Issue 79

World of Windows : One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Maintaining a mantra that bespoke is best, World of Windows has risen from humble entrepreneurial beginnings to become a major player in Africa’s construction industry, delivering best-in-class façades.

Umgeni Water : The Hydro Hero

Owed to its sound financial health and an innovation-first ethos, Umgeni Water continues to invest in the critical solutions required to quench South Africa’s thirst.

Trevali Perkoa : The Polymetallic Philanthropist

Trevali has hit the sweet spot between extracting polymetallic metals and depositing socioeconomic benefit for local communities at its Perkoa mine.

South African National Blood Service (SANBS) 2020

From drones to data to digital journeys, SANBS is leveraging the latest technologies and best practices to ensure it meets the blood-borne needs of South Africa’s healthcare scene.

Pirtek Africa : The Fluid Transfer Company

Pirtek Africa is supplying quality fluid transfer products and solutions to all kinds of industrial clients, at the same time empowering local entrepreneurs through its franchise business model.

Musika Development Initiatives : The Agrarian Accelerator

Musika Development Initiatives continues to enable smallholder farmers across Zambia access to agribusiness and their resources, the collective impact sure to help the country realise its massive agricultural potential.

Jambo Food Products Ltd 2020 : Quenching East Africa’s Thirst

Jambo Food Products continues to upscale its beverage production capabilities at its highly efficient site in Tanzania.

FWJK : The Value-Driven Visionary

FWJK is disrupting the property development market with a revitalised approach to real estate that’s been dubbed co-development at cost. David Williams-Jones, the man behind the method, tells all.

Civil Aviation Authority Botswana (CAAB) : The Sky’s the Limit

Responsible for the development of air transport and navigation services, as well as the country’s six key airports, CAAB is playing a crucial role in facilitating sustainable economic diversification efforts.