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Latest Twiga Corporate Stories

Twiga Foods : Fresh, Frictionless, and Future-Facing

A tech-led enterprise with expansion on the menu, Twiga Foods is the distributor breathing new life into supply chains for fresh produce at scale. CEO and co-Founder, Peter Njonjo, discusses shaking up an inefficient segment of African industry

Twiga Foods : Taking Food Further

Twiga Foods has become a critical part of Kenya’s economy, having helped to formalise the country’s informal agriculture sector by backing 17,000 smallholder farmers 

Twiga Cement 2019 : Firm Foundations

Twiga Cement has emerged as a trusted partner thanks to its commitment to consistency and quality, the company seeking to expand its capacity beyond 2.3 million tonnes per annum.

Twiga Cement : Integrated Cement Services

Twiga Cement has played an instrumental role in developing Tanzania’s cement industry, now focusing its efforts on reducing its environmental impact moving forward.

Twiga Chemicals : Surpassing Expectations

Twiga Chemicals is planning to change the face of Kenyan agriculture by bringing global trends to the country’s farmers.