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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

With an abundance of managerial acumen and entrepreneurial flair to pull upon, Modi Mining cc’s track record continues to turn heads in Southern Africa.


Modi Mining cc’s turnkey approach to Southern Africa’s mining and resources industry has put it firmly on the map of the sector; an achievement not at all surprising when analysing the extent of experience and expertise housed within the Rustenberg-based business.

Founded and owned by mining engineer and entrepreneur, Samuel Molefi – alongside fellow entrepreneur, Miss Kebareng Welhemina Moagi – the Company was incepted and established with the sole objective of rendering differentiated contract mining services in the region and ultimately affirming a status as the supplier of choice in the mining industry.

Knowing that nothing but a full selection of services and solutions could fulfil such a goal, the Company has since expanded and diversified with complete customer satisfaction in mind.

To this end, the current array of mining services delivered to the region include: drill and blast (stoping and developing); sweepings and vamping; secondary support including wire mesh and lacing, long anchors, OSRO straps, Guniting and tunnel roof bolts; spillage handling; haulage maintenance; blast consult services; production efficiency improvement; reclamation and equipping; drop raises; surface mining and ore; and transportation.

“Modi Mining cc remains highly competitive in the mining services sector,” the Company says. “Our track record speaks volumes as does the expansive experience of all our people. Quality is the standard when it comes to project execution as all our clients deserve nothing less.”

These projects have included RBPlat’s BRPM North shaft where Modi Mining provided the mine with a complete stoping service.

The Company continues: “We differentiate ourselves by strictly adhering to the mine’s safety standards and procedures at all times, We have so far achieved 60 days incident-free shifts since the inception of the safety drive by the management.”


This aforementioned management complement has driven the business forward from day one, and is supported on a daily basis by a plethora of skilled project directors, site managers, admin managers, shift supervisors, HR assistants, data capturers, miners, team leaders, stoping crews and gully crews.

Standing front and centre among them all though is the founder, Sam Molefi whose profile on the Modi Mining website emphasises not just his vision for Modi Mining, but the extensive journey he has gone on through the industry to reach this point.

“Sam is a black mine engineer and entrepreneur who holds a Mine Manager’s Certificate of Competence and a total of 18 years’ mining experience,” it says. “He began his mining career at GFTS or Gold Fields Academy (Gold Fields Ltd) as a learner official mining bursar. He went to complete his training in record time and also graduated from UJ (TWR) as a mine engineer. His experience with Gold Fields included working as Stoping and Developing Miner and a Production Supervisor in the ultra-deep shafts of the West Wits area.

“He joined Sasol Nitro after spending seven years at Gold Fields to pursue his career in mining explosives. A qualified explosives engineer, his experience with Sasol Nitro included marketing, providing technical support, consulting with clients and designing blast patterns for both underground and open cast mines. He left Sasol Nitro as a key Account Manager and Senior Engineer after serving it for seven years and joined Anglo Platinum as a long-term mine planner.”

Working for such an esteemed organisation as Anglo Platinum inevitably inflamed Molefi’s experience and skill-set immeasurably; which he later applied to another international explosives company in Mali, and at JLC Mining Services in South Africa.

Further employment opportunities rounded his expertise even more concertedly; ultimately resulting in his decision to incept Modi Mining where he identified “the right time to channel all his energy and skills into a business where his passion and potential lies”, the profile concludes.


Helping to guide the Modi Mining ship to smooth successes are similarly attuned and professional leaders in the form of Israel Phejana and Erens Oelsen, who share a total of around 60 years of experience.

And this is not to forget Molefi’s partner from day one, Keba Moagi, who has been every bit as groundbreaking in her own achievements as they hope the Company to be over its tenure.

“Keba Moagi, a female entrepreneur and a farmer, brings with her an administrative background and business acumen. She is one of the first local women to be involved in farming and thus possesses the required business skills for Modi Mining,” her profile details. “She is highly energetic and ready to contribute positively to the involvement of women in mining as required by the law of South Africa through BBBEE codes of good practice and the Mining Charter.”

Significantly, such elite managerial prowess filters down throughout the Company to infiltrate a set of standards difficult to rival in the industry. And standing first and foremost within these codes of conduct and operational excellence procedures is safety.

“Safety remains our number one priority but our objective remains to deliver cost effective services while at the same time achieving our clients’ set targets,” the Company explained. “This is achieved through the integration of our extensive experience in the mining and explosives sector, well proven machines, and highly motivated staff who are target-driven and have an understanding of our vision and mission.

“We believe in continuous improvement and in partnering with our clients so that we continue to deliver a relevant quality service.

“We also demonstrate our support for local economic development and employment equity by sourcing most of our labour from the local communities that we serve in, by having a plan to involve the disabled in our workforce, and by having a training programme that will help to advance women into the top management structure of our Company.

“Mining is our business because we are ‘Rooted in Mining’.”

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