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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Alliance Insurance Company has consistently strived to be the change it wants to see in the world, providing insurance solutions for all in Lesotho.


Alliance Insurance Company Limited was formed off the back of a vision to create an extraordinary company that would bridge the insurance gap in Lesotho in 1993, acquiring an insurance licence that would make it one of only two short-term insurers in the country at that time.

Since its formation, the Company was structured to promote a main focus on providing excellent service to its clients.

“We committed ourselves to creating and unlocking wealth for policy-holders, investors and shareholders,” explains the Company on its website. “We have structured ourselves into three business units which include, corporate services, short-term and life divisions.”

Over the years Alliance has become a major financial services provider that prides itself on providing innovative risk and wealth solutions in Lesotho. With the Company’s head office located in Maseru and spanning across the country with its regional offices, Alliance is going from strength to strength and has become a major financial services pioneer providing innovative risk and wealth solutions in Lesotho.

In order to keep up with the demand that comes with such a prominent and well respected reputation, Alliance has developed its staff compliment from five in 1993, to more than 80 employees and 130 sales agents to date.


Now the Company is recognised as the leading composite insurer in Lesotho with an impressive demonstration of organic growth.

“It is our aim to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations, going the extra mile in order to make our clients feel at home and taking pride in being a Basotho Company that enables us to cater to their needs,” adds the Company. “We have an always will be incredibly committed to Lesotho and recognise it is our responsibility to develop the insurance and asset management industry.”

As part of this dedication to Lesotho, the Company strongly believes in supporting its local industry to the fullest. It will always provide a preference to Basotho companies when given the choice, which has really developed its well loved reputation.

“Our Company’s mission has not faltered from its original idea, aiming to build an alliance with its customers that provides it with affordable insurance products, supported by our prompt and friendly service,” affirms the Company. “This is supported by our vision to remain a trusted and profitable Basotho-owned insurer that is both ethical and compliant throughout all aspects of service.”


As you would expect in such a large company, the number of policies on offer are very high, particularly offering numerous individual funeral policies in the event of death of an insured member.

“Our cover extends out to family members of our policy holders in difficult times, with the option of extending the cover to extended family,” adds the Company. “We have worked hard to be able to offer the extended policy for only a small additional premium, where the products will cover M5,000,000.

“These products are available to the general public and we have ensured that we offer varied payment modes including cash, debit order, stop order, M-pesa and eco-cash which enables us to accommodate each client’s preferences.”

Other funeral plans include Kobo Anela which offers a protection plant that will provide your entire family with funeral cover as well as added benefits. Again, extended family members can be added to the cover and there are options to choose between silver, gold or platinum cover at a variety of rates to suit each individual clients budget.

“With our Kobo Anela Funeral Cover, you will receive a cash lump sum, Lesotho Funeral Services voucher as well as six months of grocery allowance that is payable to your beneficiary,” the Company describes. “In addition they will also receive a doubled cash benefit in the case of accidental death of the policy holder and his or her dependents.”

The Lioli Funeral Cover was designed by the Company as a way to provide a cash payout to cover funeral expenses in the event of death, predominantly when the family member’s premium is as little as M56 a month. Through that, the principle member of the family will be entitled to double the cash payout in the event of an accidental death.

 The Company continues: “The cover received with Lioli extends to cover of up to M10,000, the addition of up to four parents – be that biological parents or parents-in-law – that are under the age of 80 and addition of up to two family members under the age of 65.”

Its expertise in funeral cover knows no bounds, even covering clients beyond the border. With the Mohahlaula Funeral Plan, a policy designed specifically for those working or residing in South Africa, promising to cover them when no one else can.

“We are able to offer a wide variety of options, with premiums as low as M48 and a payout of up to M40,000,” states the Company. “Similarly our Molemo Funeral Cover will provide premiums for as little as M56 a month, providing cover for you and your respective family members.”


Over the years Alliance has found it important to offer investment style options when it comes to as well as lifestyle insurance policies, which can act as a family funeral cover and wealth creation vehicle in one.

“Not only does this supply our customers with superior growth potential on their investment, but also provides them with the opportunity to ensure loved ones will receive the burial service that they deserve no matter what,” states the Company on its website. “We have also made it possible to borrow or take a loan from your investment at all times.”

Similarly the Kobo Anela Lifestyle insurance policy provides family funeral cover and a wealth creation vehicle in one, not only offering superior growth potential on your investment and again ensuring that in the unfortunate event of death, loved ones will be properly cared for.

“Through the support of our host communities, we have been able to create such an exceptional array of insurance policies, while maintaining our stance in the industry,” the Company describes. “We are driven by our core values based around being committed to the community and maintaining the promise of giving back to society.”

Alongside creating plans that will aid its local community and customers, Alliance’s involvement in various corporate social responsibility initiatives as enabled it to uplift lives in other manners.

“We have found over the past 20 years that if we have been doing business in Africa, we have a perception of the needs of the community and can subsequently take into account the nation’s social concerns and needs,” concludes Alliance Insurance Company. “At Alliance we contribute towards building the social capital of our nation by recognising the important role a company such as ours can play. We hope to continue on in this manner, making a positive impact for our clients and the economy we operate within.”

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