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Editorial Team

The Alubond name is synonymous with architectural expertise on an intercontinental basis, and this reputation continues to be capitalised on in West Africa via the Group’s Global Architectural Facades division.


Formed to provide quality products and total façade engineering solutions, Alubond Global Architectural Facades (GFA) is leveraging one of the strongest networks in the global industry in order to fulfil its mission in West Africa.

Via an ever-broadening array of façade-based products and services, the Mulk Holdings International subsidiary, operating out of Accra in Ghana, has ingratiated itself into the local fabric of West African architectural prominence, while simultaneously facilitating the wider evolution of its parent group.

“Alubond Global Architectural Façades is one of the 17 group companies of Mulk Holdings International, a multinational conglomerate with business interests in various fields like manufacturing of building materials and energy saving products, solar technology, healthcare and real estate. With a global network of more than 80 countries, the Company in based in Sharjah Hamriyah Freezone and Ajman Freezone with a branch in Al Jurf Ajman,” the Company details. “Eurocon Building Industries produces Alubond U.S.A which is the world’s largest brand of aluminium composite panels with a capacity of more than seven million square metres in UAE.

“The Company is ISO certified and also the winner of the prestigious MRM Business Excellence Award, Dubai for the Best Foreign Factory in 2008. The Company was also awarded Ajman’s 2009 Best Exporter of the Year and Sharjah Economic Excellence Award for the large manufacturing sector in 2010.”

As a global leader across a variety of cladding application exteriors, interiors and corporate identity applications, Alubond U.S.A’s experience and expertise has inevitably contributed towards its sister company, Aubnond GAF’s success in Africa since 2013; the two combining to bring optimum construction solutions to a vast portion of the world.

The Company affirms: “Alubond U.S.A has, over the years, emerged as the world’ s largest metal composite brand with additional production bases in Europe, Middle East, and India. The new production bases in Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia increased the installed capacity of metal composite panels to more than 20 million square metres and coil coating capacity to more than 20,000 tonnes per annum.

“Alubond Global Architectural Façades offers a total solution concept which is designed to offer a complete turnkey package of supply and installation of aluminium composite panels using an open-joint, silicon-free ventilated substructure system with a full system warranty of 10 years.”


With the support of Alubond U.S.A Group’s companies, infrastructure and expertise, Alubond GAF is able to offer a complete selection of solutions to all façade engineering challenges; compounded by additional works in areas of aluminium and glass which witnesses the highest standard of products and services and gives clients access to total architectural solutions and materials.

“We offer the full range of system and custom-designed windows and curtain walling, incorporating full thermal breaks, drainage and the ‘rain screen’ principle of pressure equalisation. Finishing of aluminium is available in anodising and polyester powder coating,” the Company notes in reference to one of its core products – aluminium stick curtain walls (both conventionally and structurally glazed). “Then, with our sliding and casement windows and doors, we can manufacture in many different styles and designs, and can combine top hung, side hung and fixed light configurations.”

The Company’s renowned aluminium composite panels utilise the expertise of Alubond U.S.A whose expertise in the area has reached as many as 90 different countries.

Across handrails and glass balustrades though, West Africa’s provider is showing the way: “We specialise in the manufacture, supply and distribution of stainless steel products; specifically, railings, balustrades and staircases, as well as the accessories of these products.

“We are Africa’s strongest, quickest, safest, easiest and most affordable supplier [in this sector].”

The same market-leading status has been established in the skylight domain too, epitomising the Company’s commitment to advanced technologies, modern industry trends, and operational excellence.

The Company continues: “Alubond West Africa (AWA) has provided quality and innovative daylighting solutions for more than 50 years. From an initial manufacturer of domed skylights, AWA has grown into Africa’s largest supplier and installer of 5-star energy rated skylights, custom skylights and glazing systems etc.

“Alubond West Africa can [also] supply glass and fittings packages for toughened door assemblies, sliding doors, facades and shopfronts, spider wall systems, point fixings or stainless-steel stand-offs, balustrading, pool gates, fences and shower screen enclosures.”


On the services front, skylights and aluminium glazing once again dominates the day-to-day remit of Alubond in West Africa, but it has been a concerted ambition of the Company to diversify as much as possible, while also introducing a host of value-add services to bridge the gap between provider and customer even more.

To this end, the Company has focused heavily on its approach to supply and installation from a practical standpoint but also on tech optimisation and the more personable elements of business such as sales and contract development.

The Company explains: “Our hi-tech and sophisticated infrastructure is another strength that has helped us in shaping our business strategies wisely and more efficiently.

“We have been able to establish a network with our clients through our ethical business policies and customer-centred approach. It has helped us in offering a product of each client’s desire.”

Once again, having a partner list with the reputation of AluK Group, Guardian InGlass, American Building Technologies, Dorma, Würth Group and Alubond U.S.A goes a long way in affirming such customer satisfaction, and can be evidenced through the portfolio that Alubond GAF now possesses in West Africa.

Domestically in Ghana, high-profile completed projects include Atlantic Tower, Suncity Investments Ltd, TEMA Development Corporation, The Rhombus, Earlbeam, Ridge Hospital, Sales Exchange Centre, A-Lang, Iris Boutique Apartment, Dr. Gogo, Sal Consult, Mantrac, Air Force and Polo View.

Meanwhile, the Company is also beginning to realise its wider regional potential via initial examples for ADB Bank and Farah Poly Clinique in Côte d’Ivoire; alluding to a promising future still to come.

“Your trust is our foundation to build,” the Company concludes, and “Alubond Global Architectural Facades will continue to design, fabricate and install state-of-the-art facades throughout the West African region.”

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