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MBT Petroleum is distinguishing itself from competitors through the establishment of a dynamic service to rival any company operating within the industry.


When the opportunity within the petroleum sector for an aggressively service-driven and motivated company was identified, Johan Fouché, the Chief Executive Officer of MBT Petroleum founded a business based on those very values.

Since 2005 MBT Petroleum has supplied supreme customer service, competitive pricing, excellent communication and an unfailing ability to put the needs of its customers first.

“We are a proudly specialist group, leading the way in the South African petroleum and lubrication sectors respectively,” explains the Company on its website. “Historically the South African petroleum industry is dominated by refining wholesalers such as Shell, Engen, BP, Chevron, Total and Petro SA.”

South Africa is also home to secondary-tier petroleum suppliers – referred to as non-refining wholesalers – in which MBT Petroleum is among the leaders and recognised as BEE compliant in the Oil Industry Fuel Charter. “Our Company has played an instrumental role in directing change in the industry over the past eight years, establishing ourselves as one of the leading non-refining wholesalers in our local industry,” adds the Company. “Currently we are looking to focus our efforts on expansion of both existing and new retail service stations, working on our branding in particular.”


The Company provides its customers with an extensive range of products to serve all needs across the market, including automotive fuels and lubricants from its various contracts with a selection of refineries for the supply of petroleum products.

The Company adds: “We have a wide product range in both unleaded petrol and diesel products, alongside services in asset finance, securities, on-road refuelling, toll and maintenance, projected monthly price movements, site and retail licence applications, environmental impact assessments, traffic impact studies, fuel management systems, and pump and tank installations.”

MBT’s unleaded 93 and 95 are intended for use in the majority of spark-ignition internal combustion engines, with its lead replacement also available. However, this fuel contains metals that are not recommended for use within vehicles equipped with catalytic converters.

“We have also worked on both our Diesel 50PPM and 500PPM, both of which are highly refined hydrocarbon fuels containing less than 0.005 percent sulphur by mass,” explains the Company. “They are intended for use in all diesel engines, operating at any altitude and allowing engines to deliver an improved driving experience.”

MBT also has an extensive lubricant range, comprising a wide selection of oils and greases manufactured and marketed for the demanding requirements of the sector and ensuring that the products comply with relevant national and international specifications.


MBT has tirelessly worked to corner all aspects of the market, striving to establish retail sites in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the north-west with all sites clearly identifiable as part of the brand.

“Each of our sites has a comprehensive service offering matched with a clean and modern look,” adds the Company. “We have worked hard to rebrand and upgrade our existing sites where our clients are highly successful due to the guidance that we consistently offer them, alongside the implementation and management of effective fuel management systems and HSSE training and support.”

A specialist retail team is also on-hand to assist customers during this period of rebranding, going the extra mile to ensure that operations are running smoothly throughout the entire process. Once each of these filling stations has become branded, they are officially a part of the MBT family and with that a key account manager from the Company will be allocated to each specific site.

Alongside the Company’s extensive work in retail development, MBT Petroleum now offers full installation services for its tanks and pump sets as well as the maintenance thereafter.

The Company states on its website: “Both our new and refurbished tanks are available at extremely competitive prices and together with our retail strategy, strong relationships with commercial clients have been established.”


MBT also has its own up-to-date fleet for the delivery of products to customers, including a selection of state-of-the-art metered tankers that are managed by a competent team of technical, administrative and operational management staff.

“We have a stringent scheduling and planning system that is utilised as soon as the delivery instructions are handed down from the MBT sales department,” affirms the Company. “We know the importance of delivering fuel on time and strive to get it right every time.

“The recent implementation of a 24-hour control room has also successfully been put in place to monitor and control all aspects of a customer’s delivery experience.”

The Company is driven by its devotion to the sale and distribution of bulk fuels, with its fleet of 14 trucks readily available to deliver to clients within 48 hours of payment.

“Our whole team is dedicated to providing a fast, friendly and efficient service while also being an affordable and attainable brand,” concludes the Company. “We are enjoying tremendous growth and unrivalled success with no signs of slowing down; looking forward we will continue to distinguish ourselves from competitors through providing an endlessly dynamic service.”

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