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Jindal Mozambique : Mining in Mozambique

We spoke to Rajendra Tiwari, Business Unit Head of Jindal Mozambique, about the company’s operation in the southern African mining industry.

Marcus Kaapa Joshua Mann By Marcus Kaapa Joshua Mann

Green Resources : Forward Thinking Forestry

Forestry in Africa can be both sustainable and profitable, we speak with Hans Lemm, Group CEO of Green Resources, about how the company is expanding and, in the process, making an impact on the lives of local communities.

Marcus Kaapa Tom Turnbull By Marcus Kaapa Tom Turnbull

A.G. Leventis Nigeria : Strength Through Supply Chain

The supply chain and logistics industry is the key to connect trade and commerce, and equally for effective e-commerce services. We spoke to Seun Oni, Group MD and CEO of A.G. Leventis Nigeria, about the company’s endurance in the face of the pandemic, and its innovative developments in the sector.

Marcus Kaapa Lewis Bush By Marcus Kaapa Lewis Bush

Virunga Power : Rural Electrification at Utility Scale

Virunga Power Founder and CEO Brian Kelly talks to us about designing for scale and innovation in the African energy sector.

Marcus Kaapa David Knott By Marcus Kaapa David Knott

Ithala SOC Limited : Building Financial Freedom

By providing financial and banking services to those who need it, Ithala SOC Limited is playing its part in the development of South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province.

Marcus Kaapa Sam Love By Marcus Kaapa Sam Love

Habibo Group : Producing for Madagascar

Habibo Group is determined to supply Madagascar and beyond with quality FMCG products at a fair price as the nation seeks to reduce reliance on imported goods.

Marcus Kaapa Donovan Smith By Marcus Kaapa Donovan Smith

Darling Brew : Brewing a Better Future

With sustainability at its core, Darling Brew aims to preserve the environment, bring communities together, and generate health-related awareness through good quality beer.

Marcus Kaapa Donovan Smith By Marcus Kaapa Donovan Smith

Ports and Terminal Operators Nigeria : Nigeria’s Port of Call

With ever growing demands for its services, PTOL is rising to the challenge of delivering industry-leading services to its network of customers.

Marcus Kaapa Lewis Bush By Marcus Kaapa Lewis Bush