Issue 68

VTTI Kenya : Mombasa’s Modern Fuel Depot

VTTI Kenya has brought petroleum storage into the here and now by investing in a 111,000-cubic-metre facility at the Port of Mombasa.

Makupa Transit Shade Container Freight Station

Makupa Transit Shade Container Freight Station continues to boost efficiency at the Port of Mombasa after a decade in operation.

Gabon Wood Industries : Preserve and Prosper

Since 2012 Gabon Wood Industries has been responsibly operating a 400,000-hectare area of forest, combining economic stimulus with environmental stewardship.

Newquip : For a New Age

South African agricultural supplier Newquip is providing farmers with the innovative products and services they need to boost production.

Airtel Seychelles : Integrating an Island Nation

Leveraging the latest technologies, Airtel Seychelles is bringing Seychelles into the modern age with unrivalled telecommunication solutions.

Global Broadband Solution : Transforming Telecommunications

From fibre optic to satellite, Global Broadband Solution is helping to reconstruct connectivity around Africa.

Theta Gold Mines : The Gold Rush Reawakens

Theta Gold Mines is reviving a giant goldfield that sparked South Africa’s mining industry into life more than 130 years ago.

De Simone Limited : Pushing the Boundaries of Building

Employing 6,000 staff across West Africa, De Simone Limited continues to be the standard-bearer for progress when it comes to construction on the continent.

WBHO Building Africa : The Construction Custodian

Placing its pride in a customer-first ethos, WBHO Building Africa and its Managing Director, Deon Robinson, are continuing to transform industry across the continent.

Kinapharma : Africa’s Premier Pharmaceutical Proponent

From humble beginnings, Kofi Nsiah-Poku, CEO of Kinapharma, has led the manufacturing and distribution company to unprecedented heights.

Life Healthcare : Breathing life into South Africa

Life Healthcare is opening up access to quality, life changing healthcare services across the whole of South Africa and parts of Europe.