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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Combining Kenya’s brilliant ideas with the creative imagination of Otto Mruttu & Partners architects has helped to foster a portfolio steeped in physical, cultural, historical, environmental and behavioural splendour.


Established little less than a decade ago with the aim to provide bespoke consultancy services to Kenya’s construction industry, Otto Mruttu & Partners has more than achieved this initial vision having played a substantial role in some of the country’s most innovative and unique projects.

Since February, 2008, the firm has grown from a sole proprietorship to a limited entity in 2012, similarly expanding its client base from an initial private focus to later entail government institutions and international organisations/governments as well.

Attaining and then retaining key clients along the way, the Company is renowned in the country and industry for the solutions and knowledge it can offer; much of which emanates from the practice’s owner and manager, Otto Mruttu who himself is a chartered architect with more than 15 years of architectural experience.

“I currently employ six architects and administration staff that help in ensuring that we offer an impeccable service to the construction industry,” he introduces. “These services include but are not limited to land search services, full architectural designs, interior designs and contract administration.

“We currently have projects in most of the major towns in Kenya and we continue to explore opportunities to work in remote areas of Kenya and even outside of the country too.”

Realms of architecture, commercial, convention centres, education centres, hospitality, malls, recreation centres, residential and retail have all benefitted from the Company’s approach over the years, and in all cases they have thrived as a result of Otto Mruttu and Partners’ devotion to bridging the constructed world and the natural world.

“Nothing exists in isolation,” the Founder adds. “Physical, cultural, historical, and behavioural facts must be reflected in the finished work. A quality design will emerge when you combine a client’s brilliant ideas and the creative imagination of our architects.”


Imagination derives from a carefully selected workforce that has in turn repaid the loyalty shown to them by the Company. And year after year, management and employees work collaboratively and professionally to instil the most logical and innovative of technological advances in order to keep abreast of the newest innovations in the field of architecture.

Compounding the notion even further, however, is the incorporation of environmental considerations; optimising the built environment and the green agenda in Kenya.

“Our environmental credentials have resulted in the design of exemplary buildings which have won awards,” Mruttu says. “We strive to provide the most responsive design solutions, responding to time, the place and the environment.

“Awards such as the Architectural Association of Kenya’s Excellence in Architecture Award 2014 for Pwani University Sports Centre in the Best Ongoing Project Category, and Architectural Association of Kenya’s Excellence in Architecture Award 2016 in the 1st Runners up award for the best Residential Building Project Category, have shown us that we are on the right track.”

Other lauded projects and achievements include Emmarentia Apartments, Wakio Trading Limited, CCK Convention Centre, Oasis Mall, Top Plaza Office Building, Jade Gardens Apartments, Lavington Town Houses, the Karen Enkaji, Karen House, and Achelis Kenya.

And such a portfolio inevitably paves the way for enhanced interest and appeal as the Company looks to leverage previous successes even more extensively in the years to come.

“We are currently working on a 38-storey mixed-use university building known as The Torch of Knowledge Tower, for Moi University. When completed, it is expected that this building will be a world-class teaching facility housing lecture theatres, classrooms, laboratories, multi media studios, a commercial zone, and a teaching hotel,” Mruttu emphasises.


Ongoing investments into staff members help to facilitate operational excellence across each aforementioned project, with special emphasis placed on the provision of an exemplary working environment.

Investments into technology, equipment and new premises help to create this hub of innovation and knowledge sharing, and are compounded by numerous collaborations with other proficient players in the industry.

“We hire the best and keep them motivated to continue offering the best whilst with us,” Mruttu explains. “We conduct regular training and offer our staff the opportunity for continuous professional development.

“We provide an attractive work environment that has resulted in minimum staff turnover with some of our current staff having joined us at inception. We focus on providing the best team for the job regardless of their origin and then work on transferring the required skills and knowledge.”

Subsequently transferring this internal quality to its external clients, Otto Mruttu & Partners has been able to showcase its innovative ethos and its commitment to excellence on an increasingly widespread scale since its inception nine years ago, ensuring that each project has the potential to be a best-in-class example, and that every project is a space that enhances daily life.

The Company details: “We create spaces that achieve the clients’ vision and enhance daily life. Our people are enthusiasts. We are passionate about our work and are driven to achieve the visions of our clients. Through our commitment to sustainable design, we are constantly creating solutions that contribute to human and environmental health of our global ecosystem.

“As a comprehensive international firm practicing in regional centres, Otto Mruttu & Partners is always close to its clients. We practice under a common philosophy and standard of excellence, operating as if we were in one, single office location.”

Mruttu adds a final note on the Company he has nurtured since day one: “In the future, we hope to be better architects, designing better buildings and at the fore front of innovation.”

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