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Joshua MannEditorial Team
Joshua Mann - Regional Director Editorial Team

NASCO Group takes pride in manufacturing and distributing superior products, befitting the highest standards of corporate behaviour and placing consumers at the heart of everything it does.


At the heart of NASCO’s success is a story of innovation, diversification and growth, driven by a rich heritage that is filled with the pioneering and visionary spirit of its founder back in 1963.

The company is located in the central city of Jos, Nigeria. NASCO started with the establishment of the first and biggest jute-bag factory in the African continent. This act was in response to the desire of the founding fathers of Nigeria on the eve of independence, to meet the challenge provided by large agricultural yields that are prevalent in the country.

At this time the Federal Government invited investors from Europe, Asia and the Middle East to participate in the economic development of the new nation. The investment agreement which followed paved the way for the formation of a Company which had ambitions and a purpose for the development of industrial, agricultural, real estate and marine areas.

In the many years since, NASCO has built a Company with deeply embedded values, and a commitment to people, communities, quality, customer service and success in the market place which has allowed for continual reinvestment in the business.

The same original flair and drive has remained central to the Company, with successive generations continuing to adapt NASCO as markets have evolved, demonstrating the entrepreneurial flair and strength that has guided the Company thus far.

For more than half a century, NASCO has achieved many milestones and contributed significantly to the rich agricultural and industrial heritage of Nigeria.

“We have faith in the local economy, with many new factories in diverse areas being established, from food and household products to packaging materials and industrial chemicals,” explains Nasir Khan, Head of Supply Chain at NASCO. “Today the Company is renowned for the quality of its products which maintains the ability to match products to the market demands.

“Our Company is a leader in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry (FMCG), and our brands are loved and trusted by millions of people from all walks of life.

“NASCO has received numerous honours and accolades from heads of state – both in Nigeria and overseas. Its founder had a clear dream of creating a successful business which was driven by both its people and its principles, which has led to the Company’s success as we see it today; it is the basis of the competitive advantage and the growth experienced by NASCO across Nigeria.”


The NASCO Group is home to renowned brands that consumers trust and have used for years, complemented by additional products which have also been developed more recently in order to meet changing market trends.

“As we operate in a wide variety of local and regional markets, we carefully align our business with the wishes and needs of our end consumers,” continues Khan. “While we produce products that are of international standard, the majority of our brands are sold in these marketplaces, and thus meet local tastes and requirements.”

As for every company in this day and age, in order to stay up-to-date with market demands and customer requirements, continuous improvement strategies are required; particularly in the area of technological updates.

“We are constantly embracing new inventions and the latest industrial machinery is constantly identified, sourced and installed in order to keep the business attuned to the rapidly dynamic global manufacturing template,” adds Khan. “By employing such a deliberate focus on this area, we are able to keep pace with the continuous changes in both the taste and preferences of our esteemed customers.”

Significant capital investments are regularly being made into the latest state-of-the-art equipment, in order to enhance and facilitate its production capacity, and in order to successfully cope with the ever-growing and sophisticated needs of both clients and the market. 


The management of talent supply is carefully carried out to ensure the Group always has the right people, in the right place at the right time.

Khan elaborates: “We are able to carry this out successfully by determining the exact skills and competencies that are required to drive our business strategy; and by portraying a strong employment message that speaks about our culture and nature of the talent needed to be successful.”

The aforementioned pioneering and visionary spirit of the business is especially driven into the strategies taken to keep employees working to the highest standards within the industry. The business takes both its training and re-training of employees very seriously. Upgrading their skill-sets makes perfect business sense and it all starts from day one, becoming successive as employees grow within the organisation.

“Retaining valuable employees is essential for an organisation to be successful, and management understands the difference between a valuable employee and one who doesn’t valuably contribute to the organisation,” affirms Khan. “Sincere efforts have been made to encourage our employees in their personal growth, keeping them happy in the Group through training, mentoring, instilling a positive culture, building credibility through communication, making everyone feel valuable, and helping to create a positive work and life balance through trust and confidence.”


The Company’s strength stems from the people working within it and therefore, all the brands it supplies are targeted at meeting the people’s everyday needs.

Khan continues: “Consumers’ and customers’ opinions are the drivers of innovation in our business. Our marketing communication brand distribution strategy – coupled with customer service strength – has endeared us to high levels of customer and consumer loyalty, spanning more than 54 years of operations in Nigeria.”

Not only is innovation and customer service strength key to the Company’s long-lasting success, it is also dedicated to achieving high standards, while having a positive impact on the community and society as a whole. 

“Our core values are at the very heart of everything we do and this forms the foundation of our business,” Khan describes. “We believe this enables us to put the needs of all stakeholders, including the community in which we operate, as part of our core responsibilities and business goals.”

Placing the consumers at the centre of everything it does in the Company is an aspect that makes NASCO superior in the market, driven by a belief in quality, innovation and value for money.

“Millions of people everywhere choose our products knowing that it will add a touch of quality to their lives,” concludes Khan. “At NASCO, we pursue the dream of a world where people live the quality life, with our corporate vision and mission statement giving us a sense of purpose and direction.

“This encapsulates our ambition of being the very best in everything that we do. It has driven our commitment to producing a rich portfolio of consumer products of the highest standards, and will continue to do so in the many years to come.”

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