Issue 60

Alubond Global Architectural Facades

The Alubond name is synonymous with architectural expertise on an intercontinental basis, and this reputation continues to be capitalised on in West Africa via the Group’s Global Architectural Facades division.

SC Group : Precision Planning

SC Group is excelling in the creation of futuristic developments in East Africa, continuously fulfilling client objectives and goals in an innovative and measured manner.

Tamarind Group : Catering for Quality

The ever-growing portfolio of restaurants and leisure outlets is ensuring a concerted yet unpretentious rise of the Tamarind Group to the top of Kenya’s hospitality industry.

Musika Development Initiatives : Return on Investment

Musika Development Initiatives is continuing to establish its commercial relationship between the agribusinesses and the smallholder farmers in Zambia after eight successful years in the industry, and is working towards expanding its market development services in the future to aid local business.

Hormuud Telecom Somalia : Communication is Key

The commitment of Hormuud Telecom Somalia to continuous improvement is every bit as socially-driven as it is income-driven as the Company stays true to its mission of connecting Somalia.

Joint Medical Holdings : Progressive Healthcare

Joint Medical Holdings has created a space in South African healthcare to allow top-class care for all, expanding its portfolio to meet the country’s increasing needs.

Cummins Central Supply Chain Operations : Lean Logistics

Cummins Central Supply Chain Operations is leveraging almost 100 years of global experience, and more than 70 years of continental ingratiation to bring optimum supply chain solutions to Africa.

Bassari Resources : A Golden Transition

Bassari Resources’ Makabingui Gold Project in Senegal kick-starts its transformation from a $30 million exploration company into a $500 million-plus gold producer.

Panafrican Equipment Group : Taking Responsibility

Panafrican Equipment Group has a unified vision to become the supplier and service provider of choice across Africa’s mining, construction and agriculture industries.

Mbuyelo Coal : The Homegrown Mining Giant

Mbuyelo Coal has experienced exponential growth within the mining industry, giving back to its local community and providing a service that is second-to-none.