Issue 49

ZEP-RE : A 25-Year Commitment to Quality Service

ZEP-RE is realising its mission to provide first-class security and market-leading services to its clients via a customer-driven focus and a workforce committed to local professionalism and responsibility

Uganda Martyrs Hospital : Service with Love

For more than 100 years, Lubaga Hospital’s guiding principles have revolved around a commitment to offering holistic healthcare

Advent Construction Limited : Building the Future

Advent Construction Limited was borne out of a need for reliable and client-oriented construction companies working in Tanzania in the mid-90s, and after identifying this need, Ashutosh Jog founded the firm.

Triad Architects : East Africa’s Architectural Innovators

Triad Architects prides itself on the experience gained during the past 53 years, which have gained it the status of a proud and innovative leader in the industry

The Coega Development Corporation : Right Place, Right Choice

The Coega Industrial Development Zone is a flagship contributor to South Africa’s economic future, with the Coega Development Corporation sustainably driving its ongoing prominence

Invesco Zambia : Uniquely Satisfying Refreshment

Having become the first of its kind to manufacture, package and fill its products in polyethylene teraphthalate’s (PET), Invesco continues to lead the way in Zambia

Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd : Making it Great for Everyone

Recent adaptations have beset the fabric of Kenya Wine Agencies Limited, as it showcases its ability to remain flexible and to thrive in the industry.

Jambo Food Products : Life in Every Drop

Jambo Food Products is providing products of international quality standards at affordable prices to the masses, and with plans for expansion it looks set for greatness

Primarosa Flowers Limited : Quality Flowers Grown with Love

Primarosa Flowers Limited believes hard work is irreplaceable, adopting an entrepreneurial vision that has established it as the quality grower of cut flowers across the globe.

Agrimotion : Scientific, Independent, Precise

Agrimotion is committed to providing ethical and sustainable solutions for customers, building meaningful partnerships based on long-term goals.

Enel Green Power : People and Innovation

Enel Green Power is a world-renowned leader in the renewable energy sector, pioneering new technologies to power South African homes.

Metsec Cables Ltd : Going the Extra Mile

Metsec Cables Ltd has the might of the Doshi Group of Companies behind it as it looks to instil the most diverse applications in energy provision to Kenya and beyond.

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa : Complete Water Solutions for Africa

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa has more international experience than most in the realm of water optimisation and is leveraging its unrivalled sector knowledge to strive for enhanced wastewater management in the future