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Gridco Ghana : Ghana’s Backbone to Power Delivery

As the company celebrate their sixth anniversary, the growth of Gridco Ghana has been much stronger than anticipated.

Sere Wind Farm : Striving for a Greener South Africa

Sere Wind Farm has the tallest turbines of any renewables project in South Africa, meaning their turbines are hub and shoulders ahead of the competition.

Grassridge Wind Farm : The Winds of Change

With the construction of its 60mw Grassridge wind power project now well underway, Innowind now strives to decentralise the focus of renewable energy development away from existing hubs of economic activity and towards the much poorer eastern reaches of the Province.

Umoya Energy : Power Pioneers

For Umoya Energy it is an exciting time for renewable energies in South Africa: the country enters Round 4 bidding for wind generation in August this year.

Scatec Solar : South Africa’s Sustainable Solar Future

Scatec Solar are looking to become the biggest provider of solar energy in Africa and contribute towards the continent's renewable future.

SLR Consulting : Diversifying Consultancy

SLR Consulting provides multi-disciplinary advice from in-house experts on a wide range of strategic and site-specific environmental and sustainability issues.

Copperbelt Energy Corporation : A Network in Power

Copperbelt Energy Corporation like to play a role in observing and shaping the present and future business environment for the benefit of the company, its customers and its suppliers.

African Energy Resources : Calculated Coal Mining

African Energy Resources (AFR) Director Dave Edwards believes that this year will be a positive one for the company


Intelligent water metering Lesira-Teq sells and supports intelligent metering technology and equipment in South Africa. Writer Ian Armitage Project manager Eddie Clinton Lesira-Teq has established itself as a leader in South Africa's intelligent water metering market. The firm was established in 2003 and the innovative black owned company has introduced a water meter solution to the market which has transformed the industry. "Lesira-Teq is a leader in the intelligent metering system industry in South Africa," the company proudly claims on its website. "Lesira-Teq provides a comprehensive range of state-of the- art technology in over 350,000 intelligent water meters to some of the largest municipalities in South Africa including the City of Johannesburg, Mangaung Metro Municipality, City of Cape Town and many other water service providers, district and local municipalities." Why the need for such equipment, you might ask. Well, there is a growing awareness that water is a finite resource and water demand management has become the mantra for water authorities across the globe – it's why Lesira-Teq does so much work with local municipalities. Its meters provide the end user easy access to important information about their water usage, and, importantly also educates them on how best to manage and preserve water. Talking to Africa Outlook, Lesira-Teq's marketing manager Naphtali Motaung described its technology as "completely unique". He said it offers various options for end users. "For instance, our water meter enables the end users to monitor their water usage throughout the month and therefore helps to save water - and we have step tariffs,"

Amanz’Abantu Services

Water for the people Amanz' abantu Services was established as a private South African company in 1997 with the aim of providing water supply and sanitation services for peri-urban and rural populations in the Eastern Cape, one of the poorest regions of South Africa. Writer Ian Armitage Project manager: Sheridan Halls Life without clean water and sanitation is hard to imagine for most city dwellers however that's the harsh reality for many in South Africa's peri-urban and rural areas – and the situation needs fixing urgently. One company, Amanz' abantu Services (Pty) Ltd (the name means water for the people in Xhosa) has made its mark in this often-forgotten sector. Based in South Africa's Eastern Cape, the company was formed after the 1994 elections when the newly democratic South Africa re-incorporated former 'homelands' like the transkei and Ciskei under one umbrella – and took on the provision of their services too. The National Department of Water Affairs issued a challenge to the private sector to assist them in rolling out – on a turnkey approach – the then Reconstruction and Development Programme. Oliver Ive, Managing Director of Amanz' abantu, says the company grew out of "five or six large, well-established firms who came together with the objective of implementing a turnkey rollout for water services for the rural poor." And it's kept going – even beyond the initial period governed by a government contract, which Mr. Ive feels has given the firm "a certain character". "We had to go out there and find opportunities. We have