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Joshua MannEditorial Team
Joshua Mann - Regional Director Editorial Team

Primarosa Flowers Limited believes hard work is irreplaceable, adopting an entrepreneurial vision that has established it as the quality grower of cut flowers across the globe.


Primarosa Flowers Limited thrives on the ability to offer an elite standard of rose – on a global level of distribution – in a trusted and reliable manner, with the aim of enriching the lives of its customers and delivering above and beyond expectations.  Of course in order to achieve such high success levels, the Company is focused on providing world-class standards in floriculture and supplying its customers with the best value for money explains Mr. Deepak Kamani, Chairman.

“We work tirelessly towards our vision of becoming the unique brand of choice, reaching the parameters of elite quality and consistent delivery,” explains Mr. Deepak Kamani, Chairman. “Our mission aims to achieve professional goals with a personal touch, adapting to the upcoming state-of-the-art technologies and meeting the growing demands and expectations of our customers.”

There is something very different about Primarosa and the way it has conducted its business in the industry for the past 15 years, having defined its path with the solid foundations of its values and dedication towards delivering the best for its community, internal and external customers.

“Our core values have been built upon over time and developed to the point we are at today,” continues Mr. Deepak Kamani. “It is of particular importance for us to be a good citizen, remaining completely transparent throughout all of our business practices in order to maintain fair-trading.

“Treating each and every customer as if they are your first means that you will always exceed expectations, therefore providing consistent quality.” explains Mr. Bobby Kamani, Managing Director.

Of course for a company that is involved in floriculture, remaining eco-friendly throughout all activities is of pivotal importance – acting with sensitivity towards the flowers, plants, agriculture and environment – Primarosa’s main focus landing on setting the highest international standards in eco-friendly practices in the region.

Combined with the attention paid to the environment, there is also a great deal of attention paid to the wellbeing of the Company’s personnel. Along with providing them with the most advanced training techniques and skills, they are also provided with remuneration and variable perks alongside their pay.


Primarosa Flowers has been one of the fastest growing flower producing farms in Kenya, involved in the niche market of global flower exports. And the most significant chapter of the story began when the Kamani family who founded the Company, acquired the Athiriver Farm from Stoni Athi in 2003 explains Mr. Virag Joshi, Chief Operating Officer.

“Primarosa is a closely-held Company that is completely owned by the Kamani family,” adds Joshi.

Only one year later, Primarosa Flowers added further capacities to its portfolio with land acquisitions in western Kenya, and now it has expanded to more than 100 hectares of land under metal greenhouses, exporting more than 100 million roses to Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, America and many other countries explains Mr. Bobby Kamani, Managing Director. “Over the years it has developed its product offering to supply a basket-full of all kinds of rose specialties, providing them for supermarkets, importers, wholesalers and florists the world over.

“The Company has two farms which enable us to cater to all the various market segments across the globe; one of which is at the original base in Athiriver and the other on Zuri Farm in Ol Joro Orok Nyahururu.


Primarosa Flowers has continuously involved itself in trials of new varieties, offering different products to the market in order to cope with the changes in industry requirements.

“Our strategy has always been to accept the changes thrown our way and to keep moving forward, adopting new practices as we go,” affirms Mr. Bobby Kamani. “Sensing instability in the prices at auction when selling, we began to start looking for direct markets to work in, aiming to regularise supplies to direct customers, gaining a year-round steady price.”

The Company launched marketing initiatives across various markets in order to grab the market share successfully, generating new customers in unfulfilled markets.

“A prime example of our ability to meet the demands of the ever-changing rose market is the big head roses and spray roses which we added to our assortment,” Mr. Bobby Kamani elaborates. “The demand for these products is continuously increasing, while also attaining good prices. And subsequently, by offering a larger assortment of products, we have been able to increase our customer base massively.”

The farms run by Primarosa are adapting to the latest eco-friendly practices in tow, conforming to international standards, and using the most reputed breeders in the new segments it has moved into. Further to this, having sensed the emerging global trends, the Company has adapted to new user-friendly software technologies and introduced internet marketing initiatives in order to reach out to premium buyers around the world. 


Working in such a trendy industry that is constantly evolving, Primarosa Flowers has noticed that the demand for big head roses has been gradually increasing, hence the addition of more unique varieties to its farms.

“We have also been closely monitoring the latest industry trends through IT upgrades, certifications, conforming to environmentally friendly agricultural practices and maintaining high quality and international standards throughout the chain,” explains Mr. Bobby Kamani. “Both of our farms are certified by the Kenya Flower Council, certifying that our farms have demonstrated our commitment to advancing Good Agricultural Practice.

“It is also a point of pride within the Company that we are certified to conform to fair-trade certifications Assurance that Primarosa met all set standards in environmental, labour, and developmental areas.”

As with any company that is expanding into the global market, great investments need to be made to deal with anticipated growth, enabling the ultimate goal of continued customer satisfaction.

Mr. Bobby Kamani elaborates: “We invested more than 10 million Kenyan shillings in improving our farms’ international flower movement; introducing new systems which enable us to reduce our process lead time, improve flower quality, and increase manpower efficiency.”

Compounding investments into the Company’s systems and processes, Primarosa has also made significant improvements to its greenhouses, and therefore the quality of the rose varieties it can produce within them.

“Our core values will always remain based around consistency, commitment and competency, which is the main factor that has enabled us to stand out from the rest of the players in the industry,” concludes Mr. Deepak Kamani. “We will continue to grow, evolve and hopefully continue to gain a very good name for ourselves in the industry for the consistent delivery of quality products and services.”

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