Jambo Food Products : Life in Every Drop

Joshua MannEditorial Team
Joshua Mann - Regional Director Editorial Team

Jambo Food Products has experienced a meteoric rise to success over the past four years, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of carbonated soft drinks, fresh juices, and the processing and bottling of water within East Africa, based in Shinyanga, Tanzania.


The Company is a part of Jambo Group of Companies Ltd, a conglomerate made up of five independent business entities, including Jambo Oil Mills & Ginneries, Jambo Petroleum Products, Jambo Spinning Mills, Jambo Cargo Transportation and of course Jambo Food Products.

“As one of the leading economic forces in Tanzania, we have major investments and successful operating companies in all key business sectors,” explains Dawood Hobaya, General Manager of Jambo Food Products. “We are part of a family-owned Group, which is managed by our CEO, Founder and Director, Salum Khamis Salum and Co-Director, Sleman Khamis Salum.And now Mr. Salaam, their younger brother has joined the board of directors.”

When the Group was conceived in 1998 by Salum Khamis Salum, it set out with humble intentions to work as a small trading business in the cotton sector, engaging in cotton purchasing and ginning, oil refining and cotton lint bale exports. However, with stringent planning and the right team of people at the core, the Jambo Group has subsequently expanded the business into a wide range of sectors.


Having been a successful and thriving Company in Shinyanga, Tanzania for many years, the Jambo Group’s move into food production was a natural step. Initially its product offering comprised cooking oil and cotton seed cake for animals, and when those proved particularly popular, the Company pooled its resources to officially start the Jambo Food Products arm of the Group in 2013.

“We now include mineral drinking water, fresh juices and carbonated soft drinks available in various different flavours, lemon, orange, vito, cola, ginger, cocopine, pineapple, malt products, energy drinks… Jambo’s drinks are becoming one of Tanzania’s most visible signs of healthy and affordable quality products,” continues Hobaya. “Since 2013, our food products have grown in sales by 15 percent year-on-year and our products are now available in many store outlets in Tanzania.”

Looking forward the Company is planning to expand its operations to include the production of fruit pulp and juice concentrate to stores located within the entire country, bringing production to an estimated 300 metric tonnes a day.

“In order to achieve this, our transportation needs will increase, requiring a large fleet of trucks for transport and distribution,” affirms Hobaya. “Replacing our current fleet of Scania, Iveco, Mitsubishi and Man trucks with new Volvo trucks will also enhance and better the distribution of products throughout the entire country.

“Following vast amounts of research, we came to the conclusion that Volvo are the most reliable, durable and efficient companies to carry our daily business endeavours, and we are looking forward to making this a reality.”

Implementation of these plans will make for exciting progression in the next few years, as initial contracts are completed with retail outlets throughout the country and potential target markets identified. The Company is also hoping to export to East African partner states and other African countries, really widening its target market over the next few years.


The Jambo Food Products selection is available throughout Tanzania, and excitingly looking forward, throughout East and Central Africa. Due to the demand for its products, Jambo has a soft drink and water plant with the capacity for production of more than 72,000 bottles each hour.

“Our Company vision ‘life in every drop’ is the standard to which we uphold all our work, focusing on the goal of having clean and safe drinking water to make our nation healthier,” concludes Hobaya. “By doing this we have committed our vision to satisfying the demand in Tanzania for truly pure and healthy products anywhere at any time.

“The Company strongly believes that every Tanzanian should be given the choice to enjoy world-class, quality products that come at affordable Tanzanian prices, therefore making Jambo the popular first choice among other food product companies in East Africa.”

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