Issue 64

FP Du Toit Transport Group : Driven to Deliver

For the past 50 years the FP du Toit Transport Group has engrained itself into the fabric of Namibian and Central African supply chain operations. It has exponentially grown into being one of the largest privately-owned transport companies in Namibia.

Storage Management Systems : The Strongest Link

South Africa’s Storage Management Systems is ensuring that its customers’ warehousing setups can serve modern-day commercial operations across numerous industries.

Dalbit Petroleum : Fuelling Regional Growth

Dalbit Petroleum’s belief in the continent’s potential has motivated the oil & gas specialist to invest in some of the most challenging but lucrative locations; resultantly achieving tremendous growth over the past 15 years.

Selfmed Medical Scheme : Redefining Medical Scheme Healthcare

Tanya Bell reveals how Selfmed Medical Scheme is powering development in South Africa’s private healthcare market.

Medhealth : Transforming Malawian Healthcare

Having reached new heights, MedHealth is maintaining its upward trajectory with improved staffing and revolutionary technology.

ITL Group : Growing in Style

Chris Currie of ITL Group reveals how the Company is continuing on a path of double digit growth, powered by innovation and expansion into new markets.

Home of Living Brands : Spearheading South Africa’s Retail Transformation

Home of Living Brands is empowering the population as South Africa's number one distributor of consumer goods.

Tubular Holdings : Invigorating Construction Through Diversification

With seven unique companies under one brand, Tubular Holdings is providing differentiated solutions throughout the South African construction industry.

FGG Architects : Built to Last

As FGG Architects celebrates its 65th birthday, Directors Jeremy Hathorn and Kevin Bingham reveal the secrets behind its latest award-winning project in Durban.

Tri-Star Construction : A Multi-Disciplined Approach

Derek Wheals, CEO of Tri-Star Construction, reveals how the Company is making strides across South Africa with its multi-disciplined approach.

WBHO West Africa : Strong Foundations

Peter Raw, Managing Director of WBHO West Africa, discusses the Company’s growing presence in Ghana and the wider region.

CMC Networks : The Customer is King

The customer-centric approach and global reach of CMC Networks is set to strengthen its position at the forefront of technology deployments in Africa for many years to come.