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SA’s Power Crisis: How Analytics Can Change the Game

Many companies such as SAS are looking towards technology and energy management solutions in order to help Eskom keep South Africa's lights on

AGAMA Biogas : An Important Role in Rural Africa

Managing Director, Gordon Ayres says biogas digester at AGAMA Biogas gives “people in poverty a fighting chance to escape.”

Mozambique’s Merged Energy and Resource Ministries Present New Investment Opportunities

EnergyNet will host the 4th Annual Powering Africa Mozambique in Maputo from the 7-8 May 2015

Samsung Takes A ‘What If I Can’ Step Forward

Samsung Electronics Africa has launched a mission to gather the human step in an effort to harness the power of shifting mindsets by allowing ordinary people to contribute to extraordinary solutions

GE Announces Significant Ghanaian Oil & Gas Investment

The Oil & Gas division of the global organization is spending $850M on the order with Eni and partners for Offshore Cape Three Points Block, Ghana

DCG (DSM Corridor Group)

Committed to Efficiency in Cargo Handling As a favourable name in Tanzania known for reliability and quality, DCG has extensive experience to streamline the movement of bulk and break-bulk cargo with efficiency in mind Writer: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Tom Cullum  In 2004, DCG (DSM Corridor Group) discharged its first vessel from the port of Dar es Salaam, a port known as the most economical corridor for Zambia, Northern Malawi and DRC. More than ten years later the company stands strong, continuing its journey as an unrivalled cargo handler; specialising in non-liquid dry bulk goods including the handling of fertiliser, cereals, bulk sulphur, sugar, coal, clinker and various mined minerals.After a decade of building the capital needed, DCG has invested in its own new port handling equipment supplied by Verstegen Grabs, bulk terminals, clearing department and warehousing. “Our view was that Africa had enough second hand equipment and as a result, we wanted to stand out from any competition by offering the highest quality tech with zero downtime,” says Erik Kok, CEO of DCG.Backed by this belief, DCG introduced Tanzania to the use of small skid steers to significantly minimise trimming and therefore reduce the discharge time. “More than anything, we wanted reliability for efficient vessel discharges – this is the core of our existence,” highlights the CEO. Typically, cargo holds can be as large as a football field, and removing the last 1,000 metric tonne proved time consuming prior to the introduction of the skid steers, taking up to two days of extra time to remove that last cargo.

Zambezi River : Harnessing Power

The Zambezi River Authority is planning for a series of significant projects as it continues to lay the foundations for both Zimbabwe and Zambia’s futures.

Spectrum Utility Management

Locally Developed Products for Truly Smart African Cities By optimising energy, water and even broadband efficiencies, SUM strives to define the future of smart cities in Africa Writer: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Tom Cullum South Africa is a country where rapid urbanisation and the merging of first and third world lifestyles meet, which places significant pressure on the supply of utilities such as power, water and other growing infrastructural needs such as broadband, which are increasingly important components in everyday life. Subsequently, this places emphasis on finding the most intelligent ways to manage and distribute these utilities to the public and private sectors.This is where the concept of smart cities comes in.Companies such as DMB Holdings’ subsidiary SUM (Spectrum Utility Management) seek to create an economically viable and sustainable environment in not just South Africa, but with the eventual plan of aiding the entire continent in smart city solutions that will reduce energy and water wastage.Today, SUM adds a string to DMB Holdings’ bow as it manufactures devices that make infrastructure behave in a smarter way. With roots back to 1989, DMB Holdings has progressed from a software development house with an extensive background in ICT infrastructure, expanding into consulting and then into a fully fledged utility management via its subsidiary SUM, which was created in 2010.“The provision of technology has evolved so much since the 1980s and the SUM business reflects this change via the creation of dynamic smart cities, which bring together all the technological societal changes from the past three and a half decades; we created the company

IMF Identifies Mozambican LNG Urgency to Maintain Economic Growth

The Southern African country is on the cusp of securing liquefied natural gas contracts, presenting a critical milestone, but time is of the essence according to the International Monetary Fund

Gasoline and Diesel Boom Presents African Opportunities for Energy Giants

Taleveras Group has followed in the footsteps of Swiss Group, Gunvor to capitalise on West Africa's growing oil potential