovation.

“IPX realises that service is key – through teamwork and training our employees to deliver professional services, reliable support and transparent communication to our customers,” the firm adds.

Expanded capabilities

IPX Secure, a division affiliated with IPX EG, is a prime example of the firm’s expansive expertise, standing as a business unit that readily exports to a number of global markets from its base in Malabo.

Producing a range of technologically-inspired products, IPX Secure is facilitating security innovation around the world, offering anything from automatic anti-terrorism bollards to modernised turnstiles known as speedstiles.

“With many years’ experience manufacturing and exporting physical security products worldwide we feel we are in the perfect position to provide a definitive service, from handling your initial sales enquiry, to manufacturing the products to your exact enquiry and finally ensuring they are delivered to your door as efficiently as possibly ensuring all trade requirements and standards are met,” IPX Secure states on its website.

Alongside IPX Secure, IPX EG is also affiliated with IPX Residential and IPX Enterprise, demonstrating the broad range of markets that the Company is readily able to cater to.

Capitalising on the opportunity

Having established an esteemed reputation through these methods in the seven years since its inception, IPX EG has risen rapidly to embody progression and diversification across Equatorial Guinea.

Much of its success to date can be attributed to its sound business model, having recognised the opportunities that submarine communications would bring to the country following the turn of the decade.

In December 2012, Equatorial Guinea was connected to the ACE (African Coast to Europe) submarine communications cable, a system running along the West Coast of Africa, stretching between France and South Africa.

17,000 kilometres long, the fibre optic cable became the first international submarine cable to land in Equatorial Guinea, transforming the telecommunications industry with its potential capacity of 5.12 TBit/s.

Providing alternative methods of communication to satellite, ACE effectively dropped the price of bandwidth by approximately 400 percent across the country, sparking a new era of telecommunications in Equatorial Guinea that IPX EG was readily positioned to capitalise on.

These forward-thinking ambitions have been retained throughout the Company’s history, evident within its current mission statement.

“Our mission is to be the advanced communication and security solutions provider through innovative research and design works for the next generation broadband wireless communications and security solutions tailored towards individual customers’ needs and enhancing people’s lifestyle and quality in Equatorial Guinea,” IPX EG states.

Looking ahead, with the country having been connected to two additional cables since ACE, and with preparations for a fourth project having been announced just last month, the future looks bright for both the country and IPX EG.

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