FP Du Toit Transport Group : Driven to Deliver

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

For the past 50 years the FP du Toit Transport Group has engrained itself into the fabric of Namibian and Central African supply chain operations. It has exponentially grown into being one of the largest privately-owned transport companies in Namibia.


Over the years, the FP du Toit Transport Group has expanded and diversified its services to such an extent that it is deemed to be one of SADC’s most comprehensive supply chain operations.

FP du Toit Transport, through its Wesbank Transport, Pro Parcel Distribution and JET. X Couriers divisions offers the whole bouquet of logistical services across the shipping, logistics, distribution and warehousing value chain.

“The FP du Toit Transport Group is made up of a number of business units with their own focus markets and transport service offerings,” the Company affirms on its website. These four core business unite operate in the Trans Kunene, Trans Kalahari and Trans Caprivi corridors, thereby providing transport and logistics services to various destinations within the SADC region”. 

This Central Africa division ensures dedicated monitoring as well as a more localised knowledge and support base to better serve an ever-increasing network of customers; while also aiding areas of risk management across routes, borders, the fleet, and of course the drivers.

“The Group is able to leverage and complement transport solutions by drawing on the experience and skill sets of each of these divisions. With more than 560 power units and a compliment of 1,000 staff members, FP du Toit Transport Group is continuing its growth in the region as well as the expansion of its service offerings.”


From humble beginnings in 1968 as a small Northern Cape family business, the FP du Toit Transport Group has grown into one of the major transport and freight providers within the SADC region, while maintaining the same Group values which helped it build its customer base in the beginning. 

The FP du Toit Transport Group “family” includes more than 1,000 employees, employed at 13 locations across Namibia, South Africa and seven additional SADC countries. A fleet of 560 power units forms the operational backbone of the transport services offered.

“In an increasingly globalised world, time is of the essence and being ‘out of date’ is unacceptable. FP du Toit Transport Group continuously invests in modern technologies and management tools to handle customer needs timeously and safely.

“From barcoding, to tracking and satellite monitoring – your products and packages are handled with the necessary care and urgency.”


An excellent example of this continuous improvement can be seen across FP du Toit’s in-house customs operations. With a strong focus on import and export enhancement, efficiencies, and waste reduction, the in-house customs clearing services work closely with national customs officials, which emphasises the strong relationship the Company has with the other SADC countries as well as its willingness to adapt to fluctuating trends and requirements. 

The Company elaborates: “FP du Toit Transport Group is constantly reassessing its methods and researching ways to become more efficient.”

As part of its quest for continuous improvement, FP du Toit Transport (Pty) Ltd bought the business of Wesbank Transport (Pty) Ltd as a going concern in 2015, together with all its assets, contracts and the Wesbank brand name.

The respective businesses are both leaders in their fields of operation. FP du Toit Transport has for many years already been the largest logistics service provider in Namibia with its main focus areas in long haul transportation active in nine SADC countries. FP du Toit also does distribution services for the retail, automotive, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors and its JET. X Courier division, rendering overnight express services from and to South Africa as well as daily a daily domestic footprint in Namibia to larger destinations and servicing even the smallest communities at least twice a week. Wesbank Transport’s main fields of operation are in the mining industry where they proudly hold transportation contracts with all the operating uranium mines in the Erongo region. It is the largest harbour carrier and container handling and storage facility operator in Walvis Bay, and owns the largest abnormal loads division in Namibia as well as a crane hire business who owns the largest cranes in the country with up to 220 tonnes capacity.

The Company also supplies full loads and break bulk consolidation services to commercial and industrial enterprises situated mainly in the coastal area. Both companies also have branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

By upscaling and broadening, the ability to overcome complexities has also taken on a new dimension; once again leveraging each acquisition’s existing capabilities to form the strongest possible proposition. 


Similarly, as operations become vaster and more diverse, the focus on recruiting and retaining competent staff has become even more significant. Having competent, willing and able employees plays a ley role in the Company’s success. It is the Company’s belief that “our people are what make us” and its low staff turnover reflects this.

To achieve this, the primary focus will always revolve around skills development and health & safety training. The Company says: “Through many years of experience and on-the-job training, FP du Toit Transport Group has established a training academy which offers various self-developed business and transport courses to employees as well as to other businesses.

To complete the quality circle, expert knowledge, skills and experience are supported by a state-of-the-art fleet and other specialised equipment; thus ensuring that the business remains at the forefront of the Central African supply chain for the next 50 years and beyond.

“Quality, reliability, service and relationships are the passions behind the huge success and exceptional track record of this homegrown logistics giant,” the Company concludes. “The team at FP du Toit Transport Group is always Driven to Deliver!”

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