Advent Construction Limited : Building the Future

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Advent Construction Limited was borne out of a need for reliable and client-oriented construction companies working in Tanzania in the mid-90s, and after identifying this need, Ashutosh Jog founded the firm.


It was very much a labour of love, with Jog starting the Company purely from his life savings, working tirelessly and using his vast experience as a General Manager of other construction entities over the previous decade to build a solid foundation for Advent to grow from.

Beginning with small private projects and moving gradually onto larger scale developments for bigger corporates, the Company has grown from the core values of quality, reliability and efficient delivery; values which are firmly entrenched in every new member of the Advent family.

The Company has successfully created an atmosphere of sincere dedication to its clients, producing quality and ensuring that is permeated throughout the growth of the Company.

“Over the years the Company has grown and adapted in order to keep with the pace of growth and ever-changing environment surrounding Advent,” explains Dhruv Jog, Managing Director (MD) of Advent Construction Limited. “Throughout the years we have gone from strength to strength in what has been a mostly turbulent market.

“In the midst of all that growth, there were many inefficiencies and significant challenges to doing business that needed to be tackled via the constant effort of the directors, keeping staff motivated throughout in order for the team to keep forging ahead.”

The Company has provided many firsts for Tanzanian construction, being the first to have a full time Health and Safety (HSSE) department, in-house testing laboratories and also for a long time the only ISO certified construction Company. As it stands today, Advent is one of the largest and most successful companies in the industry and the only Tanzanian construction entity to have a presence in so many regional countries, including Rwanda, Mozambique and Uganda.


Advent is a fully Tanzanian, privately owned Company due to its shareholding being held by the founder, Ashutosh Jog and the MD, Dhruv Jog. Its core range of services spans civil and building construction, infrastructure, industrial construction and various forms of construction projects such as design and build and design build finance, where Advent plays the role of both main contractor and/or partner.

“Although ownership of the Company remains in the hands of our family, the management team is comprised of an exceptionally strong group of professionals,” continues Jog. “They have grown with the Company and work exceptionally in the difficult management positions needed to run the day-to-day activities independently.”

Matching the dedication of its staff, Advent has always maintained a long-term vision, driven by management’s philosophy, which has been the basis for its continuous improvement. Short-term sacrifices and a dedication to regular investment in the Company has ensured a strong and exceptionally efficient team that is able to provide these efficiencies and expertise gathered over the years to its clients.

“Our clients’ needs and the commitment we deliver to them is always of the highest quality, which has been our primary goal from the beginning,” affirms Jog. “The dedication and reliability we have demonstrated is responsible for the creation of a long and valued list of customers, all of which view Advent as their only solution to any construction issues.

“It is a matter of great pride for the Company to say that more than 85 percent of its customers have remained on our client list. This customer-driven performance, coupled with the constant strive for innovation and sitting at the very forefront of the industry, has resulted in Advent achieving true success and a sustainable, ever-growing future.”


Like any successful company, Advent Construction Limited is consistently upgrading and developing its offering and equipment, with the latest and most significant being the completion of its in-house testing laboratories that are currently awaiting certification from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards.

“It is a prime demonstration of our commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality control, which over the years has helped us to avoid any potential inefficiencies,” Jog adds. “We have a stringent in-house quality assessment and quality control (QA/QC) department, and provide all the facilities needed for it to be independent and capable of ensuring the highest standards of construction quality.”

Simultaneously, the Company is always conscious of ensuring it adheres to the changing global standards of both management and administration facilities, having also recently upgraded its ISO certification to the latest ISO 9001:2015 award; meaning once again Advent is the only construction Company in the country to be compliant with the current ISO standards.

“Given the growth that is being experienced in the region, not to mention the multi-billion dollar infrastructure and resource-based projects that are set to be launched, the Company is poised for even more incredible growth and it is our solid team that is allowing this to happen,” concludes Jog. “Alongside increasing the Company turnover and value substantially, it is my hope that in the next few years we will be visible in at least two more countries.

“In the future I would like to be able to witness strong financial growth figures, but perhaps even more importantly to see a big growth in the manpower we employ and the way we are able to train and develop each employee. If we can achieve that I believe we will be more successful than ever.”

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