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Kelfoods : Protein Through Poultry

As one of the most popular sources of protein, Kelfoods has hatched success from high-quality eggs in Malawi. COO, Soti Michael, gives us the details

Jack Salter Kyle Livingstone By Jack Salter Kyle Livingstone

FMCG Distribution : Distribution With a Difference

FMCG Distribution is rethinking fast-moving consumer goods in Nigeria. Managing Director, Gandhi Anandan, details the company’s unique consumer focus in a thriving sector.

Jack Salter Kyle Livingstone By Jack Salter Kyle Livingstone

Davis & Shirtliff : The Power of Water and Energy

Water-related equipment and sustainable energy solutions are improving lives in Africa, as outlined by George Mbugua, CEO of Davis & Shirtliff.

Jack Salter Jordan Levey By Jack Salter Jordan Levey

Spotlight on Manufacturing in Zambia

After decades of steady decline, there are ambitious aspirations to return the manufacturing sector in Zambia to its former glory.

Jack Salter Alfie Wilson By Jack Salter Alfie Wilson

University of Ghana Medical Centre Ltd : Quaternary Care

University of Ghana Medical Centre Ltd. is positioning itself to offer quaternary services. Dr. Darius Osei, CEO, discusses synergising healthcare, training and research.

Jack Salter Callam Waller By Jack Salter Callam Waller

Universal Paper and Plastics : Hygiene Means Health

Tissue paper products manufactured by Universal Paper and Plastics are improving hygiene across Southern Africa. David Sher, Managing Director, discusses a commitment to personal hygiene.

Jack Salter Jordan Levey By Jack Salter Jordan Levey

Eastern and Southern Africa Ports and Logistics Spotlight

Ports in Eastern and Southern Africa are a natural focus for regional development, as hubs of growth and gateways to the continent’s landlocked hinterland.

Jack Salter Deane Anderton By Jack Salter Deane Anderton

Woolworths : Ethical and Sustainable Beauty

Beauty and personal care needn’t come at the expense of animal welfare or the environment, as Woolworths is proving in South Africa. We talk responsible retail with Laura Naidu, Group Head of Technology and Sourcing (Beauty and Personal Care).

Jack Salter Vivek Valmiki By Jack Salter Vivek Valmiki