Issue 78

Supreme Spring 2019 : Gearing Up for Growth

Automotive OEM supplier Supreme Spring is readying itself for an increase in activity, investing in equipment and people at its manufacturing plants in Nigel, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Raubex Infra : Built on Diversity

Having successfully navigated a tough construction industry backdrop, South Africa’s Raubex Infra is now looking ahead to a busier, diversified future thanks to its wide-ranging expertise.

Puckree Group : Leaving the Right Legacy

Puckree Group is imparting responsible practice onto its coal sites in South Africa, the company looking ahead to a promising pipeline of projects.

MedHealth 2019 : Harmonising Healthcare

Tapping into new technologies and advocating universal access to healthcare across Malawi, MedHealth continues to help build a better, brighter future for the country.

Kelvin Power : Keeping Joburg Switched On

Kelvin Power represents much-needed grid stability for South Africa’s largest city, operating as the only large privately-owned coal power plant in the country.

ILEX South Africa : Transforming Treatment

For ILEX South Africa, making a difference in people’s lives is the mission, while agile, patient-centric innovation is the solution.

Hi-Q : Gaining Traction

Hi-Q is both capitalising upon and helping to uphold the slipstream of innovation in SA’s automotive market, bringing quality products to the masses via its trusted, specialised team

Groupe Heavymat Industry : Togo’s Machine Mover

Family-run Groupe Heavymat Industry continues to supply vital machinery to industrial projects across Francophone Africa, the company recognised for its quick turnaround times and service.

Conver-Tek : SA’s Entrepreneurial Trifecta

Pursuing a diversified range of ventures with Conver-Tek, Davis & Deale and Sure Sight, Bevan Davis is helping to uphold South Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

BEAKE Africa Group : The Mining Moderniser

How a strong commitment to R&D has enabled BEAKE Africa Group to offer cutting edge engineering services and solutions to mining clients across the region.