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Bex Middleton is Project Manager (Food & Beverage and Agriculture) specialising in showcasing innovation and corporate success across Africa. Bex works with c-suite executives, industry titans and sector disruptors to bring you exclusive features. Bex also works on our APAC Outlook Magazine.
Project Manager
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Sian Flowers : Inside an Industry in Bloom

From a budding family flower farm to the leading producer of floriculture in Kenya, Executive Director, Chris Kulei, walks us through the operations of Sian Flowers.

Rachel Carr Bex Middleton By Rachel Carr Bex Middleton

Crown Food Group : Food that Reigns Supreme

A jewel in the South African food industry, we unearth Crown Food Group’s superior products and solutions, impressive recent growth and heavy sponsorship involvement.

Jack Salter Bex Middleton By Jack Salter Bex Middleton

Number Two Piggeries : The Pigger the Better

A burgeoning titan of the pork and dairy industry, Number Two Piggeries has become a leading producer across South Africa and Namibia. We learn more from Theo Feuth, Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Ed Budds Bex Middleton By Ed Budds Bex Middleton

Amiran Kenya Ltd : Holistic Agribusiness 

We take a look at Amiran Kenya Ltd, the community-centred company bringing agricultural solutions, methods and expertise to small- and large-scale farmers across the country.

Marcus Kaapa Bex Middleton By Marcus Kaapa Bex Middleton

Twiga Foods : Fresh, Frictionless, and Future-Facing

A tech-led enterprise with expansion on the menu, Twiga Foods is the distributor breathing new life into supply chains for fresh produce at scale. CEO and co-Founder, Peter Njonjo, discusses shaking up an inefficient segment of African industry

Phoebe Harper Bex Middleton By Phoebe Harper Bex Middleton

Dendairy : Nurture From Nature

Dendairy is a Zimbabwean national brand seeking to deliver dairy nutrition and tasty milk alternatives to a growing population. Managing Director Darren Coetzee tells us about the company’s work with smallholder farmers, communities, and the development of national dairy farming.

Marcus Kaapa Bex Middleton By Marcus Kaapa Bex Middleton

NAS Airport Services : Food in Flight

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, NAS Airport Services Ltd has adapted to provide catering services to a variety of individuals and institutions that need it. We spoke to Stephane Lopez, General Manager of the company, to learn more.

Phoebe Harper Bex Middleton By Phoebe Harper Bex Middleton

Green Resources : Forward Thinking Forestry

Forestry in Africa can be both sustainable and profitable, we speak with Hans Lemm, Group CEO of Green Resources, about how the company is expanding and, in the process, making an impact on the lives of local communities.

Marcus Kaapa Bex Middleton By Marcus Kaapa Bex Middleton