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Editorial Team

City Property are a caring and trusting business who maintain a high standard of quality and business practices, which are delivered by their staff.


City Property Administration (Pty) Ltd is a residential and commercial property management company that has been operating since 1968, headquartered in Pretoria with a supporting office in Johannesburg. The managed portfolio consists of nearly 700 buildings, including over 10,000 flats, with a combined lettable area of commercial space in excess of 1.4 million square meters. City Property strives to employ industry best practice in its systems, management and staff recruitment. This ensures the efficient administration of over 14,000 tenants.

Their property portfolio is diverse in nature ranging from traditional shopping malls, convenience shopping centres, industrial workshops, warehouses, offices, retail shops and residential flats. Their major clients include two listed property investment companies: Premium Properties Limited and Octodec Investments Limited, as well as a large number of private clients.


City Property transforms buildings and injects fresh vitality into Africa’s inner cities. The company provide sophisticated, modern and cosmopolitan retail spaces, offices, warehouses and apartments that ensure that those who live and work in the CBD (Central Business District) enjoy the best South Africa’s cities have to offer. City Property has a wealth of experience in both property management services and the asset management of property holding companies.

As the company strive for excellence in all they do, they have a duty to remain forthright in their values and have created a positioning statement to reflect this:

  • By ‘addressing’ the future, we provide commercial and residential addresses.
  • By ‘addressing’ the future, we take care of the needs of the future.
  • By ‘the future’, we mean future generations, indicating our long-term commitment.
  • By ‘the future’, we also mean all those who will play a role in the cultural, social and economic revival of our city centres.

City Property’s most notable projects include multiple shopping centres including Elardus Park in Pretoria, Gezina City in Pretoria, Kempton Place in Kempton Park and Killarney Mall in Johannesburg.


Antz@Work, a Corporate Social Responsibility venture, was established in May 2011 in order to address the needs in the local community. It is in the progress of registering as a non-profit organisation that conducts corporate social investment initiatives for City Property, Octodec Investments Ltd and Premium Ltd. Antzchoice gives City Property staff the opportunity to help a charity or organisation of their choice. Every rand donated by staff is matched by City Property. The venture focuses on the needs of children in the Pretoria and Johannesburg areas, with the objective to inspire young people to become contributing members of society.

The Antz@Work committee are in charge of the day to day running of Corporate Antz, including the choice of charity or organisation and the benefits received. The committee must comply with the NPO’s (Not for Profit Organisation) constitution.

The organisation or charity must be located within a reasonable distance of the City Property business area which is currently in the Pretoria and Johannesburg areas to allow the company to work as closely as possible with each organisation. “By instilling a culture of giving within City Property, our staff will be empowered to make a difference in our community,” the website states.

The funds collected are evenly split between departments. Each department democratically chooses a charity or organisation to assist. Departments are allowed to join forces to assist the same charity or organisation. Departments are encouraged to approach other business for donations to be used solely for their charity/organisation.


The Joburg Residential Department of City Property undertook yet another successful, very touching and emotional project in 2013. They chose a retirement home and care centre in Coronationville. The centre, known as Frederic’s Place, is home to a number of the community’s elderly; providing them with 3 meals a day, frail care, complete medical care and is a generally peaceful home for the older generation. Frederic’s Place has become “home” for most of these elders who have sadly been displaced in the latter part of their lives.

The Joburg residential team spent the better part of a day at the home engaging with the elderly by playing card and board games, bingo, dance and song and simply taking the time to get into conversation with the old folks. The team also supplied much needed items such as a hi-fi system, board games, kitchen equipment, irons for laundry, a sewing machine and heavy duty hair clippers for hairdressing.

The management of Frederic’s Place and the 85 senior citizens were very touched by the initiative which resulted in the team leaving the centre having successfully answered the wishes of many at the centre.

Boasting success in property management and consistently making an impact within the local community, City Property are a caring and trusting business, who maintain a high standard of quality and business practices, which are delivered by their staff.

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