Allied Builders (Seychelles) Ltd : The Premier Player in Construction

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Allied Builders (Seychelles) Limited continues to change the face of construction in Seychelles as its innovative approach to the most exciting and challenging of projects opens the door to more and more opportunities on the island nation.


The privately-owned, family-managed arm of the wider Kurjibhai Ramji Group (KRGroup) has leveraged its ability to offer high-quality construction and property development services for the best part of four decades since its inception in 1980, with its success emanating across the very highest echelons of Seychellois society.

Focusing primarily on civil engineering works – incorporating airports, office buildings, water supply engineering, roads, town planning, hospitals, houses and hotels – the majority of Allied Builders’ work has come as a result of its affiliation with the country’s Government and Ministries; paving the way for longstanding, sustainable prosperity both in terms of its completed projects, and indeed, the Company’s own internal development.

“Allied Builders (Seychelles) Limited carries the pride of being the most trusted and preferred contractor of the Government of Seychelles since 1980,” the Company affirms. “Today, Allied Builders implements some of the most exciting and challenging projects underway in Seychelles.

“Our projects encompass divergent areas like airports, hotels, irrigation engineering, sewage and wastewater management, roads and town planning, docks and harbour engineering, as well as residential, commercial and corporate constructions.”

While many companies in such an advantageous market position might take future success for granted, however, much of Allied Builders’ ongoing progression stems from its refusal to rest on its laurels and the subsequent drive to keep improving with each new venture. This dedication to operational excellence and continuous improvement has also consequently resulted in the Company becoming the first in the Seychelles to receive ISO 9001:2000 certification for the quality of its work.

“Every project we have undertaken has only furthered our capabilities, and we are still learning. To us, this connection between doing and learning is seminal, and leads us to implement projects where we can do more, and learn more,” the Company explains on its website.  “Allied Builders is the most trusted and preferred construction Company in Seychelles and this goodwill is the result of the Company’s efforts and achievements over the years.”


Such diverse and entrepreneurial evolution has only been achieved as a result of the dynamic leadership that exists within Allied Builders (Seychelles) Limited and, even higher up, the influence of the Mauritius-based KRGroup of Companies who oversee a number of operations across real estate, trade, civil engineering, property development and tourism across the region.

“While each organisation in the Group operates independently, the common thread running through us is the shared vision of sustainable development through quality work and community development,” KRGroup states. “This mission has consistently helped us take greater and greater strides towards growth, and has helped us garner the goodwill of clients and partners worldwide.”

Allied Builders has perfectly aligned itself with this vision via the execution of technically complex and high value projects across the Seychelles.

For the Government especially, the Company’s capabilities have been clear for all to see and are now evident across numerous landmarks in the country, including: The Cascade Church, Victoria Market; the International Conference Centre, National Council for Children, Palais de Sports, National School of Training & Tourism; the redevelopment of Seychelles International Airport and construction of concrete airstrip; and Victoria Artisanal Port, Beau Vallon Sewerage plant, water storage reservoir and barracks, and extension of Victoria Power Station.

To facilitate such high profile projects, the Company – driven by the wider Group – adheres to a flexible, continuous strategy of internal improvements; thus ensuring that Allied Builders remains ahead of the industry curve, with an internal infrastructure in-keeping with the complexity of builds being undertaken.

The Company continues: “Allied Builders (Seychelles) Limited realises the importance of sound infrastructure for sustained quality and performance. We are thus equipped with highly efficient, modern and safe infrastructure facilities to achieve our goals: a large warehouse of tools and plants catering to all kinds of projects; a state-of-the-art timber workshop; dedicated fabrication workshops to provide metal works for handrails, grills, casement doors, windows etc; effective communication network ensuring all-time high productivity; and a fleet of different types of vehicles to help us cater efficiently to technical and administrative requirements.

“With these facilities, Allied Builders (Seychelles) Limited is now capable of delivering sophisticated projects like water retaining structures using specialised formwork and has sound expertise in pile driving operations.”


Allied Builders’ role as an active member of the Association for the Construction and Engineering Professionals of Seychelles (ACEPS) – all of its engineers duly certified as such – further enhances the Company’s standing in line with its commitment to maintaining the very highest quality standards and in delivering each project on time and within budget.

This reputation is all the more impressive given the limited geographic scope that the Company has to hand in the Seychelles, with extra responsibility placed on project optimisation in order to attain the few contracts that do become available.

Applied so far across the construction of Cote D’or Hotel, Fregate Island Resort, and through renovation contracts for Indian Ocean Lodge, Denis Island Lodge, Alphonse Hotel Bomamite flooring, and Desroches Island Airport Strip; another large, Government-driven hotel in the pipeline indicates that Allied Builders’ evolution is far from stalling.

Further proof of this is the facilitation of its external success through the internal honing of its workforce, providing on-the-job training to its staff in order to promote strong retention and business sustainability; utilising local resources from both a personnel and supply chain perspective where possible.

“We have a strong team of qualified and experienced engineers to manage our projects. Apart from this, onboard technical assistance is also ensured with the presence of an able supporting team that has been trained to help our employees perform better,” the Company concludes. “Our professional project management, and efficient resource utilisation aiming at right-time delivery of the project within the budget is our key aspect to be considered as a premier construction Company operating for the past 35 years.”

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