Issue 53

Standard Chartered Tanzania : 100 Wholesome Years

Standard Chartered is celebrating its centenary in Tanzania this year via a renewed focus to bring its market-leading products and services to as much of the population as possible.

Elgin Brown & Hamer : Ship Shape

Elgin Brown & Hamer South Africa’s track record speaks for itself over the course of 138 years, but this doesn’t prevent the market leader from seeking new opportunities for expansion and diversification.

Goodlife Pharmacy : Living the Goodlife

Goodlife Pharmacy strives to make its customers look and feel good through providing ethical pharmaceutical advice and globally-renowned health and beauty products.

Roland Imperial Tobacco : Indigenous Zambian Tobacco

Roland Imperial Tobacco has built an excellent reputation in Zambia and further afield for manufacturing an extensive product range, always working with customers’ best interests at heart.

ArcelorMittal : Transforming Tomorrow

ArcelorMittal is showcasing its innovation and creativity in South Africa in order to affirm its market-leading position through tough economic times.

Ngorongo Tea : Brighter, Brisker and Stronger Tea

Ngorongo Tea is adopting modern processes and an enriching ethos in order to widen the influence of Kenfresh’s brand and products more concertedly across East Africa.

JTI Malawi : A Journey Together

JTI Malawi is renowned for recognising the risks involved in smoking, ensuring its products are a favourite amongst its clientele in Malawi.

Oserian Development Company : Flowers in Fashion

Oserian Development Company, with a 5,000-acre flower farm, is successfully driving forward an industry very much in fashion.

East Rand Water Care Company : Excellence in Wastewater

The leading-edge technology at East Rand Water Care Company, coupled with its economy of scale credo, presents a cost-effective, environmentally sound water care solution.

Clarke Energy : Realising Power’s Potential

Clarke Energy is a global gas-to power generator and power plant business with hubs across Europe and Asia, but it is in Africa where its innovative and market-leading model is set to make a widespread, sustainable difference.

Otto Mruttu & Partners : Connecting the World and Work

Combining Kenya’s brilliant ideas with the creative imagination of Otto Mruttu & Partners architects has helped to foster a portfolio steeped in physical, cultural, historical, environmental and behavioural splendour.

Lloyd Masika Limited : Real Estate’s Preferred Provider

Lloyd Masika Limited is one of Kenya’s leading valuation and estate agency firms, with almost 40 years of experience offering exceptional services to its loyal client-base.

The Sarit Centre : The City Within a City

With a master-plan for expansion well and truly underway, The Sarit Centre is firmly cementing its position in Nairobi and further afield as the number one shopping destination.

CG Holdings : World-Class Diversification

The numerous subsidiary companies of CG Holdings have helped to spread risk and enhance solutions in a fluctuating and challenging African oil & gas market.

Alliance Insurance Company : Proudly Covering Lesotho

Alliance Insurance Company has consistently strived to be the change it wants to see in the world, providing insurance solutions for all in Lesotho.

Medhealth Limited : Local Premier Healthcare

MedHealth Limited is the wholly locally-owned company providing premier healthcare solutions to its Malawian clientele.

New Sudan Insurance Company : Ethical Insurance

The New Sudan Insurance Company is finding new ways to excel in a market that is suffering due to political turmoil, staying true to its core vision and mission to develop the local market.