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Editorial Team Tom Cullum - Regional Director

SC Group is excelling in the creation of futuristic developments in East Africa, continuously fulfilling client objectives and goals in an innovative and measured manner.


The SC Group has perfected its method of managing real estate projects with thanks to the foundations of its extensive industry experience, as well as numerous top-class resources.

It’s widely-respected team has access to a wealth of sector knowledge, having worked on projects of all sizes and complexities in a plethora of locations across East and Central Africa.

“During our time within the industry we have built solid working relationships with architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, contractors, suppliers, legal experts and financiers,” explains Samir Chandaria, Director at SC Group. “As a result of these relationships, all our projects to date have been subject to a continuous endeavour to combine talent, quality and values.”

The Company began with a central objective to deliver high-quality projects that would provide real estate solutions across project scope, project quality, time and budget. This has manifested itself over time through the provision of solutions that aid real estate investors in meeting their objectives.

“Our origins date back to 2012, at which point I founded a purely project management consulting firm,” continues Samir. “This went on to expand into the management of commercial and residential real estate development, and since then we have worked on projects that include the design and building of several commercial and residential properties.”

Some of the projects mentioned comprise The Oval, measuring approximately 300,000 sq ft, as well as four projects due for completion this year which include a mixed-use development, office development, residential development and office interiors.


The provision of the Company’s wide and diverse range of services now spans across project management and consultancy services, feasibility studies on real estate developments, letting and selling of real estate, identifying greenfield sites for real estate developments in Nairobi and the Coastal Province of Kenya.

“Once we have identified a new project, the feasibility studies are conducted to decide if the end-product will be appropriate for a particular location based on the target market and budget available,” adds Samir. “As previously mentioned, perhaps the most iconic project in our company’s history has been The Oval building, a stunning work of art positioned to stand out as a unique piece in Nairobi’s architectural landscape.

“In all its glory, the complex offers six floors full of outstanding office space, as well as two retail floors and three varying parking facilities.”

Another of the Company’s prominent projects has been the creation of The Promenade, recognised as a truly top-class development. The Promenade set new bench-marks in the standards seen within Kenya, with thanks to its proposed LEED certification and environmentally conscious designs that guarantee excellence in comfort for occupiers and visitors alike.

“The development is made up of seven storeys of superior design, with a supporting ground floor retail area that is designed to become Westland’s most sought-after address,” explains Samir. “We anticipate that the project will be completed this year.

“Silverstone Apartments is also due for completion this year and is located on the main Argwings, Kodhek road with a concept based on the creation of contemporary living with modern finishes and amenities. The beautiful and striking structure is comprised of 145 lavish one and two-bedroom apartments.”


Looking to the future in terms of Company developments SC Group is working on its Platinum Links project, set in the picturesque landscape of Nyali.

Samir states: “The structure will include distinctive two and three-bedroom apartments located in two 10-storey towers. The structure combines features of Swahili and Arabic architecture that are blended with modern features.”

Alongside its work in Nyali, the Company is currently planning a mixed-use development on Lower Kabete Road, a residential development in Parklands Nairobi, a 100-bed private medical facility in the Westlands Area, luxurious four and five-bedroom apartments in the Kyuna area of Nairobi, alongside numerous other apartment and mixed-use developments.


In order to continuously achieve such precision within its work on a consistent basis, SC Group’s construction process works in a definite order.

Samir affirms: “Our stages of development run in the order of planning and definition, design, construction and procurement, construction management, estate agency, handover of project and property management.”

The initial planning and definition stage is conducted in order to identify the need of a new project, carrying out feasibility studies in order to assign the appropriate project for the right location.

“We then work closely with our design team, ensuring the preparation of final working drawings and specifications for the total construction programme,” Samir describes. “More often than not the design and procurement and construction stage will overlap, due to the fact that as soon as the former stage is complete, the latter is able to begin imminently.”

Procurement and construction within the SC Group involves the assistance of carefully selecting a prime contractor, a decision that is made based on competitive bidding and negotiation.

“Following on from the bidding and negotiation comes the construction management phase, in which time we implement the carefully created designs onto the site with the aid of contractors and consultants,” adds Samir. “We will then work closely with our internal estate agency department in order to target the right market that will facilitate both selling and letting services.

“It is at this point, after successfully overseeing the full implementation of a project, we lastly ensure that it has satisfied the intended purpose.”

Over the years SC Group has created a reputation that ensures excellence at every stage of a project, subsequently enabling the success of client investments with thanks to the Property Management department which takes care of all technical and administrative issues.

“Moving forward we hope to continue on with the creation of futuristic developments within the East African region,” concludes Samir. “We would like to thank our dedicated clients, associates, contractors and suppliers for their support in helping us to achieve our intended objective within the real estate market to date.”

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